Can You Golf In Crocs Golf Shoes?

You’re finally getting a chance to hit the links this weekend. You’ve had a long, hard week, and your friend Jim told you he even saw Tiger Woods wearing Crocs on the Golf Channel. Hold on a sec, you think, your brows furrowing—Can you golf in Crocs golf shoes?

Crocs used to sell golf shoes, but those are no longer available. The closest you can get to golf Crocs would be the All Terrain Clog, but it’s not meant for golfing.

Crocs make great casual shoes, but you might think twice about wearing them on the golf course. If your course has a strict dress code, you could be turned away if you wear Crocs.

I’ve golfed in my Crocs, though, but not deliberately. I’d slipped on my clogs, loaded my clubs in the car, and rushed to the course, inadvertently leaving my golf shoes at home. Of course, nobody threw me out of the course. But half the time, I was seething at the damn golf shoes for daring to be forgotten.

The clogs gave me some traction, but not as much as I’d have had with my golf shoes (I used to wear FootJoy Golf Shoes but recently purchased Adidas Golf Shoes and love them).

If you’re a Crocs fan who occasionally plays golf, then you may want to try a couple of options.

The All-Terrain Crocs

While I can’t recommend any of these options, I suggest splurging on a nice pair of golf shoes if you play more than a couple of games each year.

Okay. With that warning in mind, I’ll discuss which Crocs golfers could use.

Best Types of Crocs Shoes for Golf

If you’re a casual golfer, Crocs will be okay for moving around the course. But if you want a shoe that can handle your swing and other outdoor activities, check out these three options!

Unisex Offroad, All Terrain Crocs

My first pick would be the All-Terrain Crocs. The unisex design comes with an extra grippy sole and a band that can be tightened behind your ankle, providing stability while you swing the ball.

These Crocs come in various colors, and their footbeds are roomy enough to let your toes breathe comfortably. If you’ve decided to golf on a rainy day—and don’t want your feet to get soggy—then choose these over your golf shoes.

Croc’s LiteRide Pacer Sneaker (Men’s or Women’s)

The LiteRide Pacer is an athletically inspired sneaker that comes in two versions: Men’s and Women’s. It is not unisex.

This shoe has many qualities that make it ideal for sports. It is flexible, lightweight, and made with breathable mesh fabric to keep your feet cool and dry throughout your workout.

Fully equipped with three powerful agents to turbocharge your golfing experience—super soft LiteRide foam footbed, flexible Matlite ™ upper, and long-lasting Croslite foam outsole—the shoe provides every bit of comfort and support you need for playing golf.

Crocs Men’s / Women’s LiteRide Mesh Lace

If you’re a sporty woman who loves to play golf, you might like the LiteRide Mesh LaceUp Sneaker from Crocs. It’s lightweight and comfortable, so you’ll barely notice you’re wearing shoes.

Because of the Croslite foam used in its production, you can guarantee that this product is durable and will last longer than expected.

Also, thanks to the cloud-seven comfort and support that this model offers, you won’t feel any strain on your feet even after a long golfing session.

Crocs LiteRide Modform Lace-Up Sneaker

The LiteRide ModForm Lace-Up, available in men’s sizes only, offers the same Crocs comfort you know and need. It’s great for any outdoor activity, from walks on the beach to hikes in the mountains.

Why Choose Crocs For Outdoor Activities?

Although I wouldn’t choose to wear these shoes for a game of golf, or any other activity that requires moving quickly and performing physically demanding tasks, they aren’t a wrong choice altogether—for these reasons:


Crocs are made from a unique, waterproof closed-cell foam resin called Croslite. This material doesn’t absorb water. Even if your shoes get wet when you’re wearing socks, they’ll dry quickly because of their Croslite component!

Maintaining proper body posture

When your posture is poor, you may experience pain and discomfort. Crocs can correct your stance, providing you with proper support while you play golf or engage in other activities.

Placing less strain on your feet

The antibacterial Croslite foam in Crocs golf shoes relieves strain on your feet and allows you to wear them all day without suffering post-golf foot pain.

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