Can I wear Dr. Martens to work?

Doc Martens is not a cheap brand, so it is natural for people to ask whether they can wear Docs to a lot of settings, such as at work, parties, weddings, etc. before they decide on purchasing. If you’re one of these people and your main concern is if your Docs can match your work attire or if it is hardy enough to use in factories and other workplaces, then you found the right page!

You can wear Doc Martens to work as it is stylish and flexible enough to match business casual or smart casual attire. You can even wear it to interviews. In terms of function, Doc Martens is also known to be perfect for those who are working in warehouses or factories because it is originally a utilitarian footwear. 

There is no end to Dr. Martens flexibility! In this article, you’ll learn what outfits match your Docs in the workplace, what style looks really professional, and some other information you’d surely be glad to know!

Do Doc Martens look professional?

Yes. Doc Martens looks professional even though it was originally made as utilitarian footwear, and it became famous for being worn by musicians, punks, and celebrities. You can wear it to interviews, intimate social gatherings, and your workplace.

Of course, there are some Docs that aren’t really suitable for work or professional settings, such as those that feature bold colors, Docs that are meant for hiking, or those that come with a lot of embellishments. But if you’re going to wear the classics such as the 1460 or 1461, they would definitely match any of your professional-looking outfits. In fact, they would even make you look sharp, so you’ll stand out even more.

Can you wear Dr. Martens with a suit?

Technically, you can wear Dr. Martens with a suit. However, if you are pertaining to Doc Martens boots, most people vote against it because the two are very contrasting. Unless, of course, you can pull it off.

In an article in GQ magazine, though, they recommended wearing Dr. Martens with a suit since they argue that a great style is a good balance of contrasts. They were against combat boots, however, saying that combats are only made to be worn for exactly that— combats.

If you really want to wear Dr. Martens with a suit, do not go for the bulky ones. Stick with Chelsea or Chukka boots because of their slim appearance. Also, go for black or brown leather since they are the most formal-looking. 

Can I wear Doc Martens as business casual?

Yes. You can wear Doc Martens with business casual attire. In fact, it has become a norm for many to wear Docs as business casual because it makes the whole outfit look tougher but still professional.

In case you aren’t aware of what a business casual attire is, it is a revolutionary dress code that aims to showcase elegance and professionalism without having to wear a suit.

The usual business casual attire includes dress pants, chinos, or khaki pants, and a neutral button-down topped with a sports coat or sweater. The tie is usually dropped for this attire so wearing Docs along with it is totally not awkward.

Are Docs suitable for a smart casual workplace?

Yes. Docs are suitable for a smart casual workplace. Docs are very versatile in that it matches a number of attires, not only for the punks and musicians.

To clarify, smart casual is different from business casual. The latter, as explained in the previous section, features dress pants, a button-down, and a sports coat. A smart casual attire often experiments on professional and informal elements.

The most common rule for smart casual attire is not wearing dress pants. Often, jeans are paired with a blazer or a tweed jacket.

For you to be guided on how you can wear Doc Martens as smart casual, here are some outfit ideas:

  • DM boots paired with jeans and a jacket: For men, pairing a shirt, dark-colored jeans, and a black jacket looks cool and stylish. This combination is even made powerful and iconic with red 1460 boots. 
  • DM boots paired with blue jeans: Combining your boots with blue jeans is also highly recommended. Don’t forget to wear a turtleneck shirt and a blazer to complete the classic look.
  • DM boots paired with skinny jeans: Wearing skinny jeans paired with chunky Doc Martens is a great way to make a statement. Just make sure to mix and match the color. For instance, if you have red docs, pair them with darker-colored skinny jeans.

Can you wear Doc Martens to an interview?

Yes. You can wear Doc Martens to an interview. However, it is important to note that only dark-colored Docs with slim appearances are suggested during interviews as they look more professional.

Surely, you want to make a good impression during your interview. This means avoiding wearing chunky Dr. Martens boots, including those with platforms that add too much height. Also, do not wear boots with large embellishments or embroidery as it is too informal.

When choosing Docs to wear to your interview, stick to the classic black color. Avoid colorful Docs and those that already have a lot of scuff marks.

Here are some ways you can wear a Doc Martens to an interview:

  • DM boots paired with a double-breasted suit: Wearing a shirt (whether button-down or not), a double-breasted suit, suit pants, and a tie is a go-to professional attire for many. Pair it with a high top Dr. Martens, and you’re good to go.
  • DM shoes paired with black suit pants: Combing a black suit, black pants, and a black Doc Martens create a visual impact that many find unique. Wearing it to the interview would only make you classy.
  • DM shoes paired with black blazers: For women, wear a white shirt, black blazer, short black pants, and Doc Martens oxford shoes. This look would make you turn heads, and it will really help you make a good first impression.

Best Doc Martens footwear to wear at work

Not all Doc Martens can be worn to work or interview, especially those that are loud in color or have too many embellishments.

Here are some of the best Doc Martens footwear that you can purchase if you plan to wear it in a professional setting.

1461 Oxford Shoes

The 1461 Oxford Shoes is a favorite of many because it looks extremely professional. It’s one of Docs’ originals, and it is perfect for corporate and semi-professional settings. 

To style these shoes, wear them with a simple shirt and blazer, or with denim pants or chinos.

2976 Chelsea Boots

The 2976 Chelsea Boots, unisex Victorian-style footwear, look very sophisticated, so it is a go-to for many, especially those who work in the corporate setting. These fashionable boots have elastic gussets, so it is very easy to wear.

3989 Brogue Shoes

Dr. Martens 3989 Brogue Shoes pack so much attitude in its hole perforations and serrated edges. The holes make decorative patterns that look very classy and professional.

This Docs style is perfect to wear with jeans and light-colored dresses. Make sure to avoid loud prints, or any clothes full of designs, as the hole perforations of the 3989 are enough to make a statement.

Can you wear Doc Martens to work, key takeaways…

Doc Martens can be worn to work, whether it is a smart casual or business casual workplace. Docs can also be worn to interviews, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth once you decide to purchase a pair.

If you do not know how to mix and match your Docs with your outfits, there are tons of styling you can copy from the web. Check out Pinterest and Instagram as they feature the best OOTDs, with Docs being the stars.

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