Can Crocs Be Worn Outside?

Maybe you’ve been there before. You’re browsing the footwear aisle at Target when you notice something that looks like a cross between a sandal and a boat shoe. You’ve never seen anything like it, and your curiosity is piqued. You pick up the footgear and inspect it more closely. A voice in your head tells you this must be some joke item—what could possess anyone to wear such a shoe?

But another voice chimes in and says that you don’t know—maybe these things are worth a shot. They’re certainly very comfortable! So you walk around town in these Crocs, feeling ridiculous but cautiously optimistic about them.

Then someone points out that they’re Crocs, and not only do you feel silly for wearing them, but now you also feel embarrassed for having thought that maybe they were okay. Is that person right, or can Crocs be worn outside?

Although Crocs were originally designed as boating shoes, you can also wear them outdoors. The holes on top allow water to flow in and out of the shoes; the closed-resin foam protects your feet from sharp surfaces while the cushioned footbeds massage your feet on the go.

Why else should you wear Crocs outside? Let’s see!

7 Reasons Why You Should Finally Wear Crocs Outside

Crocs Are Comfortable and Lighter than Air

Crocs are known for their comfortable products, and their Baya Casual Sandals are no exception. Weighing just 170 grams, these sandals are one of the lightest on the market—and they’re also a fan favorite!

What’s more, these sandals can be worn even when you’re sleeping. Some people say it feels like sitting on a bed of pillows. So if you want cushy comfort, choose Crocs!

Crocs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. A few of the most popular styles are:

Crocs Are Coolest Shoes on the Planet

If you want your feet to feel cool, fresh, and odor-free, choose Crocs. The holes in the shoe allow for sufficient air ventilation, which keeps your feet cool and prevents them from smelling.

In addition, Crocs are resistant to bacterial infection. They can also be cleaned easily with bleach and water, making them a preferred choice in food-service industries such as restaurants and hospitals.

Crocs Are Recommended for People with Foot Problems

Harold Glickman, former president of the American Podiatric Medical Association and a Crocs-wearing podiatrist, has been one of the biggest supporters of the clog-like shoes.

Glickman trusts Crocs, not only because of the comfort the shoes provide but also because they have helped him with his foot problems. His doctor recommended that he wear comfortable, light, and airy shoes, so he bought a pair of Crocs.

The ex-AMPA-leader’s wounds have healed significantly since he began wearing Crocs, and he finds walking more comfortable. He attributes this improvement to the fact that the shoes don’t brush against his injuries like other types of footwear would.

Well, thanks to the doctor who recommended Crocs to Glickman; now he doesn’t want to wear any shoes if they aren’t Crocs!

The Royal Family Is LOVING Crocs!

Crocs is the brand of choice for Prince George and his parents, William and Kate. In fact, when the royal toddler was spotted wearing the brand’s signature clogs at a charity polo match in 2015, it only reinforced what we already knew: that Crocs is the best brand on the market for both children and adults alike—and even royalty want to join in on the fun!

Crocs Are Every Outfit’s Best Friend

Owning a pair of Crocs is like owning an outfit’s best friend. They go with any and all of your clothing, and they come in such a wide variety of styles and colors that you can never have enough.

If you want to try something unique, you can wear a pair of Crocs with socks. Some people consider this intimidating, but it is a great way to express yourself and show that you are comfortable in your skin. You can sport the combo at parties, reunions, camp with friends, and even on a date!

With Crocs, you can both avoid the monotony of plain old sneakers and support environmental responsibility by buying a product that is better for you and the planet.

Crocs Save You from Slipping and Falling

When it comes to slipping and falling, no one is safe. Even celebrities have fallen on red carpets. This can happen anytime and anywhere, but there is one way to avoid it—and that’s by wearing shoes with slip-resistant outsoles that offer greater traction on most surfaces, like Crocs.

Crocs Are in Vogue and It’s Time to Embrace Them!

What will your wardrobe be without versatile shoes? Don’t miss out on Crocs, the hottest fashion trend that never goes out of style. They are available in many hues that pair easily with different outfits.

Besides being affordable and easy to purchase at physical and online outlets, Crocs are comfortable and versatile—perfect for indoor and outdoor wear.

Given its many advantages, you should join the tribe of Crocs lovers and be part of a community that appreciates this brand as much as you do.

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