Can Crocs Be Repaired?

When you have Crocs that have been worn down to their soles after the summer or winter of slush and salt, it’s a shame to think of them ending up in the landfill. But can Crocs be repaired?

Crocs can be repaired if they are damaged. There are several ways to repair these shoes, depending on what’s wrong with them.

If you wear Crocs every day or multiple times a week, eventually, something will happen to them. Maybe you’ll step on a rock, gravel, or something similarly hard and end up with a hole in the bottom of your favorite pair of Crocs. Or, if you’re like me and work in an office, maybe a pen will slip out of your pocket and get lodged into the sole of your Crocs. Luckily for us, Crocs are easy to repair.

Before you repair your Crocs, wash them properly with soap and water. If they’ve donned some stains that won’t budge, use a magic eraser or a mild bleach+water solution to clean them.

Ready? Let’s go!

Crocs Wear and Tear Like Other Shoes

Crocs, like other well-established brands of shoes in today’s market, wear and tear over time. A newly purchased pair is of good quality and stunning—but after some time, their color starts to fade, the soles get thinner than before, and they don’t look as lovely as they once did.

To rejuvenate your Crocs’ color, you could dye them.But if you’re down for a full-blown repair of your Crocs, hang tight.

Materials Needed to Repair Crocs

The materials you’ll need for this DIY project vary depending on what part(s) of your Crocs clog are broken or missing. If it’s the rivets of the clog that are damaged, then you’ll need:

  • A glue gun
  • A glue spreader
  • A cutter and;
  • A Sharpie

You may already have these materials in your basement. But if that’s not the case for you, head to Amazon or other online stores and do the needful.

How to Repair Crocs without Rivets? 

Once you prepare the necessary materials, you’re now ready to fix your Crocs. Here are the following steps to bear in mind: 

Prepare the Glue Spreader

Before you add an adhesive spreader to your shopping cart, check the circumference of the spreader to know if it will fit into the rivet hole in your Crocs.

However, if you bought the spreader before noticing the disparity between its perimeter and that of your Crocs’ holes, simply sand the inner circumference of the hole until it’s large enough to accommodate the spreader. Then insert the spreader into the rivet hole.

Using a pencil or any other marker, mark a point on the part of the glue spreader that sticks outside the rivet hole and cut the spreader at that point. The point shouldn’t be too close to the hole but shouldn’t be too far from it, either. If you have shaky fingers, ask someone to help you out.

Done? Cool. Now remove the stub of spreader from the hole and set it aside.

Load the Glue Gun and Heat It up

Load the glue gun with the glue stick. Then plug the gun into an electric socket, switch the socket on and wait for the tip of the gun to fully heat up.

Circle Around

Placing the gun’s tip on the inner circumference of the rivet hole, slightly pull the trigger to release the hot glue. Do this in a circular motion until the entire circumference is covered with hot glue.

Insert the Glue Spreader

Place the hanging end of the heel strap directly over the rivet hole. Then insert the glue spreader through them both. Please ensure you carry out the insertion while the glue is still hot.


Once you’ve inserted the spreader, let it rest from all its troubles inside the rivet hole. When the glue dries, the heel strap would’ve been held in place.

What to Do When the Rivets or Straps are Broken

Here is a video that demonstrates strap replacement:

There are two ways to get a new strap for your Crocs: 1) You can buy a leather strap from Etsy, or 2) contact Crocs to ask for free replacement straps.


If your clogs’ straps or rivets break, Crocs will replace them for free. You can request for replacement straps or rivets by filling out an online form on the company’s official website. Be sure to include your name, shoe size, shoe color, complete address, and email address.


Ensure you enter all the information requested on the form to receive your new rivets or straps as soon as possible.

Place new rivets or straps in their proper places, and you’re good to go!

You can also find Crocs rivets on Amazon.  Here is a video demonstration of rivet replacement:

In case you didn’t watch the video, pay attention to this quick and dirty recap of how to replace the rivets of your Crocs.

Separate the Rivets into Two Parts

The upper part is usually emblazoned with the Crocs logo, while the lower is the plain black head.

Push the Lower Part through the Rivet Hole

Position the lower part on the inner side of the rivet hole, and push it outwards through the hole in the heel strap.

Attach the Crocs Logo

Cap the protruding head with the upper part of the rivet.

Tips for Repairing Crocs

Prepare all the Materials Needed

Before you repair your old or damaged Crocs, make sure you have everything you need. Visit the nearest store to buy a glue gun and glue sticks, along with other essential items.

Identify the Damage

It’s important to understand the type of damage in your shoes before making any decisions about repairs. If the damage is too extensive, it may be time to buy a new pair. However, there may be an alternative use for those shoes you can’t bear to get rid of completely: turn them into planters!

Ask for Help

If you have never repaired Crocs before, don’t worry. Just ask someone familiar with the process to help you.

Have Fun

Take your time and enjoy the process of repairing your Crocs rather than rushing to get it done.

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Why Repair Your Crocs

Have you ever thought about repairing your Crocs? It’s a smart way to save money, have fun, and optimize your closet space.

Cut Costs

Crocs are cheap, so you can buy a new pair whenever you want. But there’s an even better way to save money—repair your old shoes!

It is Environmentally Friendly

Because Crocs are so affordable, many people throw their old shoes away rather than having them repaired. But if you do this, the shoes will end up in landfills, which is not good for the environment. Instead, you can have your Crocs fixed and then pass them down to someone who needs them.

The Perfect Excuse for a Get-together

Whether you’re a hardcore fan of DIY projects or simply love fixing things occasionally, you’ll enjoy repairing Crocs. You could invite your friends and family to help you out—and create precious memories while at it!

Save Space in your Closet

Instead of buying new shoes every time your old ones wear out, you can fix them by following the steps explained in this article. That way, you’ll save space in your closet and avoid unnecessary expenses in the long run.

Get Your Super-Durable Crocs Back In Tip-Top Shape

It’s a small detail, but it comes as a relief to know that these shoes can be salvaged—especially since I plan on wearing mine a great deal in the next couple of months. For those who do decide to do this to their Crocs, hopefully, it will turn out well, and you’ll have a reliable pair to walk in once more.

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