Should You Wear Birkenstocks with Socks?

Should You Wear Birkenstocks with Socks?

The internet is up in arms about something much more important than it seems: Should you wear Birkenstocks with socks? The sandals have been the footwear kings for 2022’s summer, but with fall in full swing, it’s become a hot topic of debate. Some say that Birkenstock aficionados should go sockless since the sandals are

Best 5 Fleece lined Crocs

Since their debut in 2002, Crocs has developed various clogs and shoes, including sneakers, rain boots, slides, flip flops, winter boots, and more. Fleece lined Crocs are especially popular in colder seasons because they help keep your feet warm while you’re out and about. Crocs offers the following styles of fleece-lined Crocs: Crocs Unisex Blitzen

Can You Make Custom Crocs?

Ever dreamed of wearing the perfect pair of Crocs? Or perhaps you’re like me and have several pairs of Crocs that you adore and wear with everything—but sometimes feel like switching up the colors. Can you make custom Crocs? Is there a way to transform the appearance of that plain black, dour-faced clog sighing near

5 Best Crocs For The Kitchen

You know how sometimes, you’re working in the kitchen, and all you have on your feet are crappy slippers that do nothing to protect your hardwood floors from the soles of your bare feet? And the worst part is when you start walking around the kitchen and suddenly hear these obnoxious squelching sounds, like Frankenstein’s

6 Best Crocs For Standing All Day

For the last eight years, I’ve worked in retail, taking orders, packaging goods, and plastering yet another fake smile when all I want to do is crash on my homey mattress. But my feet always hurt around lunchtime, and they were killing me by dinner. It got to the point where I was taking painkillers

Can You Golf In Crocs Golf Shoes?

You’re finally getting a chance to hit the links this weekend. You’ve had a long, hard week, and your friend Jim told you he even saw Tiger Woods wearing Crocs on the Golf Channel. Hold on a sec, you think, your brows furrowing—Can you golf in Crocs golf shoes? Crocs used to sell golf shoes,

5 Best Socks for Doc Martens

Best Socks for Doc Martens

Dr. Martens is one of the few types of footwear that have earned a place in the British Design and Style Hall of Fame. They’re fashion statements, boots, and mini works of art. If you wear Doc Martens, no one can question your badass nature But if your feet are going to pay the price