Birkenstock vs. Betula: Which is Better?

Birkenstock has been known in the shoe industry as pioneering in producing comfort shoes. In trying to expand its reach, the brand has introduced new breeds of sandals and added them to the Birkenstock family tree. One of which is Betula. 

The parent brand, Birkenstock, is prominent for its classic leather uppers and cork-latex footbeds. To meet new demands in the market, it has offered other collections that are non-leather, synthetic, and vegan. Betula is strictly synthetic. Materials such as Birko-Flor and Birkibuc are used in producing Betula pairs.

Torn between the two? This article is definitely for you! Apparently, there are slight differences between Birkenstock and Betula in terms of availability, price, and materials which I have all discussed. 

Apart from these, included are sections where the two brands are distinguished. Although under one family tree, Birkenstock and Betula have branding and images of their own. 

Is Betula the same as Birkenstocks?

Betula is licensed by Birkenstocks. The brand uses the same footbed Birkenstock uses as its insoles, making every Betula pair as comfortable as the original. The two sandal brands produce footwear that physically looks similar. 

More so, both brands are two of the best choices you have when searching for footwear that can ensure good foot health. Birkenstock let Betula have this incredible feature! 

In addition, many Birkenstock models have a Betula counterpart. The designs of both Betula and Birkenstock sandals are very identical. 

However, they are not the same in all aspects. For instance, Birkenstock is known for its leather collections, while Betula pairs are only available in synthetic versions. Although Birkenstock also has a synthetic collection of its own.

What are the differences between Birkenstocks and Betula?

Birkenstock and Betula may be under one family tree, but they possess characters and attributes distinct from each other. If you are a newbie in the Birks world, you may not have noticed them but do not worry because the following sections got you!

To identify which pair is more compatible with you, check out the discussion below. I have listed the differences between Birkenstock and Betula regarding materials, features, styles, colors, and availability. 


Birkenstock is very popular for its leather models. The brand does not just use a single type of leather. Birks are available in smooth, suede, nubuck, Amalfi, and oiled leathers.

The premium-quality leather materials utilized by Birkenstock are processed tediously and dyed naturally. These are the factors why most leather Birks are costly.

Most Birkenstock models are also available in synthetic versions. The materials used by the brand are the following: Birko-Flor, Birkibuc, and Birko-Felt. For more information about synthetic Birks, you can check out this article

Birkenstock has introduced its vegan collection to cater to the demands of cruelty-free products. Vegan Birkenstocks are purely made of synthetic materials. No leather material can be found on vegan pairs. 

On the other hand, Betula only uses synthetic materials in producing its footwear lineups. This is the reason why Betula’s price range is lower than most leather Birkenstocks.  

Features & Styles

In terms of features and styles, most Birkenstock models have a Betula counterpart. Therefore, in these criteria, no one is above the other. Betula flexes the genes it received from its parent brand, Birkenstock. 

Although you have a lot of style options if you choose to visit the official Birkenstock store. They offer slip-on, clogs, boots, wedges, and platform heels. They just have every style you might think of pairing with your OOTD!

Betula’s styles are limited to mimicking Birkenstock models. However, the creative minds behind the creation of Betula pairs have leveled up their styling game and incorporate embellishments, beading, and prints in its upper materials.  

Betula even carries with it licensed Birkenstock footbeds. This ensures that Betula pairs can give the same level of comfort Birks wearer gets with their sandals. 

Colors & Availability

For both Birkenstock and Betula models, a wide range of colors and prints are made available. If you are searching for a classic-looking or a fancy pair, the brands have a long list for you. 

They are available in many colors: monochrome, pastel, or neon. Apart from single-toned styles, they also have dual, triple-colored, and multi-printed designs. 

In terms of availability, Birkenstocks are more available online. You can check some pairs out on Amazon in an instant! If you want to get one personally, you can go to the nearest retail stores in your area.

Shopping networks or websites offer a limited number of Betula pairs. However, there are various retail stores where they are available.

Between Birkenstock and Betula, which is the more comfortable pair?

As previously mentioned, they are both comfortable pairs! However, what makes Birkenstock stand out is its footbed alternatives: regular and soft footbeds. For a more detailed discussion about Birkenstock footbeds, read this article.

Betula, with its licensed Birkenstock footbed, is competitively comfy as well. Even if most Betulas are priced cheaper than their Birks counterparts, their comfort level is still very satisfying; a great alternative for budget savers!

Both Birkenstock and Betula pairs come with anatomically shaped footbeds that conform to the shape of your feet. Additionally, compared to leather Birkenstocks, Betula is easier to break in as it is made of synthetic materials.

Which is the better travel sandal?

Birkenstock and Betula are topping the sandal list regarding durability and comfortability. Synthetic Birkenstock and Betula are the best travel companions as they are made of water-resistant EVA soles and cork footbeds. 

Synthetic variations are proven to be lightweight and durable, perfect for any adventure. If they become wet, just let them dry but remember to keep them away from heat. Excessive heat can damage synthetic sandals. 

Which is more stylish and trendy?

The answer is dependent on the wearer’s preferences and personality. For minimal and classic pairs, Birkenstock has a lot of choices to choose from. Monochromatic or nude-colored leather Birks just never go out of style.

If you are looking for an attention-grabbing, colorful pair, you can browse over the lineups of Betula. Birkenstock also has some fancy-colored collections to offer!

As the parent brand, Birkenstock is more famous than Betula. The former is established way back in 1774, while the latter is a relatively new company subdivision. Betula has a bright future ahead as Birkenstock is a great parent.

Birkenstock Bestsellers

Topping the charts of Birkenstocks for years now are the following models: Arizona, Mayari, Gizeh, and Boston Clogs. These models’ leather versions are very popular due to their retro and vintage look. They are also available in synthetic and vegan versions.

Apart from the top-tiers, newly introduced styles are also very prominent for new gens! Three of these are the Salina and Kairo. If you want unique-looking Birks because almost everybody got an Arizona, you should check these out. 

Salina Birks

As of the moment, Salina Birkenstock is only available in a Birko-Flor version. The Birko-Flor upper material is silky and skin-friendly. It is also very durable and hard-wearing. 

It comes with a cork-latex footbed that is anatomically shaped. More so, it has a suede lining and an EVA sole. This material composition makes the pair incredibly comfortable, although the version is synthetic. 

Salina’s crisscrossing straps are unique as they are multi-positioned. These straps have metal buckles that allow for adjustment. 

Kairo Birks

Kairo is available in oiled leather and Birko-Flor versions. It has three straps: thong, ankle, and back straps. These are great for those who usually trip down the road. It also comes with an adjustable metal buckle. 

Similar to Salina, Kairo has a contoured footbed. It also features elevated toe edges and a deep heel cup. The overall design of Kairo is very compatible with your summer outfits!

Betula Bestsellers

Betula takes pride in producing the most comfortable and stylish pairs for all. If you think you’re more inclined to buy a Betula pair, this section is for you. Leo and Mia Soft are two of Betula’s best-selling models. 

Leo Soft

Leo Soft is the Florida Birks counterpart. Its upper material is made of synthetic Birko-Flor from polyamide felt fibers and acrylic. These materials make the straps look like smooth leather. 

Leo Soft features three straps and adjustable buckles. This Betula model is only available in width sizes, great for narrow to medium-sized feet.

Mia Soft

A cheaper alternative to Mayari Birkenstock is Mia Soft. With a smooth synthetic leather upper and cork-latex footbed, Mia is very comfortable upon wearing, even when worn out of the box. It is available in black, gold, silver, navy blue, and white.

Mia Soft has a suede lining and an EVA sole. Moreover, it is very lightweight and supportive of your big toe. Also, its design is great for people suffering from bunions

How much do Birkenstock and Betula cost?

Although Betula is originally licensed by the Birkenstock company, it has established an image in itself: the more affordable Birks! The cost of Betula sandals ranges between $30 and $80.

For as low as $40, you can already take home a pair of Leo or Mia Soft. These are the best dupes for Florida and Mayari Birkenstocks, which are way more expensive. 

On the other hand, Birkenstocks can be purchased from $40 to $270.

Kairo Birkenstocks can be bought between $68 and $110, while Salina is priced at a whopping $100.

Birkenstocks vs. Betula, Final Thoughts

The main difference between Birkenstock and Betula lies in their affordability and availability. Birkenstock, as a luxurious brand, is more expensive than Betula, one of its subdivisions.

If you think it is more practical and beneficial to buy a pair of Betula, then you have nothing to worry about for it is worth more than its price! Betulas are exceptionally durable and comfortable.

More so, no one is stopping you if you’re not into faux leather and have enough money for a pair of classic Birkenstocks. Birkenstocks are worth their price.

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