5 Best Women’s Weightlifting Shoes for Bunions (Buyers Guide)

Weightlifting shoes are an excellent investment. They have their specific purpose and can be worn on limited occasions, such as athletic and weight-bearing movements. Weightlifting shoes are equipped with durable heel support, but a tight toe box can restrict and aggravate the condition for people with bunions. A wide-toe box is necessary when looking for weightlifting shoes for bunions. 

Bunions make it challenging to look for the perfect fit that doesn’t aggravate the condition. If you have a wide foot, your safest bet is to measure your foot’s width and spend time researching each company’s sizing methods. Below, we’ve compiled our favorite five weightlifting shoes for bunions that will help you lift more loads, improve lifting posture, and boost your range of 


5 Best Women’s Weightlifting Shoes for Bunions

Adidas Adipower Weightlifting II Shoes

Adidas’ original Adipower weightlifting shoe has been a crowd’s favorite for years. When Adipower Weightlifting 2 came out, weightlifters were glad. This model has been modified with many changes, nearly an entirely different shoe. The elevated heel improves ankle mobility with bunions and allows deeper squats for weightlifters. The shoe’s overall aesthetic is sleek and minimalist that features bold edges and crisp weave than other weightlifting shoes. 

The Adipower 2’s woven fabric upper is durable yet flexible that can endure tugging and pulling due to the material being built to last. The weave has an impressive tactile finish that grips tightly to the shoe without harsh hands. The exterior of the upper unit features a classic laminated three strips of the Adidas stripes giving this shoe an aesthetic look. The sides feature a wedge going all the way up to the ball of the foot for solid heel and midfoot support.

adidas Women's Adipower Weightlifting II Cross Trainer, Wild Teal/Mint/Hi-Res Yellow, 10.5

adidas Adipower Weightlifting II Cross Trainer Women’s Shoes

Adipower 2 features a durable TPU platform with an elevated heel. This elevation allows athletes to let the pressure off the Achilles tendon as they squat. This minor adjustment can bring a reasonable difference to the athlete’s lifting posture. 

The Adipower 2 latest traction pattern is similar to a barbell knurling and goes well with the shoe’s purpose. The small diamond-shaped lugs help with the grip of the ground as the wearer performs weightlifting, preventing any risks of slippage. These lugs are narrower than regular training shoes due to the flat and rigid lifting platform that allows athletes to buck up the floor more adequately.

The lacing and strap system of this shoe positions appropriately. The woven fabric upper provides a secure fit without feeling uncomfortable. This revision aims to achieve a pliable, sock-like fit for an optimal in-shoe experience. The six ventilation holes equipped in the toe box and side vents on the tongue enhance bunions’ breathability. 

Adipower 2 is great for fitness athletes and enthusiasts looking for a shoe that accommodates well for weightlifting and squats. This weightlifting shoe delivers adequate support, exceptional balance, and flexibility for jumping sessions and dynamic movements.

Nike Free Metcon 4

The Nike Free and Nike Metcon are popular training shoes combining flexibility with stability for maximum performance. In 2018, Nike Metcon 4 was released, equipped with Free technology to provide great foot snugly. Compared with the shoe’s multiple iterations, the overall performance and breathability in Metcon 4 are impressive for bunions. 

Nike Womens Free Metcon 4 CZ0596-135 (Numeric_6)

Nike Free Metcon 4 Women’s Shoes

Metcon 4’s wide heel is excellent for stability during squats. The rubber bottom provides optimal grip and is great for jumping or performing quick cuts. It can be annoying when the shoes are wobbly during cardio; with the Free Metcon 4 shoes, your feet stay in place during intense workouts. The shoe’s cushioning and mesh upper is exceptional, making it an overall comfortable pair of gym shoes for bunions.

The chain-link breathable mesh on Metcon 4 delivers adequate ventilation to keep your feet cool during a sweaty workout session. The midfoot is well-supported due to the outstanding construction on the shoe that prevents your feet from getting squished. It evenly distributes the pressure for adequately supported feet.

Metcon 4’s midfoot structure and the toe box are a bit tight, although the upper unit stretches overtime and feels excellent. Overall, it’s all about preference, and in-shoe experience varies on every individual’s sizing.

Nike Free Metcon 4 performs well on moderate to lighter weight lifting load but is not recommended for heavy barbell training as it compresses throughout the forefoot and midfoot. If you’re only lifting lighter loads, the shoe’s stability does its job. The Nike Free technology equipped in the shoe’s forefoot and midfoot provides a significant level of maneuverability. The outsole traction delivers a supportive, multi-directional activity.

If you’re looking for lightweight and versatile weightlifting shoes, Nike Free Metcon 4 is a great option. This shoe feels light on the feet and promotes stability with a locked-down feeling to avoid heel slip issues.

Under Armour HOVR Apex 2

The Under Armour HOVR Apex 2 is a weightlifting shoe that features all-around versatility. Marketed by Under Armour as an “all-in-one” cross-training shoe, this shoe works best for lifters and athletes performing weekly training. Many gym-goers highly praise HOVR Apex 2’s efficiency, traction, and stylish look.

Under Armour Women's HOVR Apex 2 Cross Trainer, Seaglass Blue (400)/Beta, 5

Under Armour HOVR Apex 2 Cross Trainer Women’s Shoes

UA HOVR Apex 2 is equipped with a HOVR midsole and TriBase outsole providing a responsive yet stable performance during training under 400 lbs. HOVR is a bouncy rubber combination that is changeable to multiple levels of impact protection. The shoe’s TriBase outsoles utilize leverage to maintain full-length foot ground contact. Despite being entirely caged, the soft and cushioned feel is still present during impact and responsive and bouncy on every initial step. 

The EVA foam in HOVR Apex 2 carrier is plush enough that you can use this as a crossover runner. Compared to the HOVR original’s midsole structure, the compression mesh Energy Web equipped in Apex 2 is impressive and has a firmer EVA midsole. The upper construction of this shoe has a 3D print and performs an excellent job at resisting abrasion and friction when the shoe is dragged on the ground. 

The EVA carrier surrounding the edges is stiff and rigid, providing slight give with no collapsing, essential for landing or lifting heavy. The heel is also equipped with a stiffer TPU cage showing the HOVR windows. The heel keeps your foot during the side-to-side and up and down the plane of motion. 

While this shoe seems bulky and appears to have plenty of space, the inner padding fills up the gap. There’s an extra space above the toes; however, it doesn’t affect any issues. Hence, the padding allows the shoes to fit cozily around your feet, providing comfort for bunions.

If you’re looking for a gym shoe that can sustain from weights to box jumps to turf workouts, the UA HOVR Apex 2 is a great shoe. The dense, quilted padding conforms around your foot while the heel strap pulls the foot down into the heel, preventing any indirect movement or heel slips.

Reebok Legacy Lifter

The Reebok Legacy Lifter is explicitly made for weightlifting workouts, with a solid base to keep you in an upright position when performing squats. The double strap lacing system secures your feet in place. This weightlifting shoe provides optimal stability and security, suitable for severe weightlifters looking for a solid midsole that doesn’t compress when lifting. The flat, stable base of the outsole helps maintain the feet firmly positioned on the ground.

Reebok Women's Legacy Lifter II Cross Trainer

Reebok Legacy Lifter II Cross Trainer Women’s Shoes

The midsole of this shoe consists of a rigid material TPU that prevents the shoe from compressing, making it a sturdy shoe for weightlifting. The removable insole also promotes arch support. The Ortholite Antimicrobial Sockliner wicks moisture away from your feet, preventing bacteria build-up. 

The TPU heel equipped in Legacy Lifter offers a lightweight, non-compressible material that contributes to the shoe’s sturdiness and durability to abrasions. The outsole has an abrasion rubber for a solid grip to the ground. The outsole has a flat, broad, stable base with a width of 82mm for a robust platform, while the upper unit combines 75 percent rubber and mesh materials on the ankle area, ideal if you’re suffering from bunions. This combination supplies a secure fit around the forefoot and midfoot area while providing optimal breathability.

The heel is equipped with an Exoframe TPU strap supporting the foot during lifts. Reebok’s Flexcage technology consists of two Velcro straps designed for lateral support — the upper strap across the midfoot and the other strap overlapping above the toes. These straps are adjustable for desired tightness and stabilize your feet during explosive lifts.

The added weight on Legacy Lifter provides benefits when squatting from moderate to heavier loads as it promotes solid connection to the ground, critical to firm squat performance. This shoe is perforated with a leather upper sole into the toe box while the mesh wraps around the ankle for additional comfort and breathability.

The Legacy Lifter features a comfortable arch, ideal for weightlifters expecting good performance weightlifting shoes. This shoe is a drastic upgrade for beginners or experienced lifters transitioning from non-weightlifting shoes. 

Inov-8 Fastlift 360

This sharp-looking weightlifting shoe from Inov-8 is a standout model under the “FastLift” model. 

Inov-8 FastLift 360 is equipped with a sturdy, non-compressing TPU heel. The rubber outsole ensures firmly planted feet when squats, deadlifts, or power cleans. The breathable mesh allows the shoe’s interior to keep fresh despite intense workouts. 

Inov-8 Women's Fastlift 360 - Weight Lifting Shoes - White/Black - 6.5

Inov-8 Fastlift 360 Women’s Shoes

Inov-8 creates multiple types of fitness shoes, and this model caters best for cross-training and weightlifting. The External Heel Cage and Power-Truss heel wedge and the standard midfoot strap prevent unwanted foot movement when lifting heavy loads. The shoe is designed with versatility, making the single strap extremely lightweight and minimalistic. 

If you’re new to weightlifting and still developing your ankle flexibility and lifting posture, the Fastlift 360’s 16.5 mm heel-to-toe drop allows a lower setup into the lower end of the heel spectrum. A lower heel promotes quicker transition through multiple movements while stabilizing the foot. It’s also great for those who opt for low-bar squats or lifters with a wider squat stance.

The PowerTruss design equipped in this shoe allows a stable pillar base while providing a lightweight feel. TPU heels are significantly low maintenance and highly durable. However, if you opt for a softer heel, a high-density EVA heel could be better for you. 

Inov-8 Fastlift 360 consists of a lightweight mesh for a flexible and breathable in-shoe experience. The upper unit material contributes to the shoe’s versatile lifting characteristics. Since they’re loose, there’s no need to break in leather or other stiffer shoes. Plus, the exterior mesh ventilates the foot, especially during cardio movements. Lifters with bunions prefer Inov-8 Fastlift 360 as it grips well to the floor, and the wide toe box is easily maneuvered for versatile workouts.

If you need a lightweight minimalist style weightlifting shoe, Inov-8 FastLift 360 is a suitable option for you, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or weightlifting athlete. They’re lighter than most weightlifting shoes and built for flexibility and breathability.

Why Do I Need Weightlifting Shoes for Bunions?

Weightlifting shoes provide a sturdier feel during heavy squats and deadlifts if you’re new to lifting. Weightlifting shoes are intended to enhance three things: biomechanics, responsiveness, and stability.


Lifts involving squatting motions (front/back squats, cleans, and snatches) are sometimes restricted by ankle mobility. Since weightlifting shoes promote an elevated heel, less dorsiflexion is required to hit the bottom of a squat. Weightlifting shoes also allow a more natural deep squats feel for people with excellent ankle range of motion.

adidas Women's Adipower Weightlifting II Cross Trainer, tech Ink/White/hi-res Coral, 10.5 M US

adidas Adipower Weightlifting II Cross Trainer Women’s Shoes


Running shoes are built to compress and receive the impact. Running shoes absorb the energy needed to project the weight upward in weightlifting. During your initial thrust, these shoes flatten down, tapping your momentum.

Most weightlifting shoes feature midsoles made of TPU or wood. Since they don’t compress, less energy is spared during the lift.


Lifting on your feet has to be stable, especially for Olympic lifts such as squats and cleans. Weightlifting shoes are devised to maximize stability and prevent slipping during the ride.

These shoes are often equipped with big and flat outsoles to contact the ground. Unlike running treads found in running shoes, the outsole in weightlifting shoes is typically made with a shallower material for optimal platform grip.

Best Weightlifting Shoes for Women with Bunions, final thoughts…

It can be a struggle to find well-fitting shoes that match your needs if you have bunions. Weightlifting shoes should come with a comprehensive, non-compressible base, elevated heel, and a durable strap to stabilize you during your heaviest loads.

Overall, Adidas Adipower Weightlifting II Shoes provided the best essential characteristics of a lifting shoe. The exceptional support, balance, and flexibility make it suitable for dynamic movements. Apart from the foot-hugging and reinforced in-shoe experience, the aesthetic, sleek design of Adipower 2 provides optimal performance through simplicity.

Considering your individual preferences is crucial when finding the best lifting shoe for bunions. Factors such as wide toe box, security, heel height, and heel surface influence and improve your lifting. Despite the bunion pain, it shouldn’t stop you from weightlifting!

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