5 Best Women’s Running Shoes for Bunions (Buyers Guide!)

Running is considered one of the best therapeutic physical activities. The adrenaline rush and endorphins you get from running are released, leaving you feeling better on an exhausting day. Running also increases your lifespan by improving your cardiovascular health. But, running while enduring painful bunions can be difficult on our feet.

Bunions can occur for various reasons, including ill-fitting shoes with a narrow and pointed front, underlying inflammatory conditions (arthritis), foot injuries, or foot shape genetics. People born with these conditions are more susceptible to bunions.

Fortunately for runners, running itself doesn’t induce bunions, but it can make it worse, especially if you’re wearing ill-fitted running shoes. When buying a new running shoe, always consider primary intended use and the shoe’s features. There are several running shoe variants in the market with specialized features, either for beginners, athletes, sprinters, or trail runners, high arches, flat feet, bunions, and more!

5 Best Women’s Running Shoes for Bunions

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 running shoe has the latest mesh upper with a 3D print for maximum structure and support. Brooks holistic GuideRails support system protects the knees by restricting excess movement. The 3D Fit Print mesh upper offers a durable structure and good fit that pulls from the heel and covers the arch for a secure fit. The small pop of color adds to the shoe’s visual appeal while providing a natural and comfortable ride, ideal for flat feet and bunions.

Brooks Women's Adrenaline GTS 21, Grey/Light Blue, 5 Medium

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 Women’s Shoes

Brooks guide rail support is an adaptive system that engages if you need support as it helps balance your foot while running. It cradles the heel and ankle for smooth landings. The blown rubber on the outsole is built to last long miles. 

Adrenaline’s mega flex grooves are strategically positioned on the outsole for optimal flexibility to the shoes. These grooves are combined with the segmented crash pads to deliver a smooth transition from your initial midfoot strike to toe-off. 

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 midsole features a dual-foam design, using DNA Loft as its primary foam combined with BioMoGo DNA.DNA Loft for a firm yet responsive ride. Once you’ve reached about 30 miles, the cushioning softens and provides an improved ride, thanks to the BioMoGo DNA.  

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 Black/Red/Blue 5 B (M)

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 Women’s Shoes

Adrenaline 21 upper unit is balanced and maintains its form while still being flexible. The wider upper provides no tightness. The heel counter is added with a great amount of cushioning for a secure heel fit and maximum stability, beneficial for bunions. The breathable mesh is double layered. 

Since Brooks utilized a 3D fit print to create the upper for Adrenaline, there are no overlays and no irritation points. The shoe’s traditional lacing system eliminates the need to tie the shoes to achieve a suitable fit.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 Grey/Black/Rose Gold 5 B (M)

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 Women’s Shoes

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is worth an investment for a great running shoe for bunions. They provide a great ride and optimal stability while cushioning and keeping the feet in place as you run. 

Hoka One One Clifton 8

Hoka One One Clifton 8 is a versatile daily trainer claimed to be one of the softest running shoes on the market. It features a smooth and stable ride and a rocker midsole, promoting swift transitions and keeping your energy over long miles if you have bunions. This running shoe’s thick, Ortholite insole adds an extra layer of spongy step-in for optimal comfort and extra cushioning.

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8 Womens Shoes Size 9, Color: Black/White

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8 Women’s Shoes

The Clifton 8 upper unit consists of a padded tongue and a smooth inner lining that feels extremely comfortable and not excessively padded. It also prevents hotspots. The toe box has the perfect height and a true-to-size fit. 

The shoe’s forefoot lugs and grooves are positioned diagonally instead of horizontally. Therefore, it allows the forefoot to stiffen and deliver more pop during transitions since more resistance is added as the shoe flexes.

The outsole is updated with a strategically placed rubber extending forward on the high wear area, offering increased durability. The base of this running shoe is wide enough, allowing the foot strikes to feel planted on the ground consistently. The sidewalls are elevated to guide and center your feet. The Clifton 8 is a highly recommended stable, neutral trainer that offers a prominent arch.

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8 Womens Shoes Size 6, Color: Aquarelle/Eggshell Blue

HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8 Women’s Shoes

Clifton 8 provides a stable ride while giving you the constant comfort and support you need for your bunions if you need a running shoe for long, recovery runs, and steady runs. The shoe’s comfortable upper and exceptional versatility is derived from the stiffer forefoot, giving a more snappy feel. 

Altra Torin 4.5

The Altra Torin 4.5 is a great road shoe with sleek and lightweight features, perfect for racing or serious training miles. These shoes perform well in speed work to long runs to road race running of all distances. 

ALTRA Women's Torin 4.5 Plush- Medium

ALTRA Torin 4.5 Plush Women’s Shoes

This aesthetic-looking shoe isn’t too tight, ideal for bunions; therefore, no pain or discomfort is felt while running due to its noticeable snugness. The Quantic cushioning of the shoe’s midsole adds comfort to the wearer but is considerably less squishy than previous Torin models.

Torin 4.5 FootPod outsole bends and flexes accordingly to the foot as it bends and stretches with every stride. The tread is made out of firm rubber that offers good traction and shows no signs of wear despite running for over 100 miles on the road. The combination of the Quantic midsole and the FootPod outsole provides a more stable, faster, and smoother ride.

The shoe’s upper unit is made of breathable and comfortable mesh. A small amount of cushioning is present around the shoe’s opening, enough to keep the heel in place while running. Torin 4.5 mesh upper doesn’t protect your feet from getting wet, but the knit upper’s exceptional breathability will allow the shoe to dry out faster.

ALTRA Women's Torin Plush 4.5- Medium Dark Gray

ALTRA Torin 4.5 Plush Women’s Shoes

If you need a light, fast, and excellent ground feel running shoe, Altra Torin 4.5 is a great choice. The sizing is true to size and has a foot-shaped toe box that creates ample forefoot space, perfect for bunions!

Note, Altra has a newer model of Torin, the Torin 5.0, however, these are redesigned slightly, meaning that you won’t be as comfortable with them as you would be with the Torin 4.5!  When shopping for Altra Torin, don’t choose the 5.0, you won’t be as happy as you would be with the 4.5!

Saucony Omni Iso 2

The Saucony Omni Iso 2 is a phenomenal and reliable everyday trainer for moderate stability and cushioned comfort all day long. The unique marine/silver colorway design and lime green accents in the laces and outsole of this shoe make it visually compelling. 

Saucony Women's S10510-42 Liberty ISO 2 Running Shoe, Blush Quake - 5 M US

Saucony Liberty ISO 2 Running Women’s Shoes

The asymmetrical upper layout of the inner and outer sides follows the signature Saucony pattern. The Omni Iso 2 conforms to the shape of the feet with a snug fit while providing stable flexibility and adaptability.

ISOFit technology in the upper unit of Omni Iso 2 provides a sock-like feel that’s comfortable and adaptable to your feet. It’s more tailored than the previous version as it locks the heel in place, adding stability to the shoe. 

The heel area has been tweaked along with the ISOFit technology to achieve an exceptional comfortable upper. It delivers the right balance of structure, durability, and comfort to the foot. The forefoot’s double Jacquard mesh is flexible and durable, enhancing the feel of the shoes. No overlays can be felt on the forefoot; therefore, no areas are irritated due to rubbing.

Saucony Women's Liberty ISO 2, Dusk/Berry, 5 Medium

Saucony Liberty ISO 2 Running Women’s Shoes

From the moment you slip on them, you’ll experience a slimmer and more customized fit from heel to toe. The help of the ISOFit technology adds to the fantastic fit of the Omni Iso 2 that molds and adapts to your feet while you run.

If you’re searching for the perfect running shoe that provides a cushioned and smooth feel with utmost breathability, Saucony Omni Iso 2 might be the right shoe for you!

Asics GlideRide 2

The Asics GlideRide 2 is designed for easier running, thanks to the reinforced plate in the midsole. ASICS claimed GlideRide 2 is statistically proven to keep your energy up over the long run. 

ASICS Women's Glideride 2 Running Shoes, 6, Black/White

ASICS Glideride 2 Running Women’s Shoes

The Asics GlideRide 2 running shoe helps in reducing energy through the gait cycle phases from foot strike to toe-off, promoting better cover on greater distances. This modern-looking running shoe is refined with an engineered mesh and a more stable platform, promoting optimal bunion support.

The GUIDESOLE technology creates a solid platform in the heel. The forefoot’s aggressive toe spring promotes a smooth toe-off. The forefoot rocker helps in achieving a fast turnover and assists you in moving forward. This technology reduces ankle flexion and delivers a landing zone that impacts the foot strikes to the ground. 

ASICS Women's GlideRide 2 Running Shoes, 9, Blazing Coral/Black

ASICS Glideride 2 Running Women’s Shoes

The shoe’s outsole is made of AHARPLUS, a rubber that helps improve durability and extends the shoe’s lifespan. The midsole is built with Asics’ lightweight foam FLYTEFOAM, placed on the midsole’s top layer for an ergonomic landing. In contrast, FLYTEFOAM Propel technology on the lower layer creates a more responsive feel. The rocker midsole replicates a rocking chair and lessens the load placed on your feet and ankles. 

The engineered mesh upper is soft and has a satin feel that adapts to the foot. It’s breathable and has ample room for the feet to swell on longer runs. The 3D overlays don’t have any stitching throughout, which promotes optimal support around the midfoot. The tongue and collar are comfy and padded, not overly done. The heel counter is firm enough to help lock you in place.

ASICS Women's Glideride 2 Running Shoes, 6, White/Champagne

ASICS Glideride 2 Running Women’s Shoes

If you’re into early morning runs or evening dash, GlideRide 2 is the best running shoe for you. The shoe’s rocker provides a constant forward stride for easy miles while keeping you comfortable with bunion pain.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing Your Next Pair Of Bunion Running Shoes


Are you planning to run on roads, trails, or a combination of both?

Road shoes are built with a specialized cushion that protects your feet against rough surfaces and mobilizes each step forward for a comfortable stride. 

Trail shoes provide similar support and cushioning; however, they have grippy traction on the outsole and supportive tech to help you deal with complicated terrain.

Treadmill shoes don’t have too much difference from a road shoe, though it’s added with cushioning for the treadmill. You may get a lighter or less cushioned shoe for a greater all-around fit.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 Black/Blackened Pearl/Nocturne 5 B (M)

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 Women’s Shoes


Running shoes keep you feeling comfortable while running. There’s a difference between ultra-soft shoes and inadequately cushioned footwear. 

Shoes with cushioned rides should also have their tough midsoles and grippy outsoles for better stability. The neutral midsole design promotes a smoother ride without induced sink spots.

A cushioned midsole is great as long as it doesn’t give you an unstable ride. You should feel the same level of support on both the midsole structure and foam density.

Shoe Type

Casual Running

Are you running for a few days of racing for a 5k or 10k? Most running shoes fit these activities. The typical-to-extra cushioned running shoes get the job done for your everyday runs.

Long-Distance Running

Cushioning is an essential factor if you’re running for more than 30 miles a week. If you’re running more than 10+ miles each session, take note that shoes can only sustain a 300-500 mile distance. To help prolong the lifespan of your shoes and lessen the chances of injuries, alternate two pairs of shoes if you’re training at higher distances. It could be two of the similar shoe types or two different models for a better variation.

Fast-paced Running

Regular shoes still provide you with great running performance. But if you’re looking to run faster, a lightweight and less cushioned shoe is great. Regular shoes don’t have a longer lifespan than fast-paced running shoes. Lightweight shoes for tempo runs, intervals, races, and other speed work is a great alternative.

Heel Fit

The heel counter is determined through the secure fit of the shoes around your heel and ankle. Having excessive space or slipping in the heel while running can lead to blisters. Despite wearing a moisture-wicking sock, it can’t take away the excess chaffing of an ill-fitting heel. Look for a shoe with a secured heel and won’t rub against your ankle while walking or running. 

The instep is identified depending on how much space is taken from beneath your arch to the top foot. People with high arches often require ample space for their in-step to prevent chafing or numbness on their feet while running. 

The way laces are tied should also be observed if they feel tight and press down or they’re snug.

Best Running Shoes for Women with Bunions, final thoughts…

Running provides plenty of health benefits, except for bunions. They’re painful and could affect a runner’s performance. The pain forces the athlete to overcompensate while running. Due to the odd angle changing the way the foot strides to the ground, the rest of the foot parts are pushed to receive the impact. 

Overall,  Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is our best women’s running shoes for bunions. The shoe’s 3D fit print upper offers a durable structure and good fit while securing the feet and providing optimal arch support as you run for miles. The excellent cushioning and wider upper also make it beneficial for bunions!

There are different running shoes for specific purposes. Choosing the suitable pair that helps relieve your bunions and keep you back on track is essentially the most important benefit. So before taking the pavement, ensure your feet and ankles are protected with the right footwear.

Women’s Shoes for various Activities if you have Bunions

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