5 Best Women’s Golf Shoes For Bunions (Buyers Guide)

Golf is a low-intensity activity that’s also a great workout and leisure for some people. That’s why you need to feel comfortable with your golf equipment, especially with your footwear. You’ve already gone through enough pain from wearing high heels or ill-fitting shoes as a woman. Therefore, it’s essential to get suitable golf shoes, especially for bunions.

The best women’s golf shoes for bunions should have excellent stability, adequate comfort, and be visually appealing. Women with bunions find it challenging to find the right golf shoes to accommodate their bunion pain. Typically, an average golfer travels five miles per hour, so a good fitting shoe is required. 

Buying the right pair of golf shoes is just as strenuous as searching for other golf equipment. Here are our top 5 best women’s golf shoes for bunions that you should consider to guide you on which shoe to take on your next course!

5 Best Women’s Golf Shoes for Bunions

FootJoy Women’s Traditions Golf Shoe

Footjoy has been popularly known for its highly comfortable, high-performance golf shoes. Footjoy’s take on their famous Traditions Golf Shoe is versatile and classic. This shoe provides a springy feel in every step and exceptional style in your golfing wardrobe while being comfy and dry to the feet.

Footjoy Traditions shoe slips on and off quickly due to the flexible yet supportive pad that keeps your heel in place without rubbing against each other, ideal if you have bunions. The super-cushioned foam below the foot is extremely light and allows optimal ride as you walk. The roomy toe box makes it easy for the wearer to let their toes splay within.

The bottom sole of Footjoy Traditions contains Pulsar spiked cleats for maximum traction grip and stability during golf shots. Though it doesn’t have the full Versa Trax + previously introduced on the Premiere series, golfers stated that these shoes don’t slip due to the 360-degree grip that promotes complete traction.

FootJoy Women's Traditions Golf Shoe, White/Black Plaid, 5

FootJoy Traditions Women’s Golf Shoes

The shoe’s synthetic leather upper is equipped with a waterproof warranty that usually exceeds that timeframe by miles. They’re also easy to clean by quickly wiping them, and they wick away any wet stuff out without making your feet feel sweaty. Each wipe promotes a brand new look to the shoe, making it more impressive.

As with all Softspikes cleats, the 6 Pulsar LP cleats conformed on the sole of this shoe feature incredible traction and keep you steady. The soft collar delivers maximum comfort inside the shoe due to the molded bed cushioning that promoted excellent arch support and stability in every golf swing and impact.

The Footjoy HydroTour Trousers keep the ankles dry while prancing through tricky puddles. For a comfortable and surprisingly lightweight shoe upon slipping on them, get yourself this FootJoy Women’s Traditions Golf Shoe. After wearing them all day at the golf for a few rounds, they don’t cause any rubbing at all.

Skechers Women’s Max Golf Shoe

Skechers Women’s Max Golf Shoe is an ideal summer shoe with outstanding grip even in wet conditions. The shoe’s amazingly lightweight and soft underfoot makes it suitable for bunions and those looking for athletic-looking shoes. 

The Go Golf Max Sport is equipped with an exciting combination of smooth and mesh synthetic uppers that provides a lightweight feel on the feet. The blue lining around the ankle adds a nice pop of color and goes well with the sole, while its thick light-grey midsole provides a running shoe silhouette.

Skechers womens Max Golf Shoe, Gray/Purple Swing, 5.5 US

Skechers Max Women’s Golf Shoes

The slip-on feature makes it convenient for the wearer to slip on and off after every round. This insole is embedded with Goga Max technology for optimal support and a comfortable ride. This shoe is undeniably comfortable and has responsive cushioning from heel to toe. The toe box is wide enough for the toes to splay inside the shoe if you have bunions, though there’s a shortage of space in the heel area.  

The upper unit of the shoe made of mesh isn’t fully waterproof, but due to the shoe’s nature and expected performance in humid conditions, this golf shoe is designed to be worn during summer. Fortunately, these shoes are water repellent, so if you get caught in heavy rain or step on damp ground with your underfoot, water will stay out.

The overall grip of Go Golf Max Sport stands out when it comes to quality over any other spikeless shoes available in the market. Skechers utilized a durable TPU spikeless outsole on their Go Golf Max Sport and the rest of their spikeless models. The outsole’s ability to secure your feet into the ground while keeping you in a standard form is exceptional.

Adidas Women’s Crossknit DPR Golf Shoe

This Adidas Crossknit DPR is designed for high-performing yet sleek-looking golf shoes. The Crossknit DPR is equipped with Adidas comfortable Ultra Boost running midsole and a supportive Forgegrame technology in the upper unit to achieve a steady foot throughout the swing.

This sneaker-like golf shoe has a spikeless rubber outsole with a fish-scale-like traction system for a more outstanding grip. Though it lacks water protection as it is designed for dry condition wear. The soft spike pattern added on the bottom of the shoes is an excellent addition to its previous versions. 

adidas Women's W Crossknit DPR Golf Shoe, Grey/Wild Pink/Screaming Pink, 7.5 US

adidas Crossknit DPR Women’s Golf Shoes

Crossknit DPR lets you run in miles and walk off the course without hurting your bunions due to the light and comfortable materials equipped in the shoe. They’re also sturdy enough to withstand over 100mph swing speed without spin-outs or slips during backswing or follow-through. 

If you need an extremely comfortable, lightweight but still provide a solid foundation, Adidas Women’s Crossknit DPR Golf Shoe is a great option. The shoe’s unique multi-color variation matches well with pretty much any summer golf attire.

ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-tex Golf Shoe

ECCO has provided quality golf shoes and is currently a leading manufacturer of spikeless golf shoes. Another versatile spikeless shoe on our list is the ECCO Biom Hybrid 3, which provides exceptional golf-specific performance in any condition. This shoe caters to premium looks, excellent on-course execution, and off-course versatility. 

ECCO’s latest sole for the BIOM Hybrid 3 has a “wavy” sole or what they call Tri-Fi-Grip – more flexible and comfortable and has a better grip for golf than the shoe’s previous versions.

ECCO Women's Biom Hybrid 3 Boa Gore-tex Golf Shoe, Grey Rose/Petal, 4-4.5

ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 Boa GORE-TEX Women’s Golf Shoes

A Racer Yak leather equipped in the upper unit of the shoe offers optimal breathability and durability. The 100% Gore-Tex waterproof protection and BOA lacing system delivers optimum fit. ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 performs despite any wet and rugged terrain and holds its own. This shoe felt secure and offered excellent grip.

ECCO shoes are built with a unique shape, which may take some time for others to get used to, while some will immediately appreciate the feel and fit right out of the box.

The stainless steel laces equipped in Biom Hybrid 3 allow easy tightening and loosening. You can find your ideal fit and allow an even distribution of pressure across the top of your foot.

Both the insole and midsole have a combination of soft yet solid material for utmost support. This golf shoe is designed to follow the natural motion of your foot, also ideal for those with wider or narrower feet. The insole is removable if you opt for a wider fit. The heel cup also has a great tall and padded area surrounding the Achilles to prevent rubbing and a touch of style.

If you’re looking for a comfortable and functional golf shoe, ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 is the perfect one for you! The shoe’s exceptional support and traction are excellent for people with bunions. The Gore-Tex waterproofing technology also secures a comfortable feel. 

Puma Golf Women’s Ignite Spikeless Golf Shoe

Puma is one of the leading shoe brands specializing in sport’s shoes, initially founded in 1924 by Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. Puma is famous for its running shoes, football boots, fashion trainers, and their latest addition, golf shoes. Puma has been pioneering in designing and challenging the norm by incorporating spark and style to their golf shoes. 

The Puma Women’s Ignite Spikeless features a fresh, sporty exterior while providing exceptional performance, along with their innovative technologies. The upper units made with full-grain leather are soft and comfy while providing excellent comfort. The enhanced mesh collar around the heel and ankle is flexible and breathable enough for optimal fit. 

PUMA Women's Ignite Spikeless Sport WMNS Golf Shoe, Peacoat Silver-Knockout Pink, 7.5 Medium US

PUMA Ignite Spikeless Sport Women’s Golf Shoes

Ignite Spikeless is equipped with a Laceless Disc Closure System, which provides a fully customized fit for a golf shoe. The micro-adjusting reel system instantly adapts to your foot, thus, promoting a secure fit and incomparable comfort for your bunions. You can adjust the lacing by turning the Disc then releasing it with a single click the opposite way.

Puma’s “Gripzone” is equipped into the sole for maximum traction with 24 chevron-shaped and 39 hexagonal lugs, crucially placed to deliver adequate grip. The Ignite foam provides a delightful feeling of walking on a cloud. The 360-degree tongue construction offers a great, comfortable spikeless feel. 

If you’re searching for the lightest, comfiest pair of premium golf shoes that’s also stylish on and off the course; PUMA Ignite Spikeless Sport Golf Shoe is a great choice! These shoes are suitable for summer golf and offer a one-year waterproof warranty, although they’re not recommended to be worn in wet, drenching rain. 

Frequently Asked Question

What is the purpose of the spikes at the bottom of the shoes?

The spikes on the sole promote a proper grip on the ground. This design gets rid of slippage when you swing. Therefore, your form is maintained while playing.

Despite the presence of spikes below the shoes, they’re as comfortable as some that don’t have them. The golf shoes we’ve mentioned in this article are engineered with different technologies to deliver optimal support to the feet and a pain-free experience while playing.

Are spiked shoes suitable for any course?

Yes! Spiked shoes are designed to suit various greens and weather conditions. When looking for a golf shoe, look for ones with water resistance to keep your feet dry during wet conditions.

Also, consider shoes that can withstand hilly courses or courses that require climbing, as they need longer miles of walking.

FootJoy Women's Traditions Golf Shoe, White/Blue, 5

FootJoy Traditions Women’s Golf Shoes

What makes golf shoes different from regular shoes?

Regular shoes lack the flexibility required for a compelling game. Moreover, you’re not provided with enough support needed to dominate the play. Golf shoes ensure that your ankle remains stable while you swing, as one of the main features they possess is to protect and keep your feet in place.

How to clean golf shoes?

Most golf shoes are waterproof material. Therefore, they’re easy to clean. Use dust or a damp mop to clean them after every session. If you’re playing on wet greens, wipe the uppers to get rid of all the accumulated dirt. Good leather polish might be needed for pure leather golf shoes when they develop scuffs over time.

Best Golf Shoes for Women with Bunions

Women with bunions find it hard to settle for the best golf shoes that suit their specific needs. Many shoe companies are aware of the significance of shoe size and fit to the wearer. They both function to ensure the shoes accommodate golfers according to their respective feet size.

The FootJoy Women’s Traditions Golf Shoe is the best women’s golf shoes for bunions. These shoes are built to provide comfort and stability for golfers that need adequate room in their shoes without compromising style and performance. FootJoy also provides a waterproof warranty, a smart purchase promoting long-term durability.

Playing with the right golf shoes for bunions will eliminate standing or walking discomfort and promote a better focus on the core game. I hope this comprehensive review and FAQs will help you decide which one to get so you can be at your best in your next game!

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