8 Best Walking Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis (2022 Buyers Guide)

If you have Achilles Tendonitis, walking or running could be challenging. Every time you take a step, the excruciating pain in your ankle will demand you sit back down. However, finding the best walking shoes for Achilles tendonitis can improve this condition.

The entire body weight places strain on Achilles’ tendons. If you suffer from Achilles Tendonitis, it would be painful to stand and walk without proper shoes. The recurred strain on the feet’ Achilles tendons may cause several problems when you’re walking or running.

Best Women’s Walking Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

Best Men’s Walking Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

Wearing properly fitted shoes help with Achilles tendonitis by protecting your footsteps and reducing the shock on your inflamed tendon. Different types of shoes are available in the market, each having distinct features that might be confusing. The best choice of shoes for Achilles tendonitis is crucial to help absorb shock and secure your ankles.

This article is a compilation of reviews of the best walking shoes for Achilles tendon pain. These shoes are selected based on customer satisfaction and innovative features not showcased on other competing similar designs. Please keep reading to see why we picked each shoe on the list.

8 Best Men’s & Women’s Walking Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

Saucony Women’s Grid Omni Walker 

These women’s sneakers are the go-to shoes for people with Achilles Tendonitis and pronation problems. Saucony Grid Omni is a high-tech walking shoe with a biomechanical fit to get the best comfort suitable for a wide range of Achilles tendon foot infirmities.

Saucony womens Grid Omni Walker Walking Shoe, White/Silver, 5.5 Wide US

Saucony Grid Omni Women’s Walking Shoes

The visible rearfoot grid system composed of Hytrel filaments provides superior cushioning and steadier heel-centered stability. These sneakers are recognized to be one of the best women’s shoes for Achilles tendonitis.

Saucony Grid Omni offers a responsive EVA rubber midfoot platform that reduces the pain associated with multiple forms of foot conditions.

Furthermore, these nice-looking women’s walking shoes provide mesh uppers with supportive overlays that secure your feet into place, which is a significant point to consider when looking for the best pair of Achilles tendonitis shoes.

Nike Free RN

The Nike Free RN Flyknit Men’s Running Shoe (click here for the Nike Free RN Flyknit Women’s Running shoe) is a comfortable and flexible shoe with a modernized look and feel. Nike also updated the upper on the Free RN’s, consisting of a circular knit material with some spandex. It makes the upper mold completely to the shape of your foot, hence reducing irritation, especially in the Achilles tendon.

Nike Men's Free Rn Flyknit 2018 Running Shoe (7, Black/White)

Nike Free RN Flyknit Men’s Running Shoe

Nike fully redesigned the heel portion of the shoe. The dynamic heel system is comfortable and supports the heel in place. This shoe is soft enough to hold the Achilles tendon, thus alleviating inflammation by rubbing.

Nike has carefully created the midsole from two different foams for added comfort. The softer foam located directly under your foot assists through its cushioning. In contrast, the firmer foam on the bottom provides more durability and throwback when you stride.

Although this is a running shoe for tendonitis, the Nike Free RN’s can also be a great walking shoe for Achilles tendonitis.

If you are looking for shoes made from sustainable material, Nike offers this style made from 20% sustainable material.  Check out the selection here Nike sustainable shoes!

Reebok Ultra V DMX

The Reebok Ultra V DMX walking shoes feature a sturdy leather upper that accommodates ample support throughout your stride.

Reebok Men's Ultra V DMX Max Walking Shoe

Men’s Reebok Ultra V DMX

This is a great walking shoe for issues with the torsional loading of the Achilles tendon, which happens when the ankle lies out of alignment with the knee.

If you have flat feet or are likely to overpronate, this is the right shoe for your tendonitis.

Reebok has added an excellent cushioning technology to the Ultra V DMX that offers optimal cushioning and throwback on every stride. The shoe has a padded Achilles groove that will lessen any irritation in the tendon due to friction. The outsole is also remarkably wide and cohesive that will surely last for miles.

Skechers Performance Go Walk 3 

The Skechers Performance Go Walk 3 (click here for the Women’s Skechers Performance Go Walk 3) is especially lightweight and has cushioned rides out of all the shoes on our list.

Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 3 Compete Lace-Up Walking Shoe,White/Black,8 M US

Men’s Skechers Performance Go Walk 3

Skechers has built the outsole out of a lightweight Resalyte compound that has excellent throwback on every stride. Their Goga mat technology enables the foot to sink into the shoe.

One of Go Walk 3’s best features is its low heel-to-toe drop that places your foot in a more neutral position and lessens wear-and-tear on the Achilles tendon.

This shoe’s low cushioned rear collar makes it even more comfortable for people with Achilles tendonitis as it reduces inflammation in the Achilles tendon due to abrasion.

Hoka One One Bondi

The Hoka One One Men’s Bondi 7 Shoes (click here for the Women’s Hoda One One Bondi 7 Running Shoes) are among the best shoes with superior cushioning to your feet. This shoe gives optimal support and decent toe protection so you can walk all day comfortably.

HOKA ONE ONE Men's Bondi 7 Running Shoes Turbulence/Chili 11 M US

Hoka One One Men’s Bondi 7 Shoes

The benefit of this shoe is that it doesn’t exert pressure on the rear of your heel, which is especially crucial if you have insertional Achilles tendonitis pain.

The upper part of the shoes is designed with an open mesh for better breathability and comfort. You can easily pull these shoes on the back for higher modification. When you put on your shoes, you’ll only have to slip them on rather than unlacing your shoes, making it more convenient.

The EVA midsole stretches along the whole length. This feature provides excellent padding on your feet. The outsole is designed with Meta-Rocker technology that generates a forward driving fulcrum-type effect for a smoother transition on your body weight on the forefoot.

Gravity Defyer Orion

The Gravity Defyer Men’s Orion Athletic Shoes (click here for the Women’s Gravity Defyer Orion Athletic Shoes) are walking shoes with the sole (pun intended) purpose to reduce foot and heel stress. The shoes are designed with “VersoShock” technology for a multilayer comfort fit that allows advanced cushioning to your foot. 

Gravity Defyer Men's G-Defy Orion Athletic Shoes 10.5 W US - Pain Relief Casual Shoes for Heel Spurs, Knee Pain, Back Pain, Plantar Fasciitis Shoes Black, Gray

Gravity Defyer Men’s Orion Athletic Shoes

The shoes also have removable insoles, ideal if you opt for customized inserts for orthotic support. This feature makes it preferable for those with insertional Achilles tendonitis.

The mid to front sole of the shoes features a ROCKER design for a reduced breaking load as you run, making it appropriate for both walking and running.

Orthofeet Monterey Bay And Orthofeet Tahoe

The Orthofeet Monterey Bay Tahoe Women’s Shoes (click here for the Men’s Orthofeet Heel & Foot Pain Relief Sneaker) come with flat footbeds excellent for those with Achilles tendonitis. The” seamless toe-box upper” helps eliminate friction and chafing through long walks.

Orthofeet Proven Heel and Foot Pain Relief. Extended Widths. Best Orthopedic Walking Shoes Plantar Fasciitis Diabetic Men’s Sneakers Lava Black

Men’s Orthofeet Heel & Foot Pain Relief Sneaker

The shoe’s innovative lacing system allows you to lace up the shoe with velcro or laces. People with wide feet find this feature beneficial as it also comes in extra wide sizes.

Monterey Bay and Tahoe are excellent for walking with Achilles tendonitis as the geometry feature places the foot in an ergonomic position that aids proper motion. It decreases stress and tension in the tendon, thus ensuring pain-free gaits.

ASICS Gel-Kayano 28

The ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 28 (click here for the Women’s ASICS Gel-Kayano 28) shoes are the best for runners with Achilles or ankle discomfort while running. They have a higher heel-to-forefoot proportion that reduces strain on those areas of your foot.

ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 28 Running Shoes, 12.5, Black/White

ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 28

This shoe is designed with a mesh called “Jacquard Mesh” that provides more adaptability and breathability to your feet. Flexed grooves are inserted in the heel for increased support and an enhanced fit on your feet.

The forefoot and heel area are made with GEL and Fly Foam technology.

GEL provides superior shock absorption from a surface and spreads it all over the area. The impact absorption will stop you from getting Achilles tendonitis in the ankle. In contrast, the Flytefoam technology provides a lighter springy quality that gives extra bounce and promotes a smoother footstrike.

The midsole is embedded with a “space-trustic-system,” a hard piece of plastic that sustains your gesture without limiting any twists. This part of the shoes makes the stride smoother and tosses without holding the load on the Achilles tendon.

Men and women with overpronation may find these shoes perfect for their condition. The shoes are embedded with the luxurious “Duomax” technology which has a stiffer foam beneath the interior of the arch to restrict overpronation issues.

Useful Tips To Consider When Buying Best Walking Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

If you find it confusing which shoes to purchase for Achilles tendonitis, try considering these factors along with our buyer’s guide below.

This guide has covered all the essential features and aspects you should consider when buying the best walking shoes for Achilles tendonitis.

Stability and Arch Support

These interchangeable terms are two of the most crucial factors when buying walking shoes for Achilles tendonitis. 

Arch support is vital for the proper alignment and support of the feet. Excellent shoes for the Achilles tendon should have the stability that helps distribute the weight and relieve the Achilles tendon’s excess load.

Cushioning and Comfort

An embedded midfoot with a moderate cushioning technology helps absorb the shock and enables a smooth transition from spur to the forefoot. Excessive cushioning can be stressful to Achilles. Therefore, a moderate cushion when recovering from Achilles tendonitis is recommended.

The upper of shoes should also have an air mesh for optimal breathability on your feet.


You should avoid wearing too flexible shoes if you have Achilles tendonitis as it causes unnecessary movements of your feet. Hence, the sole of the shoes should be firm and rigid.

Ankle Collar

The heel should have a padded collar for proper cushioning and support. It should have excellent shock absorption and heel protection to keep the Achilles tendon safe from high impact. The padded collar keeps the ankles in place and inhibits any twisting or inaccurate movements that can harm your Achilles’ tendons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Achilles Tendonitis?

Achilles tendonitis is a condition that originated from irritation and swelling of the large tendon that runs below the back of your lower leg. Inflammation occurs within the muscles or when it connects to the heel bone, called the Achilles tendon. Achilles tendinitis is categorized into two common types or phases.

Non-insertional Achilles tendinitis

The fibers in the tendon’s middle portion started degenerating, swelling, and thickening. Immediate medical care is needed as soon as these symptoms begin to develop.

Insertional Achilles tendinitis

It involves the heel’s lower portion, where the tendon connects to the heel bone.

What causes Achilles Tendonitis?

Achilles tendonitis is often a result of repetitive pressure placed on the tendons of your feet. The majority of men experience Achilles tendonitis. Age is also a factor that affects this condition. The older you become, the more prone you are to Achilles tendonitis.

An abrupt increase in the number or intensity of exercise movements continues to torment the younger generation. More weight is placed on physical conditioning, with less stress placed on proper footwear.

Those undergoing frequent tight calf muscles are likely to tear the Achilles tendon, a common condition of trained athletes. Other medical conditions, such as obesity and bone spurs, have often been associated with Achilles tendonitis.

What type of shoes to avoid if you have Achilles tendonitis?

It’s best to avoid shoes that lack proper support on the heel, as this is where the Achilles tendonitis originates. 

If you plan on doing strenuous activities like heavy walking or hiking, never choose a shoe with a thin sole. Shoes with thinner soles can strike more pressure on the heels as you play sports or walk.

Any shoe without enough support can deteriorate the health of your Achilles tendon to some point that it ruptures and requires surgery—which is probably the worst-case scenario.

How to use a Massage Gun on Achilles tendonitis?

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Kitma Nitro Massage Gun

Best Walking Shoes for Men & Women with Achilles Tendonitis, final thoughts…

It’s undeniable that any form of foot discomfort is both debilitating and frustrating. Foot pain such as Achilles tendonitis drastically changes a person’s life overnight. Suffering from this condition often takes time for the optimal healing process to occur.

The best walking shoes for Achilles tendonitis should promote your feet in a natural position. This allows the tendon and calf tissue to expand, restore and recover. It also improves the foot’s ergonomic position for reduced risk of any injuries.

Choose the shoes designed to relieve your foot discomfort with specialized orthotics. These orthotics support the healing process while offering the relief and comfort needed. Regardless of your current level of foot discomfort, these specialized shoes for Achilles tendonitis are proven to improve your feet’ overall health.

Shoe Choices by Activity for Men with Achilles Tendonitis

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