5 Best Walking Boots For Achilles Tendonitis (2022 Buyers Guide)

Several activities such as hiking, running, jumping, and other sports activities like volleyball, basketball, or other intensive activities can put much pressure on the Achilles tendon. One of the best ways to recover from foot injuries is to rest them. Yet, it could not be easy resting your feet and still carrying on your usual activities.

The Achilles tendon is the human body’s largest tendon that attaches the heel bone (calcaneus) to the calf muscles. Achilles tendonitis, also referred to as Achilles tendinitis, happens when the Achilles tendon becomes swollen, irritated, or aggravated. The pain incorporated with the condition can be unbearable.  Let me first highlight the top 3 best walking boots for Achilles tendonitis… (scroll down for more details)

Walking boots allow your foot to take adequate rest while still being able to walk around and do your day-to-day chores. Walking boots are not just for fractures; they could also alleviate heel pain, ball of foot pain, and other foot problems.

Walking boot for Achilles tendonitis provides the support needed for your foot’s fast recovery from the injury. They are designed to allow for a neutral foot position, thus subduing pain and even inflammation. I’ve compiled the best ones for you below and some useful insights to help you decide which pair of walking boots suits your condition.

5 Best Walking Boots for Achilles Tendonitis

1. Aircast AirSelect Walker Walking Boot

We’ve chosen Aircast AirSelect Walker Walking Boot as an overall best walking boot for Achilles tendonitis as it meets the qualities and positive reviews from customers.

Aircast AirSelect Standard Walker Brace / Walking Boot, Medium

Aircast AirSelect Walking Boot

AirSelect Walker has a rigid, durable shell that supports the foot a few inches above the ankle for full-shell protection to the leg. The rocker sole is incredibly lightweight, making it easy and comfortable to walk in a natural motion. Additionally, the soft strike technology helps shock absorption and dissipation to keep the foot in the right spot for faster healing.

The air cells under the shell serve as a lining that alternates pneumatic compression 5-times for faster edema compression. For added compression, the air cell lining is expandable with air on both ankles and the back of the foot. It can also be deflated if you wish to take off the walking boot.

AirSelect Walker is an open-frame intended to accommodate better ventilation, while the skid-resistant rubber step provides excellent traction and extensive wear.

The sizing is based on the shoe size and comes in different sizes – x-small to x-large for a precise fit. The sizing chart is available on Amazon’s order page. With three designs available – short, standard, and elite. 

This walking boot is Amazon’s top pick and garnered many positive reviews from former users impressed with the product. We also highly recommend Aircast AirSelect Walker as the best walking boot for Achilles tendonitis.

2. Mars Wellness Premium Tall Air Cam Walker Walking Boot

The Mars Wellness Premium Tall Air Walking Boot is a long walker suitable for Achilles tendonitis, ankle strain, foot or ankle fracture, and other injuries. It works well in stabilizing the foot, which promotes faster recovery.

Mars Wellness Premium Tall Air Cam Walker Fracture Ankle / Foot Stabilizer Boot - Medium

Mars Wellness Premium Tall Air Walking Boot

The upgraded pneumatic system emits air in a fast and effective way for improved compression and pain relief. It also lessens swelling by directly applying compression on the affected foot.

These walking boots are designed to promote a natural fluid motion pattern through their advanced beveled-edged sole. Since it’s lightweight, it easily removes stress while wearing the boot.

It features five adjustable straps in the outer shell that provides an allowance for custom compression. The outer shell is durable due to the polymer material used for the protection and stability of the product.

The inner lining made with soft and breathable material helps keep away moisture and eliminates excess heat, thus, enhancing comfort and all-day function.

It comes in different sizes, so make sure to check their size chart for accurate sizing for your foot.

Mars Wellness Premium Tall Air is crafted with molded struts with excellent surface area contact that reduces pressure points. This boot for ankle tendonitis is also one of our top picks for Achilles tendon pain.

3. BraceAbility Sleeping Stretch Boot

If you’re looking for an affordable walking boot for Achilles tendonitis, the Braceability Sleeping Stretch Boot is a great choice. It provides optimal support and durability to your foot all night long.

BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot | Walker for Fracture Recovery, Protection and Healing after Foot or Ankle Injuries (Medium)

BraceAbility Sleeping Stretch Boot

This boot helps alleviate the painful morning footsteps while walking. It lessens inflammation caused by Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, bone heel spurs, and drop foot.

BraceAbility Stretch Boot is worn with a compression sleeve. The thick outer shell promotes proper foot positioning while preventing any foot and ankle after injury to reduce the damage.

The boot is filled with light and breathable foam to prevent skin irritation for excellent comfort, making it also easily carried. The adjustable feature of the boot makes it secure for custom fit and a sturdy buckle fastener.

This boot is the best to consider for a low price when you budget for Achilles tendonitis.

4. United Ortho Calm Walker Boots 

United Ortho Calm Walker Boots provide adequate support to your feet due to the rocker sole feature for better foot stability and a natural gait. 

United Ortho Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot, Medium, Black (Pack of 1)

United Ortho Calm Walking Boot

The rocker sole of Ortho Calm Walker Boots helps with the feet’ natural gait and better cushioning. The shock-absorbing insole lessens the impact of heel pace while walking.

The walking boot’s wide footbed provides enhanced stability and comfort while ensuring maximum balance and support to your feet as you wear them. Furthermore, the wide footbed provides a better fit, ideal for people with Achilles tendonitis. 

This boot is designed for better compression as its air bladders allow custom compression and improved comfort and relief to your feet. It’s also made with a plastic molded upper with a steel coating that provides enhanced stability.

5. Aircast SP Walking Boot

The Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walking Boot restricts mobility while recovering from injury. It’s designed to protect and implement pneumatic support for soft tissue injuries, forefoot/midfoot injuries, plantar fasciitis, bunionectomy, metatarsal fractures, and other postoperative use. 

Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker Brace / Walking Boot, Medium

Aircast SP Walking Boot

The walking boot features a low rocker design that ensures a natural stride while walking, despite the foot’s complete immobility from movement. Aircast SP is large enough for wearing, so you’ll ensure a comfortable drive.

The Aircast SP Walking Boot is worn on both the right and left leg. The lightweight and semi-rigid shell is trimmable for added space as needed. It comes with a handball air pump for easy customization of the amount of support you prefer.

What causes Achilles tendon pain?

Achilles tendonitis transpires in the heel area of the foot. The tendon in this region gets aggravated and enlarged, leading to painful injury around the heel region.

This condition mostly occurs in a sport when the tendon is overstressed and overburdened. It mainly triggers when a sudden shift in the intensity of the exercise is made.

The abrupt change in running intensity frequently occurs at the take-off period for most runners, leading to Achilles tendonitis. It can also happen when a sudden rise in the pace or intensity of walking.

Furthermore, older people are highly susceptive to Achilles tendonitis, particularly middle-aged athletes. As we get older, the tendon can become less resilient, causing tension and overstretching the muscle.

An unexpected change of footwear can also trigger Achilles tendonitis and other circumstances, including flat foot and wrong heel bone alignment.

Other Causes of Achilles Tendonitis

  • Age – Tendon deteriorate as people age
  • Excessive exercise without a proper warm-up
  • Wearing high heel shoes for an extended period
  • Bone spurs at the back of the heel
  • Wearing ill-fitted or old shoe
  • High blood pressure

What is the fastest and effective way to heal Achilles tendonitis?

Upon seeing rising symptoms of Achilles tendonitis, the best thing to do is consult your doctor immediately. Though some mild heel pain goes away on its own, paying a visit to your doctor may keep getting worse from mild to severe discomfort.

Achilles tendonitis treatment can also include the RICE method – Rest, Icing, Compression, and Elevation. These techniques precisely reduce swelling, discomfort, and inflammation.

Doctors will prescribe medication to reduce pain and inflammation. Moreover, some exercises in increasing the flexibility of the tendon, such as eccentric strengthening, may treat critical tendon problems.

Wearing an orthopedic boot and ankle brace are also advised by your doctor for better stabilization on the ankle joint to promote faster recovery.

What exercises can I do for Achilles tendon pain?

Some strengthening exercises for the Achilles tendon include:

  • Toe stretch
  • Calf-plantar fascia stretch
  • Floor stretch
  • Stair stretch
  • Strength exercise

These exercises are also suitable for other foot injuries but are more efficient for Achilles tendonitis.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Walking Boots for Achilles Tendonitis

Purchasing the best walking boots for Achilles tendonitis is one big decision for the security of your feet. It can be a daunting job as you have to consider certain factors. 

Rocker Sole

The walking boot’s sole must guarantee natural foot movements. People suffering from Achilles tendonitis should opt for a rocking sole that encourages more natural drives and can provide excellent shock absorption to your feet for extended hours. 

Finding a comfortable sole along with the right shoe is necessary to withstand long hours of walking.

Support and Cushioning

A crucial factor to consider when buying walking boots is the level of cushioning and support it provides. People with Achilles tendonitis are encouraged to buy shoes with added support to help lessen pain while walking. 

Proper heel cushioning is also important to prevent heels from getting pressure during movements.

Excellent Fit

If your walking boot doesn’t fit you right, the chances of getting your feet hurt and other numerous foot problems are high. You must ensure that your shoes provide you with the right fit for the optimal amount of comfort and support. 

Furthermore, lightweight shoes help you move fast if you are a runner and lessen pain while putting less pressure on your feet.


The walking boot’s design is a top priority for people with Achilles tendonitis. Avoid getting ill-fitting shoes that are too narrow or wide. 

A wide toe bed and strap pattern are ideal for better comfort and support for extended hours. Walking boots with the wrong design and fit can lead to blisters, bunions, and ankle discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a walking boot help Achilles tendonitis?

Yes. Wearing a walking boot helps prevent the calf muscle from tearing on the Achilles tendon. It stabilizes the foot correctly to avoid worsening of the injury.

Take note; the walking boot is not the treatment; you will be prescribed the right treatment. All a walking boot fulfills is to give stability and protection for a faster healing process.

How long does Achilles tendonitis heal with a walking boot?

There’s no definite time frame for the healing process as it entirely depends on the severity of the injury.

Some may undergo surgery, which requires wearing a walking boot for 12 weeks or longer. It is important to use the boot until you completely recover, regardless of how long it takes.

What’s the ideal tightness of a walking boot for Achilles Tendonitis?

A walking boot for Achilles Tendonitis should be tight enough for optimal stability and compression to your foot but shouldn’t restrict comfort.

Your physiotherapist’s advice may be useful for this concern to guide and teach you appropriately.

Should you massage the sore Achilles?

Massaging the affected area may help reduce the swelling, promote circulation, and improve mobility. The friction generated by massaging can stimulate collagen production in injured tendons and treat the area quickly.

What happens if Achilles tendonitis goes untreated?

If left untreated, the situation of Achilles tendinitis normally gets worse. You will begin to feel chronic pain, while the tendon may get ruptured. The condition can become very severe and may lead to serious damage.

How to use a massage gun for Achilles tendonitis

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Kitma Nitro Massage Gun

Best Walking Boots For Achilles Tendonitis, Final Thoughts…

The significance of wearing a walking boot provides several benefits in the recovery process of Achilles tendonitis. That’s why getting the best walking boot for this condition is essential. A walking boot provides optimal stability and protects the foot from the surface impact that may hurt the injured area.

Overall, the Aircast AirSelect Walker Walking Boot is the best option among our many examined options. This walking boot is made with a rocker sole for better foot stability and promotes a natural stride.

A great walking boot that helps you stretch all night is also recommended, such as the BraceAbility Sleeping Stretch Boot. It is practical and effective for people with Achilles tendon pain filled with light and breathable foam.

We have chosen the best boot for ankle tendonitis you can get out there based on their features and customer feedback. I hope this article helped you decide on which one to get for your condition. If you don’t want your problems to worsen, opt for a walking boot for Achilles tendonitis that best supports your foot, alleviates pain, and doesn’t restrict your movement.

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