8 Best Steel Toe Cowboy Boots

From county fairs to the Kentucky Derby, there is JUST no substitute for cowboy boots. So if you’re looking for safety shoes that will also protect your feet and have personality and soul — yes, even if you want safety shoes that will give you an advantage while fighting ninjas — then cowboy boots are what you need!

I’ll be talking about the best steel toe cowboy boots in this article, as well as reviewing each pair of boots I recommend. But first, here are my personal favorites!

If you work in the construction industry, you’re well aware of how much you can’t do without steel-toe boots. They protect your feet from unforeseen contingencies arising from falling objects, oil spills, tearful scaffolding stories, and whatever else could negatively affect your foot health.

Below, I’ve categorized the best steel toe cowboy boots so that you can choose based on your needs, how much you want to spend, and what features are most important to you. Ready or not, we’re getting started right away.

Best Over All Steel Toe Cowboy Boots

Ariat Men’s Sierra Square Steel Toe Boot

I’ve tried a lot of different pairs of cowboy boots in my day, but none are as comfortable and durable as the Ariat Men’s Sierra Square Steel Toe Boot.

Ariat Men's Sierra Steel Toe Work Boots, Aged Bark, 10 Wide

Ariat Sierra Steel Toe Cowboy Boot

Note: I’ve provided three links to Ariat steel-toe boots above. Each link redirects you to a different marketplace with a unique price range and collection of these boots. Do yourself a favor by checking out all three so you get the best bang for your buck at the end of the day.

The Ariat Men’s Sierra has a gel-cushioned insole with a heel stabilizer, providing ample shock absorption. It also sports a steel toe cap that protects the user’s feet from injuries caused by falling or heavy objects, such as hammers or wrenches. Many thanks to the just-mentioned feature, this boot is suitable for wear in heat-intensive and abrasion-prone working environments.

And, of course, Ariat Men’s Sierra Square Steel Toe Boots will protect your feet from shocks caused by electricity!

Want to enjoy a whole day’s comfort without having to worry about your feet being wet or weather-beaten? These boots are ideal for you. They are waterproof and slip-resistant, too, with soft insoles that cradle your feet nonstop.


  • Manufactured from high-quality leather.
  • Waterproof with comfortable insoles.
  • Second-to-none craftsmanship.
  • These boots are certified to protect you from electrical hazards.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Some customers have observed that the soles of these boots do not provide adequate traction.
  • Again, the boots’ shafts tend to be stiff and narrow.

Best Alternative Steel Toe Cowboy Boots

Wolverine Men’s Rancher Steel Toe Boot

In an Earth full of the same old boring boots, I was looking for an alternative. I found it in Wolverine Men’s Rancher Steel Toe Boot. It is built with 100% leather, which means it’s as snug as a bug in a rug. Key features include an anti-slip function, steel shanks, and nonmetallic construction for slip resistance on various surfaces.

Wolverine Men's Rancher Wpf Steel Toe Wellington Work Boot Black/Brown 9.5 M US

Wolverine Men’s Rancher Steel Toe Boot

These steel-toed cowboy boots were designed to keep your feet warm and cozy. They feature the highest quality materials, so it’s like wearing a cloud around your feet. Not only are they comfy, but they also protect you from electrical hazards while you’re on the job.

These boots are lined with waterproof mesh, which will help your feet breathe and wick away moisture. You can wash them with soap and water to keep them clean.


  • Comfortable to wear and easy on the eyes.
  • Suitable for wide feet.
  • These boots will last a long time if treated with wax.


  • They may fit too snugly, even if you chose the correct size.

Best Budget Steel Toe Cowboy Boots

Wolverine Men’s Rancher Wellington Square Steel Toe Boot

Don’t let your tight budget get in the way of style. The Wolverine Men’s Rancher Square Steel Toe Boots will keep you as well-protected as they look.

Wolverine Men's Rancher Steel-Toe Waterproof Construction Boot, Black, 8 Extra Wide

Wolverine Men’s Rancher Wellington Square Steel Toe Boot

These boots are made with 100% leather and synthetic soles, which means they can withstand the harsh conditions of any terrain. They have removable ortholite cushioned footbeds that allow your feet to stay comfortable and dry all day.

For those who work on their feet all day, Wolverine is the perfect solution. The brand’s shoes were designed to reduce pressure and fatigue, so you can work long hours without experiencing foot pain.


  • Super comfortable.
  • Consistently exceptional quality and construction.


  • No one gets it right all the time; Wolverine boots sometimes suffer manufacturing defects.

Best Composite Cowboy Boots

Ariat Rebar Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boots

Looking for a high-quality work boot? The Ariat Rebar Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boot is built with your job in mind. With 100% full-grain leather uppers and a shaft that measures 10 inches, these boots are durable and stylish.

Ariat Men's Rebar Flex Western Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boot, Rye Brown, 10

Ariat Rebar Waterproof Composite Toe Cowboy Boots

These work boots are constructed with a slip-resistant, oil-resistant, durable sole. Their 90-degree heel provides traction and prevents spills, while their waterproof material keeps your feet dry in all types of weather.

These Ariat boots are made with the ATS Max technology, which provides maximum torsional stability to ensure proper body alignment and reduce foot fatigue in demanding work conditions. They also come in a variety of colors and designs for you to choose from. These boots are lighter than regular steel-toed boots and won’t induce foot fatigue!


  • Built to provide lightweight comfort.
  • They have slip-resistant, oil-resistant, and abrasion-resistant features.
  • Waterproof and comfortable.


  • Some customers complain about having issues with the soles and heels of their shoes.

More Option to Choosing the Best Steel Toed Cowboy Boots

Justin Men’s Stampede Steel Green Work Boots

I have another one for you because I am just a big-hearted guy. At under $200, the Justin Men’s Stampede Steel Toe Work Boots are considerably more affordable than some other steel-toe cowboy boots on the market.

Justin Original Work Men's Stampede Steel Square Toe, Rugged Tan, 9.5 2E US

Justin Original Stampede Steel Toe Work Boots

The Justin brand of boots comes in many styles and designs, but quality is always the name of the game. The boots have attractive stitching, steel shanks, and complete welt constructions.

They’re made from quality materials, including fire-resistant and durable leather. The soles are heat-resistant (we wouldn’t want to scald your feet) as well as slip-resistant—because you never know when you might be walking on ice.

These boots have a 10.5-inch shaft and a 1.5-inch heel. They’re durable, comfortable, and engineered to provide 24/7 comfort — perfect for any cowboy looking to work hard and play harder.


  • Handcrafted with attention to detail.
  • Durable, comfortable, and stylish.
  • They are blessed with the most exemplary stitching and ageless designs.


  • Reports of factory defects are rife.

Irish Setter Work Men’s Marshall Square Steel Toe Boot

When it comes to manufacturing quality work boots, no one does it better than the Irish Setter brand. Their Men’s Marshall Square Steel Toe Boot is made from 100% leather with rubber soles and is an excellent option for those who want to wear steel-toe cowboy boots but are worried about having hard steel in their shoes.

Irish Setter Work Men's 83912 Marshall 11" Pull-On Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot,Brown,8 D US

Irish Setter Marshall Steel-Toe Work Boot

This boot has a 15-inch round toe, a 12-inch shaft, and a 1.5-inch heel with an arch measuring approximately 0.75 inches. The boot’s opening is made of full-grain waterproof leather, and it has a detachable polyurethane footbed.

A pair of these boots is just a touch away from perfection. Not only are they comfortable and lightweight, but they also provide electric shock protection, which means you can walk around high-voltage areas without fear of electrocution. The soles and heels are also waterproof, so you can make it through puddles of toxic waste without fear of your feet getting wet.

Though Irish Setter Marshall Steel Toe Boots may be lightweight, they are far from flimsy. Their soles are heat-resistant and can withstand temperatures of at least 475 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Comfortable and lightweight when worn.
  • Fortified with safety features that come to your rescue during electrical hazards.
  • Ultra-dry waterproof barrier.
  • Heat-resistant outsoles and uppers.


  • Some customers report that the boots are not waterproof and their soles wear out quickly.

Ariat Men’s Groundbreaker Square Steel Toe Boots

The Groundbreaker Square Steel Toe Boots from Ariat are designed for cowboys who want their boots to be as tough as their work.

Ariat Work Men's Ariat Groundbreaker Steel Toe, Brown/Ember, 12 2E US

Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe (Steel Toe) Cowboy Boot

These boots are fabricated from 100% genuine leather. The fancy embroidered design on the shaft showcases western flair, while their four-layer rebound technology system fuses stability with all-day comfort.

The boot shaft is 10 inches in height, its heel is 1.5 inches in height, the platform measures 0.75 inches in width, and the opening spans 14 inches in circumference.

These boots are the best. They have lightweight shanks for stability, an oil-resistant Duratread outsole that’s strong and durable, and 90-degree heels that reinforce their strength.

These boots offer extreme protection against external dangers while maintaining a level of comfort appropriate for humankind.


  • They are a fortress against unruly accidents.
  • They’re the redefinition of foot comfort.
  • Lightweight and slip-resistant.
  • Leather so well crafted it feels like a second skin.


  • Some customers were disappointed by the product’s lack of size consistency.

Abilene Cowboy Work Boots- Steel Toe

I recommend Abilene Cowboy Work Boots to anyone who needs a comfortable, long-lasting pair of boots. These boots are made from high-quality 100% leather, have Advanced Urethane Cushion Insoles that keep your feet warm even in subzero temperatures, and 1.5-inch heels that absorb shock like no other.

Abilene Men's Cowboy Work Boot Steel Toe Dirty BRN 12 EE US

Abilene Steel Toe Cowboy Work Boot

The cells of these boots are uniquely structured to channel sweat outwards, making them comfortable in most weather conditions. The shaft measures 12 inches, and the heel pad has foam cushions.

Abilene boots’ slip-resistant outsoles will steady your feet in a slippery environment, while their water-resistant uppers keep your feet dry throughout the work day.

These boots will spice up your look, keep you comfortable for hours, and last for years. This is a steal of a deal, don’t miss out!


  • Comfortable, stylish, and lightweight.
  • Sourced from 100% leather.
  • These boots’ outsoles are water-resistant.


  • Some customers suggest that the padding and insoles of these shoes could be improved.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pull-on Steel-toe Boots

Cowboy boots come in a variety of styles, including the pull-on or slip-on. Designed to make it easy to get your feet into their buddies for the day, these kicks can be worn in slippery, wet, or muddy conditions.

Such boots are typically made for those who live and work in damp, muddy places. They are not the most stylish but are great if you need to trudge through the sludge. And that, ladies and gentlemen, brings us to our brief of the merits and demerits of pull-on steel-toe boots.


Easy on, easy off

Pull-on boots are easy to put on and take off, so they’re perfect for people who are always in a hurry.


These boots can take you anywhere, from a formal event to a casual hike. Their versatility makes them a must-have for any wardrobe.


You can wear them to work and save yourself the hassle of tying laces in potentially dangerous situations.


The ventilated design safeguards your feet against odor-causing bacteria, thus keeping them from getting stinky and sweaty.

Superb grip

These boots offer you the traction you need to stay upright and walk confidently, no matter what terrain lies before you.


Potential Discomfort

In choosing these boots, you need to make sure that they fit you perfectly because if they don’t, your feet will pay the price.

Loose leg openings

Dust, dirt, and small objects could slip inside the loose upper shafts of these boots and cause your legs to feel ill at ease.

Shape loss

The longer you wear your boots, the more likely they are to lose their shape.

Inadequate ankle support

Their lack of proper ankle support can lead to sprains and other injuries; many models are not puncture-resistant either.

Best Steel Toe cowboy boots: Summary

There are many brands of steel-toe boots to choose from, each with its unique combination of features, designs, colors, and sizes. But your priority should be safety—both the protection of your feet and the protection of your investment in them.

The best steel toe cowboy boots can be found above. These have both good and bad points, so you need to consider these before purchasing. And that wraps up our steel-toe-boot review! We hope this guide has been helpful to you. Now get out there and find the boot that fits.

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