Best Socks to Wear With Birkenstocks

Trying to spice up your Birkenstock game but don’t know where to start? Wearing some cool socks underneath a pair might level up your whole look. Birks worn with socks are now in fashion and officially cool!

The sandals-socks movement is considered normcore: attractive and comfortable. When joining the trend of pairing socks with Birkenstocks, knowing the best type of socks to wear is important. White crew, cabin, striped or patterned, matchy-matchy, knitted, and even slouch cotton socks will look good with Birks. 

Birkenstock Roma Sock Medium Blue

This 90s foot look is gaining popularity once again but some argue that it is unstylish and passé. But hey, the sandals-socks combo may look good on you. If you don’t try, you’ll never know!

If you are trying to get out of your comfort zone and would like to explore this style, just keep on reading. In this article, I have enumerated the type of socks most suitable for Birkenstocks.

Should you wear socks with Birkenstocks?

Hopping on a fashion trend is never easy. Most importantly, you have to determine if the style you’re trying to adopt would make you feel greatly comfortable and confident at the same time.

Wearing socks with Birkenstocks may not look normal. However, if you choose the right pair, style them right and wear them with confidence, you’ll surely rock this normcore trend. 

So, should you wear socks underneath your Birks? It depends. Birkenstocks are not made to be worn with socks, but no one says you can’t. Birkenstock USA’s board chairman even declare that this style is perfectly fine!

Does wearing socks with Birks look fashionable?

Some will argue that wearing socks with Birkenstocks is out of style. However, as part of the normcore trend, others may find this look attractive and normal, perfect for a loungewear ensemble. 

Many shoe enthusiasts consider pairing a Birkenstock sandal with socks a nice way to extend your styling and fashion boundaries. This match-up is also perfect during winter to keep your feet warm but still fashionably. 

Does the Birken-Sock style look fashionable? Again, it depends on your fashion sense and personality. If you are into the not-so-typical outfit trends and think that you’ll rock this style, then go for it!

On the contrary, if you are someone who is mindful of what other people would think, it is much better to use socks with closed-shoe Birks like Boston Clogs. This would look more normal. 

However, if you want something different but still enticing, you must try wearing a pair of socks when sliding onto your Birks. This can level up your casual outfits!

What kind of socks should you wear with Birkenstocks?

If you want to pursue and hop on the Birken-Socks trend, it is highly suggested that you start wearing a pair of thin or textured socks, especially during summer, spring or fall. You might want to consider and look for socks made of soft cotton. 

On the other hand, socks made of wool like the cabin or knitted socks are also suitable to pair with Birkenstocks during the cold season. Just make sure they fit your feet perfectly so there will be no bulky Birks strap to worry about. 

For a minimalist look, opt for basic white ankle-length crew socks. You can style them by simply scrunching them down, adding some wrinkly texture. You can also wear a pair of socks that is similar to your Birk’s color for a tidy look. 

If you want a fun and creative match, try to pair striped or multi-patterned socks with a Birkenstock sandal. Geometric patterns are trendy these days!

Best Socks to pair with Birks

If you still don’t know, Birkenstock has already launched a wide range of socks lineups that would compliment their comfy sandal models. One of their best sellers is the Birkenstock Classic socks. 

Under this lineup, you can get a plain-colored cotton sock or a multi-patterned one. To be specific, you can check out the following socks styles: Cotton Slub, Twist, Kelim, and Jacquard. 

On the other hand, if you prefer socks made of wool, Birkenstocks also have some pairs to offer. You can try to look for their knitted socks: the two-pack natural. The wool material is breathable and not that thick.

If you’re not into Birkenstock socks, there is nothing wrong with coupling your sandals with other brands’ socks. You can try looking at other luxurybrands’ socks as well if you are financially capable, or just buy some fabulous pairs at Walmart or Amazon. 

When buying socks, you have limitless options! Just note that you should buy a pair compatible with your Birken. Also, take into consideration the thickness and quality of the material.

Which Birkenstock Models are best paired with socks?

Many Birkenstock models look great when paired with socks. For instance, the classic and elegant-looking Arizona is best matched with a striped top, ankle-length crew socks, or a slouchy plain-colored one. 

Additionally, the Siena slip-on Birkenstocks also look great with a pair of socks. Siena’s rustic and old-fashioned look is most suited with wrinkly ankle-length socks in nude or basic colors. 

On the other hand, closed-toe Birkenstocks also look stylish when worn with a pair of socks. For instance, you can wear a Boston or Buckle Clogs with knitted plain colored or fuzzy cabin socks underneath. These cozy match-ups are perfect during winter!

It may be hard for you to wear socks when your Birkenstock pair has a toe loop or crisscrossing straps. Birks styles such as Mayari and Yara may not fit comfortably when you wear them with socks. Same with Gizeh, which is thong-styled.

Best socks for birks, Final Thoughts…

Partnering socks with a Birkenstock sandal may look a bit odd for some, but who cares? If this Birken-Sock trend is the look you’re aiming at, then just wear them on! Just make sure to get the best type of socks to match your Birks.

Generally, textured or plain-colored socks suit Birks the most. Socks made of materials such as cotton and wool are also highly recommended. Also, consider the material’s thickness and buy something appropriate for the weather. 

Apart from fashion-related concerns, you should also prioritize practicality. Remember that the socks you should be using should give extra comfort and not an inconvenience. Wear something cool and comfy!

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