Best Socks For Ariat Cowboy Boots

Many are wearing cowboy boots. Some may wear it for fashion purposes while others use it for work. No matter what your reasons are, always consider comfort. Since cowboy boots are usually made of leather or synthetic materials, they are sometimes hot and uncomfortable. 

That is why wearing a pair of socks is essential. ThoughAriat boots are comfortable to wear; socks are still necessary to avoid foot pain.

Many socks are best to pair with your cowboy boots. There are good brands like Smartwool, Icebreaker, Darn Tough, and of course, Ariat socks. These socks are innovated to provide insulation, comfort, and protection while keeping your feet dry and cool. 

The brand of the socks you will be using matters because most good brands offer the best comfort. The brands mentioned above have been making their names in making good quality cowboy boots socks that will significantly give you a comfortable feeling while wearing your Ariat boots. To get to know the best socks that best suits your Ariat boots, you may read more details below. 

Before we jump into the details, let me summarize my top picks:

That said, let’s get into it!

Brands that Offer great Quality Socks for your Ariat Cowboy Boots

Darn Tough Boot Work Sock

Darn Tough offers the best socks for Ariat Boots; Men’s Steely Boot Midweight Work Sock is highly recommended if you are looking for one. These socks are made with fine merino wool that offers excellent comfort, protection, insulation, and wicks away the moisture from your feet. These features will surely keep your feet from getting sweaty and keep you away from foot irritations.

DARN TOUGH (2006) Steely Boot Midweight with Cushion w/ Full Cushion Toe Box Men's Sock - (Timber, Medium)

Darn Tough Men’s Steely Boot Midweight Work Socks

You can work at your best, knowing that you don’t need to worry about your feet getting irritations. These socks offer an excellent performance that keeps you away from slipping, bunching, and blisters. It provides an attractive gauge knitting feature making your feet feel non-bulky while wearing the socks. Since these socks are primarily made of merino wool, they will keep your feet dry due to their moisture-wicking capacity.

Moreover, it can be worn in all weather conditions since merino wool adapts to the environment’s temperature. It has a thermoregulating feature that keeps your feet warm during cold seasons and cools during hot seasons. You will have no problem wearing it at work all year round. Also, it offers excellent insulation giving it a breathable feature which is very important to consider. Boots are made with leather, and they are hot when worn; the insulation and breathability of socks need to be considered.

SmartWool Mini Boot Socks

Smartwool is one of the lists of great sock makers, and one of their creations is Women’s Color Block Mini Boot Socks. If you prefer Mini Boot Socks for your Ariat Roper Boots, then this one’s for you. If you typically wear Ariat cowboy boots every day, these everyday boot socks are for you. These socks offer comfort, durability, and great fit as it is made with merino wool and nonbinding welt.

Smartwool Color Block Mini Boot Sock Black SM (Women's Shoe 4-6.5)

Smartwool Color Block Mini Boot Women’s Socks

Since insulation is one of the factors to consider when wearing cowboy socks, Smartwool socks fit the criteria. These merino wool-made socks offer a good moisture-wicking feature that will keep your feet dry as you work all day. Even if you are strolling around with your boots, these socks will keep your feet away from sweating as the merino wool absorbs the moisture from your feet and releases it into the atmosphere to provide an easy drying process. 

Besides their excellent insulation, these socks also provide good arch support due to their supportive arch brace. Moreover, its nonbinding welt feature reduces the pressure in your calf area. Overall these socks will give you good insulation and arch support which is essential to consider when buying socks for your cowboy boots.

Ariat Crew Work Boot Socks

Ariat always offers the best for boots and socks like Incognito Graphic Crew Work Sock 2 Pair Multi Color Pack. These socks are in unisex sizing. Since one of the features that need to be considered when buying cowboy socks is comfort, Ariat socks fit your preferences. These socks have a comfortable flat toe seam that will surely keep your feet in beat conditions while working.

Ariat Incognito Graphic Crew Grey/Green MD (9-11)

Ariat Incognito Graphic Crew Socks, 2-Pair Pack

Also, durability is what these socks offer. It comes with reinforced zones making it long-lasting to wear. These socks were innovated with a sound arch support system to reduce foot fatigues. These socks come with a double welt to provide a comfortable stay up-fit. 

These Ariat socks are made with 95% Polyester and 5% LYCRA® Spandex, making them good quality. These socks will surely give an attitude to your feet, as these socks surely suit well when paired with your Ariat cowboy boots.

Icebreaker Light Crew Socks

Not only that Men’s Merino Hike+ Light Crew Socks are good when worn for hiking, but they can also work with your cowboy boots. These socks are lightweight, odor-resistant, durable, and have great quality features. One of the things that these socks offer is an anatomical toe box that provides a unique left and proper fit. Also, it has sculptured cushions that will surely maximize the fit and comfort that it provides. 

Icebreaker Merino Men's Hike+ Light Crew , Fathom Heather/Midnight Navy/Cadet, Small

Icebreaker Men’s Merino Hike+ Light Crew Socks

For ventilation, these socks are innovated with breathable zones. This feature is a significant factor to consider when looking for a pair of socks for your cowboy boots. As we all know, Ariat boots are made with leather; thus, your feet may feel hot once you work in a hot environment. To keep your feet cool, dry and in the best condition, look for socks with good breathability, ventilation, and insulation.

Also, these boots come with instep support for added foot stability. To avoid blisters and reduce the bulky feeling when wearing socks, these socks were innovated with seamless toe closure. Also, these socks have a comfort cuff wide welt for additional foot comfort. When looking for socks for your cowboy boots, consider buying these Icebreaker socks as they will surely keep your feet protected while working.

Why do cowboy boots need Good Socks?

Cowboy boots offer minimal insulation and padding; thus, they will make you feel hot when wearing them. That is why it is essential to find the best socks suited to keep your feet comfortable, cool, and protected. Also, you need to consider good insulation to allow the air to pass through the socks to keep your feet cool and dry.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Cowboy Socks

Finding a perfect pair of socks is essential as it will act as your protection against blisters and irritations that may occur while wearing your boots. Though your boots may be of high quality, it can be denied that boots offer less padding and breathability as they are made with leather. To find the best socks for your boots, please consider reading the factors in purchasing a pair of cowboy boots.

Good Foot Insulation

Since cowboy boots may be hot when worn, you need to find a pair of socks that offers good foot insulation. Since boots are not only worn in hot environments, they can also be worn in cold climates. That is why find a sock that has a thermoregulating capacity. Find a sock made of merino wool as it adjusts to the temperature of your skin, making it suited for all weather conditions.


When working in a hot environment or hot weather conditions, breathability is one of the factors that you need to look for in finding the best pair of socks for your cowboy boots. Since cowboy boots offer less padding and insulation, find a sock with breathable materials. Socks that offer breathability will also keep your feet away from sweating and producing a foul odor.

Sweat causes foot odor, and also, when your feet always get wet, it may cause your boots to develop mod growth—the more breathable the socks, the better to wear with your cowboy boots.

Moisture Control

Moisture is one of the problems that may occur when wearing cowboy boots since it may lead to irritations and foul foot odor. Also, the moisture in your foot may make your feet slippery and soggy.

Find a sock that will control the moisture in your feet. A good merino wool sock is one of the best recommendations as it offers an excellent moisture-wicking capacity to keep your feet dry and moisture-free.

Extra Cushion and Support

When looking for a cowboy sock, always consider the cushioning and support it offers. Most cowboy boots are rough and tumble. That is why extra cushioning and arch support are indeed needed. To maximize the comfort that your feet will feel while wearing the boots, look for socks that have additional arch support, padding, or built-in insoles.

How to Find the Best Socks for your Cowboy Boots?

You must consider knowing how to choose the best Socks for your Ariat boots. There are multiple factors to consider in doing so. If you do not have the idea, please read more details below.

Consider Climate

The climate in your area is one of the factors that you need to consider when buying your cowboy socks. The place’s temperature varies, there is a cold and hot environment, and some sock manufacturers customize their socks that are only explicitly used in certain weather conditions. Most of this information is mentioned in the packaging.

However, if you want to look for socks that can be worn in all weather conditions, then look for socks made with merino wool. Socks made with merino wool have a Thermoregulating capacity that adjusts to the temperature of your skin. No wonder socks made with merino wool are best worn for all weather.

Depending on your Activity

If you wear your cowboy boots for style, any socks will do. However, if you plan to go for a vigorous activity or for work, you may need to look for a type of socks for your activity. If you plan to wear your boots for work, consider looking for comfort and ventilation.

Good Fit 

When you want to buy a sock for your cowboy boots, always consider the right fit for your boots. Find a sock that has a snug fit but is not too snuggly. Always choose socks that fit and support you. Note that the better the fit of your socks, the more it supports your feet.

Good Materials

In looking for socks for your boots, look for a brand that uses natural products. Though many brands blend synthetic materials, always look for suitable materials. Look for a brand that uses merino wool; though it may be a little pricey, sometimes quality comes with a price. Merino wool is naturally good at wicking away the moisture at your feet while keeping it dry and protected.

Moreover, there are synthetic materials that are hot to your feet. Sometimes synthetic blends cause foot irritations of poor material. Other than that, if you are supporting sustainable clothing, you can choose brands that use recycled materials as it is helpful in the environment.

My favorite socks made with Merino Wool are Darn Tough, Smartwool & Icebreaker. I’ve also written extensively about Merino wool socks. Read about Merino Wool here. Read about my 3 favorite brands of Merino wool socks here:

Breathability Feature

Though breathability is commonly mentioned in purchasing socks, this should not be taken for granted as it affects your foot comfort. Other socks may provide additional cushioning, but lack breathability making your feet sweat to a foul odor. Good sock breathability is essential to allow air to flow inside your socks and boots to keep your feet dry.

Ability to Stay Up

If you are purchasing or looking for ankle socks, always consider their ability to stay up. Some might be too tight; some might be too loose. Find a sock that has a good grip, rightfully sit on your calf or ankle without quickly going down. Loose socks may keep you from rolling up your socks to stay up. Too tight socks are also not suitable as they restrict good blood circulation.

Good Support

Support is one of the sock features you must look for since other socks don’t have this. Moat socks lack insoles and ankle support. To maintain feet comfort and protection while wearing your boots, look for socks that offer foot, ankle, and toe support.

Feet Comfort

Comfort is commonly mentioned in looking for socks, but this is important and must first be considered because you are wearing socks to give you additional comfort and protection. However, some socks do not provide good foot comfort, which is why you should be keen on this. You may need to look for good insoles, padding, good cushioning with good insulation, and breathability.

Moisture Control

Find a sock with reasonable moisture control as cowboy boots have less insulation and access to air. Find a sock with good moisture-wicking features, like socks made with merino wool. Socks made with merino wool have the natural capacity to remove moisture by absorbing the sweat from your feet and releasing the moisture in the atmosphere. Find a sock that wicks away the moisture as it may develop to odorous feet, bacterial build-up, and foot irritations.


Socks with good cushioning are great; however, they may lead to foot discomfort if it is very thick. Most boots are already snuggly fitted in your feet so if you use socks, find one with no thick cushioning as it may become bulky. If you prefer thick socks, you need to use those socks when purchasing boots. Use it while testing the boots so you can adjust the size.

Best Socks for Ariat Cowboy Boots, final thoughts…

When finding socks for your Ariat boots, one of the things to consider is the brand of the socks. It would be best to find a sock brand that offers moisture-wicking capacity, comfort, protection, support, and durability. In addition to that finding, good quality socks should not be taken for granted as the socks that you will use will be the ones to give you additional comfort.

Cowboy boots are made with leather. Thus, your feet will feel hot when wearing them in hot environments or at work; that is why to keep it cool, find socks that have good cushioning, good insulation, and have breathable features. 

Before you go, let’s summarize the top picks for the best socks for Ariat Boots…

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