5 Best Men’s Work Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis (2022 Buyers Guide)

When dealing with Achilles Tendonitis, it can be challenging to find work shoes that will not complicate the injury. This condition affects the Achilles tendon connecting the muscles in the back of your calf into your heel bone. It often starts quickly and entails inflammation of the tendon or the surrounding tissues, accompanied by redness, warmth, soreness, and swelling in your heel and lower calf.

Physically active people between the ages of 30 and 50 are most likely susceptible to this issue. Achilles Tendonitis is a prevalent overuse injury but can also occur for other factors, including sudden movement or overly tense calf muscles. While complications can occur if not treated immediately, it is treatable, and most individuals recover fully. 

Fortunately, plenty of work shoes on the market are intended to improve the pain of those having this common injury. Even if it takes a lot of time, getting the best fit for your work shoes is worth it. Here’s our compilation of the best men’s work shoes for Achilles Tendinitis to improve your work performance and overall comfort all day at work.

5 Best Men’s Work Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

Reebok Men’s RB4041

If you’re looking for a lightweight pair of work shoes, the Reebok Men’s RB4041 is your best choice to take to the workplace. This shoe offers the safety needed for a working person’s footwear, making it our overall best men’s work shoes for Achilles tendonitis. You don’t need a high, heavy pair of men’s boots as the Reebok RB4041 fits all of your specifications in a pair of men’s shoes. 

Reebok Work Men's RB4041 Sublite Cushion Safety Toe Athletic Work Industrial & Construction Shoe, Black, 9.5

Reebok Men’s RB4041

It has a safety alloy toe cap for protection and an electrical risk rating for additional coverage. In addition to the comfort provided by this shoe, Reebok also prioritizes the user’s safety. 

This alloy toe shoe was considered Reebok’s scale for resistance, rated from good to better to best. “Best” for being slip-resistant, “better” for being resistant to oil, abrasion, and chemical, and lastly, “good” for being resistant against metal chips and heat. 

The Reebok Men’s RB4041 shoes were crafted to meet the needs of each person with Achilles tendonitis, embedded with their SubLite EVA cushion midsole and Memory Tech Massage detachable cushion footbed insole for superior comfort and support. 

The Memory Tech Massage footbed conforms to your foot, following its natural foot movement. At the same time, the SubLite foam highlights deep flex grooves for upgraded mobility along with enhancing your feet’ comfort, beneficial when dealing with Achilles Tendonitis. The upper is constructed with mesh material for optimal breathability and moisture transfer, allowing your feet to cool throughout the wear. 

Suppose you’re wondering how this shoe could be lightweight with so much filling and cushion included. In that case, each shoe only weighs approximately 350 grams, possessing different characteristics to deliver such a low weight. SubLite foam midsoles aren’t just great for support and mobility; they’re also extremely light. 

If you need to add a low-cut design work shoe to your wardrobe, this sleek, athletic-looking, with great mobility shoe from Reebok is your best way to go!

Skechers Men’s Flex Advantage Bendon Work Shoe

The Skechers Men’s Flex Advantage Bendon Work Shoe has a water and stain-resistant upper design featuring their Scotchgard® protection high-quality feet coverage. It’s also tested for electrical hazard (EH) safety to meet the ASTM F2892-11 rating for protection around open circuits following certain dry situations. 

Skechers mens Flex Advantage Sr - Bendon Work Shoe, Black Mesh/Water/Stain Repellent Treatment, 12 US

Skechers Men’s Flex Advantage Bendon Work Shoe

The slip-resistant rubber traction outsoles ensure stable steps. The embedded FlexSole in the shoe’s midsole is lightweight, flexible, and shock-absorbing for enhanced underfoot support, great for Achilles Tendonitis.

This athletic shoe features a sporty style while also being casual. The lace-up design is best for workplace wear and beyond; plus, it’s easy to take on and off. The smooth synthetic overlays incorporated into the laces add durability. 

Skechers Relaxed Fit® features a comfortable, spacious fit, with its impressive Memory Foam-topped cushioned for adequate comfort. The added stitching accents, heel panel fabric, and textured air mesh add superior detailing and strength. These slip-resistant work shoes feature padded collars for extreme comfort and soft fabric insulation for a breathable interior. 

If you need a great everyday shoe at work that offers excellent traction and comfort for your Achilles tendon pain, give this Skechers Bendon shoe a try!

Merrell Agility Peak Tactical Shoes

If you’re looking to keep your feet steady all day, Merrell Agility Peak Tactical Shoe is our top recommendation for you. This tactical shoe is equipped with a ballistic mesh, TPU upper, breathable lining, and a heat-resistant Merrel Select GRIP+ rubber outsold. A fortified mesh over the tongue’s top acts as a secondary “wrap” of the foot.

Merrell Agility Peak Tactical Unisex Breathable Shoes, Black, 7

Merrell Agility Peak Tactical Shoe

Merrell Agility Peak is a good all-around shoe with an excellent grip on all surfaces. A Hyperlock molded TPU heel counter helps tighten the foot during quicker inclinations and sharp turns. The Kinetic Fit Advanced blended EVA contoured footbed with added zonal arch and heel support helps retain your foot in a neutral position, a great feature for people with Achilles tendon pain.

These look like combat military-style shoes in shape, made to fit tightly around your foot. The arch support on this shoe makes it stand out from other shoes. If you’re walking on rough solid terrains such as paved roads or concrete floors in a retail or work environment, this shoe does the job of providing support and comfort as a tactical shoe.

Agility Peak has a snug and comfortable fit, a spacious toe box, and a sock-like booty system liner that spreads through the tongue, producing a snug and secure fit. If you need a well-built, good grip and not too heavy work shoe, Merrell Agility Peak might work for you!

KEEN Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool 2 Low Steel Toe Work Shoe

This low-rise modern work shoe from KEEN Utility features a steel toe, reinforced upper, and an innovative “snap” lace design. KEEN Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool 2 features a KEEN.ReGEN midsole that’s lightweight and compression-resistant for excellent stability and shock absorption. It has a non-mutilating upper that eliminates the chance of scratching surfaces and guaranteed protection technology, making this shoe great for light-duty work environments.

KEEN Utility Men's Atlanta Cool Low Steel Toe Work Shoe, Black/Dark Shadow, 10 Medium US

KEEN Utility Atlanta Cool Work Shoes

At first glance, they may not appear as work shoes but rather casual shoes. The moisture-wicking lining offers a breathable foot environment. The removable dual-density EVA footbed also provides long-lasting underfoot support and comfort. The secure, simplified lacing system has a slide-style stopper, which you can tighten or loosen with a single hand.

Some users claim this shoe reduces fatigue on their feet significantly, allowing them to focus more on work. Atlanta Cool 2 is sturdy and protective, with an External Stability Shank (ESS) that offers comfortable midfoot support, suitable for people with Achilles tendon pain and Plantar Fasciitis. 

Since they’re true to size with a “relaxed” fit, they’re meant to be worn with heavier socks considering the comfortable-to-loose fitting. Keen also added an “asymmetrical” design when molding their steel toe, meaning the left and right foot are made particularly to accommodate how most people’s toes naturally adapt into a shoe.

KEEN Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool 2 is a good buy if you’re looking for a stylish one but offers tons of protection for your feet. The sole is removable as well to help to reduce foot odor.

Kuru Fivi

Kuru Fivi offers a relaxed fit and a sleek design ideal for work, travel, or other essential errands. They’re made to help with arch support, heel pain, and other foot problems. The cutting-edge KURUSOLE snugs your heels to promote better alignment and stability for your foot.


Kuru Fivi

Fivi’s smooth leather uppers accentuated with cross-stitches on the side provide a versatile and timeless look to the shoe. You can wear them with casual outfits like khakis or jeans. 

The KURUSOLE provides optimal support and a soft feel due to the pigskin lining on the leather straps. The fat pad embedded in the shoe helps with cushioning. 

The wider toe box provides extra room for your toes to move, ideal for Achilles tendonitis. The rubber outsole is durable and lightweight, providing great traction.

If you have Achilles tendon pain or just need a good work shoe with optimal support, I highly recommend Kuru Fivi.

Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider When Buying Work Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

Arch Support

Arch support is an integral part of every shoe that aims to ease the pain on your heel due to Achilles tendonitis. It helps elevate the heel slightly by easing the pain and distributing it evenly to the entire shoe.

It usually comes padded at the heel to raise it considerably. Other benefits of proper arch support work shoes include:

  • It helps to inhibit pain; either eliminating or reducing considerably;
  • Provides significant support and balance;
  • It creates a good foundation for the foot for better comfort.

Heel Cushioning

Another crucial factor to consider when buying the best work shoes for Achilles tendonitis is heel cushioning.

This factor helps reduce the discomfort by absorbing the shock that often comes from transitioning from one movement to another. 

Other common actions include abruptly running while walking. It causes the tendon to react quickly, sustaining added responsibilities, hence the demand for heel cushioning as it receives the sudden burst of pace without forcing your heel out of shape.

Heel cushioning is essential, as it allows you to straighten your foot as you wish while wearing your favorite Achilles tendon shoes without adding extra pressure to the heel.

It is even more crucial for a regular runner who needs a pair of shoes after undergoing foot surgery, something simple to ease the feet back to a life of outdoor running.

Heel Height

The heel height plays an essential role in identifying how good a shoe can be. The recommended height of the shoe should be flat, preferably at 12mm, with a low arc to reduce the pressure on the tendon.

Avoid getting oversized shoes as it can be difficult for your feet to juggle inside the shoe. Determine your exact shoe size before buying.

Bend at Ball of Foot

People suffering from Achilles tendon pain require stability for every shoe they get. Getting a shoe that flexes properly at the ball of the foot should be your top priority.

Since the ball of your foot receives constant frontal pressure, it goes the same with the hee from behind.

Breathable Mesh

If you plan on wearing your shoes outside of the workplace or during workout sessions, a breathable mesh feature should be a priority too. Your feet keep cool while also minimizing the risk of moisture.

Also, ensure the shoe is form-fitting, with a padded tongue and a rubber sole, for a comfortable feel even if you have Achilles tendon pain while working.


Remember, the insoles are as critical as the outsoles as they make immediate contact with your feet. Hence, it would help if you focused on the insoles’ comfort.


Although the design isn’t that much of a priority for a work shoe, it’s still great to purchase one that matches your style! While getting the most expensive shoe on the list is not recommended, you should make ends meet and not settle for low-quality shoes that won’t last you long enough or improve your condition.

Home Remedies for Achilles Tendonitis

Now that you’ve gone through the best shoes designed to help manage Achilles tendonitis, now let’s proceed to the possible home remedies that you can do for your condition. Performing these practices along with the Achilles tendon shoe can help you recover fast.

RICE treatment 

RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) is a popular method for treating an injury. Take some rest and avoid putting too much pressure on the injured tendon.

Perform this method until you no longer feel any pain. There’s a higher chance of faster recovery if the injured area is free from excessive strain. Combine your rest with ice therapy by wrapping some ice in a clean cloth. Apply it to the injured area and keep it for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Compressing the injury comes next. A bandage or an athletic tape can help improve the swelling. Try not to compress the area too tightly; hence it might affect the circulation of blood.

Lastly, elevate the affected foot. Lie down, then insert a pillow to elevate the injured side. This technique helps the blood flow back to your heart and prevents the spot from swelling.

Perform proper exercises

Having Achilles problems doesn’t mean you no longer have to do any form of exercise. Doctors recommend some exercises to promote faster recovery. One of the best exercises you can perform with Achilles tendonitis is eccentric calf raise.

How To Perform

  • Position at the edge of an elevated item. 
  • Lean the back parts of both your heels above the object’s edge. 
  • Ensure it’s not too distant from the ground. 
  • Stand up with your tiptoes while raising one leg at the back.
  • Use the other foot to lower yourself slowly until you notice the heel’s back is parallelled with your forefoot.

Wear splints or braces

Both these devices are beneficial in healing Achilles tendonitis. After strapping your feet into the Achilles sleeves and braces, expect them to be held upward, stretching the tendon and ensuring it’s not contracting.

Wear your protective footwear regularly

A protective and high-quality footwear is crucial for Achilles tendonitis, and that’s emphasized within this article. Look for one which supports your affected foot’s arch and adds cushioning to your heel.

Silicone heel pads can help minimize the pressure on your tendon.

Though Achilles tendonitis most likely goes away after a couple of days, taking proper rest and adhering to some effective ways of treating the condition at home, such as the RICE technique, will eventually speed up recovery. Constantly adding pressure to your tendon will most probably take longer for you to recover.

How to use a massage gun for Achilles tendonitis

Kitma Nitro Percussion Massage Gun for Athletes - Deep Tissue Muscle Message Guns with 50mm Brushless Motor & 5 Speeds, Neck Back Foot Body Pain Relief, Gift for Men

Kitma Nitro Massage Gun

Best Work Shoes for Men with Achilles Tendonitis, final thoughts…

Achilles tendonitis refers to a condition often linked to excessive stress that affects the tendon. It could also be a result of wearing an uncomfortable shoe. With that, determining what is the best work shoes for Achilles tendonitis is important.

Fortunately, this buying guide provided you with the essential tips on how to choose the best footwear. Your work shoe should make you feel comfortable while getting the right level of support and a smooth heel-to-toe transition.

In that case, we recommend the Reebok Men’s RB4041 as the best men’s work shoe for Achilles tendonitis, considering its lightweight, breathable, and safety alloy toe cap for hazard protection without compromising style at work!

Make sure to treat your Achilles tendonitis immediately so you can start to go back and enjoy an active lifestyle once again. Pair the suitable work shoe with useful home remedies mentioned in this article, and you’ll surely notice yourself back on track soon enough.

Shoe Choices by Activity for Men with Achilles Tendonitis

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