Best Men’s & Women’s Reebok’s for Nurses (2022 Picks)

Nurses spend long hours on their feet, dealing with a wide range of situations that can be uncomfortable to handle with regular shoes. Their footwear line offers excellent support and is created with unique features, including oil- and slip-resistance, antimicrobial components, and lightweight materials ideal for long shifts.

With all the tasks they have to perform—from providing patient care to educating patients, families, and staff—a pair of comfortable shoes is essential for all the hard work nurses put in.

The Reebok brand is known for manufacturing the best quality shoes on the market. The Reebok brand’s extensive research into making shoes that provide comfort, durability, and safety has made them a top shoe manufacturer to many people worldwide.

Before we get into the details, let me summarize my top picks for men & women!

Best men’s Reebok for nurses…

Best women’s Reebok for nurses…

This blog post will review the most popular shoes in the marketplace. We’ve rounded up eight of the best Reebok shoes for nurses to understand better which shoes will be the most comfortable for their feet.

Best Men’s Reebok Shoes for Nurses

Top Pick for Men: Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 4.0

Reebok’s Men’s Work N Cushion 4.0 is a versatile option for nurses. These shoes are made from high-quality leather, making them durable and stylish. The rubber sole protects your feet from water and oil spills, so you don’t have to worry about slipping or falling on the job.

Reebok Men's Work N Cushion 4.0 Walking Shoe, Cold Grey/White, 10

Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 4.0 Walking Shoes

These sneakers are made with a durable leather upper yet ventilated to allow air to flow through the shoe and keep your feet cool. They also have extra cushioning around the ankle to support your joints and reduce stress on the Achilles tendon.

We love that these Reebok nursing shoes for men fit true to size and have plenty of space in the toe box, which means they won’t crowd or pinch your toes as you walk around on your feet for 8 hours straight. There’s also extra arch support built into the shoe, so you don’t get shin splints after a long day at work, and the rubber soles provide excellent traction on slippery floors.

The rubber outsoles are slip-resistant, so you can walk safely in the worst of conditions, and the MemoryTech Massage insoles help keep your feet from hurting even if you’re on your feet for 12 hours straight.

Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 4.0 is an excellent all-around choice for male nurses. It’s sturdy, comfortable, has incredible support, and is more affordable than many other options. They also come in several different styles and color combinations to suit your aesthetic. Plus, they’re easy to clean, which is a must-have when working in the medical field!

Most Cushioned: Reebok Men’s Floatride Run Fast 2

Reebok Men’s Floatride Run Fast 2 is the best cushioned Reebok shoes for nurses. With Reebok’s Floatride Foam technology, you’ll get maximum comfort from the moment you slip these shoes on until the moment you take them off.

Reebok Men's Floatride Run Fast 2.0 Running Shoe - Color: Black/Fluid Blue/Vivid Orange - Size: 7 - Width: Regular

Reebok Men’s Floatride Run Fast 2.0 Running Shoes

The shoe features other elements that make it ideal for nurses on their feet most of the day, including a mesh upper that allows air to circulate more freely, preventing the foot from overheating. The insole is made with memory foam and carbon fiber materials, so your foot will be supported while cradling the soft materials. The outsole is made of high-abrasion rubber, which helps the shoe last longer than standard rubber, especially in areas where the shoe takes the most abuse.

This shoe has what it takes to keep you comfortable on your feet, no matter how many patients you see in a shift. With their lightweight design and cushion-focused tech, these shoes will make you feel like you’re floating through your rounds instead of trudging through them.

Plus, the seamless textile upper makes for a sock-like fit so that you can wear these shoes comfortably with or without socks. Speaking of socks, the Floatride Run Fast 2 also features tongue and heel pulls for easy on and off! No more struggling with tying laces while trying to get out the door before your shift starts.

And even if your job requires a lot of moving around, Reebok Men’s Floatride Run Fast 2 won’t weigh you down: they’re made with ultra-lightweight materials so that any extra weight is minimized.

Most Lightweight: Reebok Men’s Lite Running Shoe

Reebok Men’s Lite Running Shoe is the most lightweight Reebok nursing shoe for men, made with a mesh lining that breathes as you walk, keeping your feet cool and reducing blisters. 

Reebok mens Lite 2.0,power navy/white,10 M US

Reebok Men’s Lite 2.0 Running Shoes

It also has an extra-padded insole so that you can be on your feet all day without soreness or discomfort. The sole is also designed to absorb shock and reduce stress on the knees and joints, so you can be confident that your body is getting the support it needs.

With a cool white appearance and sleek black accents, these shoes look stylish no matter your professional style. Plus, they’re made from durable PVC, so they won’t wear out if you happen to get caught in a rainstorm en route from one meeting to another. The rubber sole ensures that these shoes won’t slip on slick floors or wet sidewalks.

The lace-up design means that the shoe stays snug on your foot even when you’re in a rush, and the flexible sole allows for maximum movement so you can walk around all day without feeling any pain or discomfort in your feet. Lastly, the non-marking rubber outsole won’t leave marks on the floor or walls when you’re running around.

Whether you’re looking for a good pair of shoes to run around the neighborhood or at work, the Reebok Men’s Lite Running Shoe got you covered. It has all of the comfort and style that you expect from Reebok, combined with a fit that’s designed to give you the ultimate amount of support and cushioning.

Best Budget: Reebok Men’s Classic Leather Sneaker

If you are looking for the best budget Reebok shoes, Reebok Men’s Classic Leather Sneaker is the way to go. This classic sneaker looks great with nearly every outfit and can be worn casually at work or even during light workouts.

Reebok Men's Classic Leather Sneaker, WHITE/CDGRY2/WHITE, 3.5 M US

Reebok Men’s Classic Leather Sneakers

It features a cushioned sole that absorbs shock, and its EVA midsole has excellent impact protection for those who stand for hours in a day. This shoe brand is famous for being comfortable even without socks, so nurses can get rid of sweaty feet caused by wearing socks.

The Reebok Men’s Classic Leather Sneaker is roomy in the toe box and doesn’t crowd the front of the foot. However, it does have less arch support than some other sneakers on the market. Since this shoe has been designed for casual wear and light workouts, arch support isn’t as crucial as it would be in other athletic shoes or sneakers designed for running or higher impact activities.

The classic design of these sneakers certainly makes them great choices for casual occasions. The leather material provides you with the durability and comfort that you want from a pair of shoes. Plus, they are available in various colors that you can easily match with your outfits to create a stylish look!

Reebok Men’s Classic Leather Sneakers are very affordable, making them an easy purchase for those who want something that looks nice without breaking the bank. Although the arch support does not have much cushioning, it cannot provide support for people with painful arches during long periods of standing or walking.

Best Women’s Reebok shoes for nurses

Top Pick for Women: Reebok Women’s Walk Ultra 6 DMX Max

The Reebok Women’s Walk Ultra 6 DMX Max is the best overall nursing shoes for women designed to provide comfort over extended periods. It has a supportive platform that keeps your feet stable even when walking on uneven surfaces.

Reebok Women's Walk Ultra 6 DMX Max, Cloud Grey/Alloy/White, 5 M US

Reebok Women’s Walk Ultra 6 DMX Max Shoes

The quality materials used in the construction of these shoes means they will last through wear and tear, so you’ll be able to go mile after mile without sacrificing comfort or durability. The wide toe box provides plenty of room for your toes to relax and spread out. The shoe design prevents rubbing and blistering on the heels. With DMX MAX air cushioning, you can expect excellent shock absorption for optimal comfort even after long hours of standing or walking.

The shoe’s sole has a density rating of 4.5 (1 to 7 scale), which is considered firm but not hard. The outsole provides a 5mm lug depth for traction and ground contact. You get a lot of value with this shoe regarding comfort, durability, quality materials used, style, and performance.

The Reebok Women’s Walk Ultra 6 DMX Max provides all-day comfort, support, and cushioning that nurses love about the shoe. For the price point, we feel this is one of the best-quality nursing shoes available on the market today. These shoes also come in various width options with a fit that is true to size if you select your normal size.

Best Stability: Reebok Women’s CrossFit Nano 9 Cross-Trainer Shoe

Reebok Women’s CrossFit Nano 9 Cross Trainer Shoe is the best stability Reebok nursing shoes for women for its great ground contact, which makes it stable and wide feet friendly.

Reebok Women's Nano 9 Cross Trainer, heritage navy/rosette/sunglow, 5 M US

Reebok Women’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer Shoes

This shoe is designed to give you the best grip and stability on any surface, from slick linoleum to carpeted floors.

The shoe itself is breathable and flexible enough to keep your feet cool during long hours on your feet all day at work. Still, it also provides enough support not to rub against your ankle, causing blisters like some sneakers do when they aren’t broken in properly.

The upper is made from durable materials that can withstand the demands of an active lifestyle, but it won’t weigh you down or make your feet feel too hot or sweaty. The heel counter provides excellent support, and the wide toe box makes it easy to move around all day long. The rubber outsole features an aggressive tread pattern that will grip any surface with ease while still being flexible enough to allow for a full range of motion when needed most.

These stability Reebok shoes for nurses are comfortable for people with wide feet because they are designed to provide a flexible fit. The only downside to this shoe is its sizing. So you might want to order a half size smaller than your usual size.

Most Comfortable: Reebok Women’s Classic Nylon Sneaker

Reebok Women’s Classic Nylon Sneaker is the most comfortable Reebok nursing shoe for women, boasting a low-cut design that provides increased ankle mobility and keeps you moving in comfort and style through every shift.

Reebok Women's Nylon Sneaker, Classic Team Navy/Platinum, 5

Reebok Women’s Classic Nylon Sneakers

They’re made of nylon with suede overlays, so they breathe during long shifts and maintain their shape and color despite wear and tear. The die-cut EVA midsole provides support throughout your day, and the high abrasion rubber outsole adds responsive durability to keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle.

Wear them with an athletic cut scrub top for an easygoing style, or wear them to complement a more formal scrub set. These classic sneakers are available in multiple colors to fit your personal preference or your workplace dress code.

The Reebok Women’s Classic Nylon Sneaker combines classic style with modern comfort technology that will have you powering through your shifts without breaking a sweat (or even breaking in your shoes). It has a durable construction that will last you through many rounds of patients and medical emergencies–plus, they’re ideal for throwback looks, everyday wear, or classic style!

Best Budget: Reebok Women’s Energen Plus

The Reebok Women’s Energen Plus is a breathable running shoe that delivers a plush, cushioned ride. This shoe is a good option for nurses who want to walk or run and are looking for a great-value shoe.

Reebok Women's Energen Plus Running Shoe, Pure Grey/White/Gable Grey, 5

Reebok Women’s Energen Plus Running Shoes

Energen Plus has an outsole with strategically placed flex grooves that provide flexibility and traction. The mesh upper with a 4-way stretch offers a sock-like fit with plenty of breathability and comfort. Plus, it uses a seamless construction and synthetic overlays that help to cradle your feet while ensuring that they stay locked in place when you’re on the move.

This shoe has a highly plush cushion level, which means you’ll get an ultra-soft ride, but it also means that the Energen Plus has less responsiveness. You won’t feel (or hear) your steps when you run in this shoe, so if you’re looking for something snappy and springy, this might not be the best option for you.

While the cushion is top-notch, the ride might be a little dull for some wearers. Since these shoes are lightweight and flexible, they don’t provide much structure or support. The tongue is also short, which can be uncomfortable for some nurses.

But overall, Reebok Women’s Energen Plus is an excellent option for any nurse looking to save a few dollars without sacrificing quality. It’s a light, versatile shoe perfect for short, easy runs and recovery paces.

Best men’s & women’s Reebok shoes for nurses, final thoughts…

In general, nurse shoes are recommended to be both comfortable and stable. The Reebok shoes mentioned above are suitable for nurses in terms of comfort, style, and affordability. Plus, you can wash them without worrying about being distorted after being dried, and the price is reasonable.

The Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 4.0 is our top pick for men, designed with nurses’ comfort in mind. It is a work shoe that offers decent cushioning and slip-resistant outsoles, so you can wear it without worrying throughout the shift.

The Reebok Women’s Walk Ultra 6 DMX Max is also our top pick for women–it’s a good choice if you are looking for something comfortable with high-performing materials and optimal stability.

To wrap up all of our Reebok picks:

Most Cushioned

Most Lightweight

Most Comfortable

Best Stability

Best Budget

Ultimately, the best shoes for nurses will not only fit but also provide instant relief from stress on their feet and back. Nurses who have to stand for long hours should look for cushioned shoes with a slip-resistant base that ensures better balance when moving about the hospital wing.

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