5 Best Men’s Weightlifting Shoes For Bunions (Buyers Guide)

Introducing weights to your lifestyle provides enormous benefits, both physically and mentally. Weightlifting has a vital role in keeping a healthy lifestyle and boosting confidence. With every lift feels like a sense of achievement. Improved posture, cognitive abilities and memory, and mental alertness are a few of the life-changing advantages of lifting weights.

But, lifting with bunions can affect your performance. Wearing ill-fitted shoes when lifting can drastically induce injuries. You dip on your feet during strength training and lifting weights; therefore, a flat-soled pair of lifting shoes without cushioning is the best option. 

A great, wide-toe box is one of the essential factors to look for in weightlifting shoes if you have bunions. Bunions develop at the base of your toes, so an ample toe box is required for optimal comfort. Here are the five best weightlifting shoes for bunions that will help you maximize your lifts while improving stability and mobility.

5 Best Men’s Weightlifting Shoes for Bunions

Do-Win Weightlifting Shoe

The Do-Win Weightlifting Shoe was initially famous for weightlifting in the 90s. The shoe initially started as the Pendlay Do-Win but was recently updated to the “Do-Win” weightlifting shoe presented on Rogue Fitness.

One of the few notable attributes of Do-Win is the double strap structure, which isn’t prominent on most weightlifting shoes. They’re also built wider to reinforce a lifter’s capacity to splay their toes when lifting heavy loads, especially if you have bunion pain that requires ample space for the foot to wiggle within. This feature promotes increased stability on the platform by enabling a full grip on the floor.

Do-Win weighs 17 ounces, setting them apart from other shoes and making them suitable mid-weight range lifting shoes for different scenarios. Though it’s not the lightest weightlifting shoe on the market, the 17-ounce weight is relatively versatile. Many active fitness athletes chose Do-Win shoes for strength and power-based movements.

Do-Win Weightlifting Men’s Shoes

The Do-Win shoes also feature a .75″ heel, similar to other traditional models of weightlifting shoes. A .75″ functions well in most endurance sports scenarios but has few exceptions. This shoe might not suit powerlifting or low bar squats due to the lower heel. 

Experienced weight with a higher 1″ heel, then the .75″ may not satisfy your specific needs.

The heel construction in this shoe consists of hard thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) heel, a non-compressible and lightweight material typically used due to its sturdiness and flexibility to abrasions. The double metatarsal strapping technology on the bottom and top of the tongue of Do-Win secures an equally athletic shoe. 

The upper unit of Do-Wins is equipped with leather and a breathable mesh that provides enough stiffness to the shoe without stretching out quickly over time. Lifting for a long time leaves the shoe slightly stretched. The leather cover on the toe box and heel helps the shoe wear thin, along with a breathable arch and midfoot.

Do-Win Weightlifting Shoe is a great weightlifting shoe for those who need a standard lifting shoe at a reasonable price and without compromising the performance. The shoe’s multiple reiterations match every athlete’s preferences and needs. 

Adidas Powerlift 3.1

Since their initial release, the Adidas Powerlift shoes’ steadily growing generation has been recognized. Adidas Powerlift is one of Adidas’s most popular lifting shoes as of 08 AdiStars and AdiPowers.

The shoe’s inexpensive choices are great for many lifters looking for affordable lifting shoes. Powerlift has a lower heel that provides a smoother transition when lifting. The single strap pattern delivers excellent protection for recreational lifters.

adidas Men's Powerlift.3.1 Cross Trainer, Black/Black/Black, 16 M US

adidas Powerlift.3.1 Cross Trainer Men’s Shoes

The Adidas Powerlift 3.1s is slightly lighter than AdiPower and Leistung models as it only weighs around 15 oz. The shoe’s lightness makes an excellent transition for new lifters experimenting with lifting shoes and performs well for what it’s designed for, also ideal for bunions. 

Adidas Powerlift 3s effective heel height is .6 inches or 15 millimeters, making it suitable for a few workouts. The lower heel is excellent for CrossFit-style activities. Lifting shoes with smaller heels limits you from being pushed forward, which is crucial when transitioning from power to strength. The lower heel is also great for low-bar squatting for better stability without requiring an extra heel to achieve depth.

Adidas Powerlift 3.1 is equipped with high-density EVA; though it’s durable and lasts a while, the resiliency of the shoe to abrasions isn’t comparable to TPU. The EVA may slightly compress under hefty loads. If you’re looking for a lifting shoe that would last you for years when heavy lifting, TPU is a good alternative. The EVA heel is excellent for cross-training, so if you need a hybrid shoe with an elevated and stable heel, this material suits your needs.

Unlike most popular lifters, the Adidas Powerlift 3.1s have a high-density EVA heel, a durable, lightweight material used in multiple heeled shoes. If you’re looking for a cost-efficient lifting shoe with a lower .6″ heel rather than the usual .75″, this shoe is excellent for you! Powerlift 3 provides moderate stability and secures the ankle at the bottom of the squat.

Reebok Power Lite Mid

Reebok Power Lite Mid is inspired by the brand’s original shoes designed with minimal flat surfaces. Power Lite’s classic design is upgraded with innovative and solid Flexweave material instead of traditional canvas, resulting in a lighter, more flexible, and more durable lifting shoe. The shoe’s roomy toe box allows enthusiasts to perform many workouts and splay on their toes with bunions.

Reebok Men's Crossfit Lite TR Mid 2.0 GR Training Shoe, Black/Bright Green/Coal, 8 M US

Reebok Crossfit Lite TR Mid 2.0 GR Training Men’s Shoes

Power Lite Mid is built to allow the feet to contact the cupped rubber platform next to the ground. The multi-directional sole provides a better grip on any surface while the outriggers support alongside their position. This shoe aims to protect your foot from injuries with durable materials. Both eyelets and toe sections are equipped with solid material, engineered for good fit and experience against heavy pressure and force. 

A TPU heel clip is equipped in Power Lite Mid that cradles the heel and enhances rear foot stability. The flat outsole grips tightly and delivers maximum ground contact. The traditional lace-up system and leather upper help secure your feet in place while lifting. Fitness enthusiasts looking to improve their posture and overall body coordination while raising find this shoe tremendous and functional. 

Reebok appears to be one of the big brands making deadlift shoes. Reebok Power Lite Mid is noted for its excellent ground contact, spacious toe box, vintage looks, and flat soles. If you need strong yet lightweight training shoes that never go out of style, this shoe is the right choice!

Converse Chuck Taylor

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoe was never intended for the gym but has become popular as deadlift shoes. Chuck Taylor’s classic and simplistic firm outsole works great for lifters limiting their range of motion during deadlifts and achieving solid tripod foot positioning when squatting. 

Converse offers their shoes in standard width and wide width and the Chuck Taylor’s run a half size large. Therefore, when choosing a shoe that will be comfortable when you have bunions, then choose your normal shoe size (don’t size down as normally suggested) and also choose the wide width.  Click here to view the official Converse sizing chart.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top, Black/White, 11 Women/9 Men

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All-Star Core Ox Sneakers

The outer material of the Converse Chuck Taylor is simple and has remained for years. The exterior is a lightweight canvas material for optimal breathability and easy maneuver. Since they come in various colorways, you can choose any color that fits your preferences and needs. 

The midfoot has seven eyelets running through the toe cap to the ankle. The lightweight canvas material added to the tongue is quite breathable. The double stitching across the shoe and a solid rubber toe cap prevent wear and tear on the toe area. Opt for a neutral fit to allow ample space in the toe box and go a half size down if you have bunions.

The midsole and outsole of Chuck Taylor are great for lifting. The outsole features a textured triangle-like component on the forefoot and heel, with a flat outsole texture surrounding the edges and midfoot. The midsole is wrapped with firmer rubber material.

Most lifters claim that Converse Chuck Taylor’s performance is worth investing in. Though they’re used in limited workouts compared to lifting and cross-training shoes, they’re not specifically made for working out; therefore, you’ll get a minor level of usage when it comes to optimal performance. This shoe’s ability to limit the range of motion during the deadlift and the impressive flat surface helps with better gripping on the floor when squatting.

Converse Chuck Taylor provides stability when pushing heavy squats and deadlifts if you’re a recreational lifter or powerlifter looking for a flat and solid outsole. These shoes are relatively inexpensive and are popular for use at the gym to support heavy lifts. In terms of longevity, this shoe may not be as good as other lifting shoes, but because of their reasonable price, you’ll get the same benefits other trainers provide at half the price.

Vibram FiveFingers V-Train 2.0

Vibram FiveFingers V-Train 2.0 is designed with a low-to-the-ground profile, suitable for professional athletes, as it allows you to feel the lay of the ground while being stable. The supporting materials on the upper secure your foot in place even on intense workouts and dynamic movements. Lifters were amazed by this shoe’s ground connection as it keeps them steady, especially when squatting or performing deadlifts.

Vibram Men's V-Train 2.0 Sneaker, Black/Orange, 4 UK

Vibram FiveFingers V-Train 2.0 Fitness and Cross Training Men’s Shoes

The Vibram FiveFingers V-Train 2.0 is equipped with XS Trek rubber, a compound engineered for superior grip for wet conditions, both indoors and outdoors. The aggressive lugs are wrapped around the outsole for an optimal ride, even on rugged terrains. The thick outsole measures 4mm helps in shock absorption without hindering the foot’s capacity to feel the ground. The arch zone consists of traction lugs that assist the gripping rope during ascends and descends.

The V-Train 2.0 is minimally designed and has a 2-mm EVA footbed. Since this foam is thin, the breathable polyester cover helps with temperature and moisture control. Long-time Vibram wearers claim that FiveFingers V-Train 2.0’s improved laces and Velcro straps design contribute to the shoe’s better fit, performance, and quality.

The upper unit of this shoe is made of polyester, a form-fitting material that promotes a sock-like fit to the top. It is also breathable and allows the air to circulate within the shoe for a fresh feeling during rigorous training. The traction in this shoe keeps the wearer upright on slippery surfaces while doing explosive movements.

Vibram FiveFingers V-Train 2.0 never fails to impress lifters with its barefoot-like feel and supportive features. It has a significant level of ground feel and maximum protection with impressive toe articulation for bunions, providing optimal balance and operational stability.

If you’re looking for natural foot strength for your bunions and excellent performance, the Vibram FiveFingers is an excellent alternative. The single lacing strap at the midfoot keeps the foot supported and secured during aggressive side-to-side movements.

Buyer’s Guide – Best Weightlifting Shoes for Bunions


Every lifter should consider the desired heel height of their weightlifting shoes. This is an essential factor as it helps optimize comfort through the range of movements. The standard heel for lifting shoes is .75″ but varies on some models that feature a 1″ heel or lower .6″ heels similar to the Adidas PowerLift 3.

A taller heel promotes a better range of motion for athletes at the ankle. While a lower heel is excellent for shorter limbs or lifters, who prefer a low-bar squat as it utilizes a better hip hinge and depends less on ankle mobility.

adidas Men's Powerlift.3.1 Cross Trainer, Chalk Pearl/Chalk Pearl/Scarlet, 14.5 M US

adidas Powerlift.3.1 Cross Trainer Men’s Shoes

Straps and Security

When purchasing weightlifting shoes, you should consider the number of straps in the shoe. Most shoes only consist of one strap; some may come with two, such as Reebok Legacy Lifter. A strap is commonly found around the upper area of the tongue, designed to offer additional security during increased ankle mobility when performing a squat.

Type of Heel

Weightlifting shoes have different heels that lifters can choose from, judging their personal preference. Plastic heels, often a TPU material, are the most common base used in lifting shoes. These plastic-based heels provide a hard surface to stand on, and they’re generally more durable than wood or leather soles. They also come in multiple variations in how they’re constructed, such as solid blocks and pillars.

Wood heels are for the weightlifters who want a more old-school shoe with a solid base. This sole allows lifters to feel the floor better and is most commonly used by Olympic weightlifting athletes. The Position USA shoes use a wood heel. Leather heels are similar to wood and provide an old-fashioned look.

Best Weightlifting Shoe for men with Bunions, final thoughts…

Our top pick is the Do-Win Weightlifting Shoe due to the shoe’s versatile and comfortable characteristics. This shoe is wide enough to allow lifters to splay their toes during lifts, essential for bunions that require spacious room for the foot to spread within. 

While all these weightlifting shoes possess their strengths and weaknesses, the crucial factor to consider when buying any pair of shoes for bunions is the overall comfort it provides. This includes the toe width, heel height, and essential features needed to support you. If your feet hurt while wearing them, you might be wearing the incorrect shoe.

Men’s Shoes for various Activities if you have Bunions

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