5 Best Men’s Golf Shoes for Bunions (Buyers Guide)

Investing in a comfortable pair of golf shoes helps boost your golf game. They have to be supportive, grippy, and more comfortable than regular shoes. If you’re a golfer suffering from bunions, it might be a struggle to find the best golf shoes that match your specific needs. 

Golf shoes for bunions should have a wide toe box to ensure adequate comfort as it provides an extra space for the toes to splay and allow your feet to breathe. The right shoe is essential if you have bunions, so always opt for function over fashion. It should be wide enough to fit your toes comfortably and has a plush sole to cushion your every step.

We’ve compiled five of the great golf shoes for men with bunions that provide a variety of widths to accommodate your feet without settling for ones that never fit.

5 Best Men’s Golf Shoes for Bunions

Adidas CodeChaos Golf Shoe

The Adidas CodeChaos is a perfect golf shoe providing optimal comfort without compromising performance. This sporty golf is created to challenge to deliver top-notch performance for all golfers whenever and wherever. CodeChaos delivers optimal comfort for bunions and grip in various lies and ground conditions.

From the name itself, CodeChaos is designed to modify the perception of a golf shoe. The upper unit is equipped with a multi-layer mesh for a lightweight and breathable feel. The thin film on top delivers waterproof protection, optimal durability, and it resists water and debris for a stain-free and hassle-free cleaning. CodeChaos offers a wide toe section suitable for bunions and is also extremely light and incredibly comfortable with the BOA fastening system.

adidas Men's CODECHAOS Golf Shoe, FTWR White/Crystal Whte/Grey, 7.5 Medium US

adidas CodeChaos Men’s Golf Shoes

CodeChaos Hi-Top Boa option has a hydrophobic knit collar that’s stretchable and features an easy slip-on style. If you prefer a more traditional look, a variety of color options is also available.

The full-length Boost cushioning embedded across the midsole provides a springy step and rebound. The rubber surrounds over from the outsole to limit the shoe’s expansion for added support. The Twist grip outsole helps with even distribution and shifting the golfer’s weight throughout the swing. The TPU inserts are equipped with special lugs that come with various heights and angles for maximum grip. CodeChaos’ spineless design allows a to-and-from-course versatility.

The soft, spongy underfoot provides a comfortable feel when you slip them on for the first time. CodeChaos provides a sneakers-like fit and feels for improved stability. Though the outsole feels thin, the grip on this shoe is exceptional. Dirt goes off easily on the upper unit but could be difficult to clean in the back area where the Boost sections and material strip are located.

Adidas CodeChaos Golf Shoe is a great option if you need a great performance shoe that feels like walking on clouds. The Boost cushioning in this shoe improves a golfer’s game performance while allowing a smoother swing.

Footjoy Pro SL Golf Shoe

The Footjoy Pro SL Golf Shoe is what you need if you prefer a traditional-looking yet lightweight shoe for a soft spike build. Pro SL has a narrow fit on the toe area and spreads out more across the heel, ideal for bunions. This shoe ticks all the qualities you need in a golf shoe – style, support, comfort, durability, and protection while playing. The Footjoy Pro SL keeps your feet dry in any ground conditions and delivers soft soles for those who prefer to walk.

FootJoy Men's Pro|SL Previous Season Style Golf Shoes, White/Blue/Grey, 7 M US

FootJoy Pro/Sl Men’s Golf Shoes

You can immediately feel the extra perimeter stability in this shoe when you swing. The latest Infinity outsole design also adds a noticeable look in the heel area. The grip in Footjoy Pro SL is outstanding due to the added contact points with the ground that works in any wet conditions without fear of slippages or excess movement.

Footjoy Pro SL Carbon is ideal for golfers having overactive lower halves due to the shoe’s rigid features in all directions, needed for even stability during the swing. It feels comfortable due to the extra padding wrapped around the ankle. 

The Footjoy Pro SL golf shoes are the lead choice when it comes to spikeless shoe traction. Wearing them in mats, ragged, wet grass, or dry terrain, you’ll experience no slipping or twisting. The feel and construction of the sole are also worth noting, especially on mats, where golfers claim they seem to be slightly taller wearing this shoe than normal golf shoes. Pro SL delivers exceptional balance between trainer-style shoes and highly designed “Tour” shoes. The foot feels supported without feeling clasped down by the shoe. The sole’s wide feature also contributed to the supportive feeling during the swing, beneficial for bunions that require a wider shoe.

If you are a golfer who prefers a traditional-looking golf shoe with a touch of modern and athletic features, Footjoy Pro SL is your ideal option.

Callaway Men’s Coronado Golf Shoe

Callaway Men’s Coronado Golf Shoe provides optimal grip and support to every golfer. The upper unit is made of soft full-grain leather, flexible enough to offer the essential support in every swing. The Fusion-Lite TPU sole provides optimal feel and traction through its Nine Slim-Lok spikes in any ground conditions. Coronado is also waterproof, with its full bootie membrane for added protection from any debris coming from the top of the collar and tongue. The shoe’s breathability is exceptional while giving complete protection against poor weather.

Callaway Men's Coronado Golf Shoe, White/Multi, 9 W US

Callaway Coronado Men’s Golf Shoes

Coronado is extremely lightweight and feels like wearing a spikeless shoe. The 8mm Opti-Spring PU Footbed provides comfort for a cushioned and springy step if you have bunions. The Coronado doesn’t slip away in every single swing due to the nine SLIM-Lok PiViX spikes being suitably placed on the base of the shoe for a high-end traction experience. The built-in spikes are quite wide to avoid slip incidents. 

The Coronado golf shoe offers a more traditional look. The heel section has ‘vented’ sides, good enough not to puncture the material. Callaway embedded the heel section with a carbon fiber look for a denser profile and a well-framed heel for added stability. A steady black sole equipped in the upper unit completes the traditional look of the shoe along with the red PiViX spikes.

The Coronado responds as much as usual structured golf shoes since they’re more rigid and the soles have adequate firmness. Coronado Golf Shoe is wearable and comfortable, even though some may find it challenging at first due to its firm features. 

An extremely stable shoe is a common issue for some golfers. Fortunately, Coronado is a hybrid structured shoe that provides a guided step beyond the laces. It enables the foot to move naturally, allowing the toes to stride the way they should. 

New Balance Striker Golf Shoe

New Balance has provided functional and comfortable shoes for all types of feet concerns. New Balance delivers a wide variety of shoe options in the golf industry. This shoe has a surprisingly lightweight feature that promotes a particular flex toe box. New Balance Striker delivers the right amount of comfort needed when walking, great traction for slip-free swing, and water protection against morning dew and rain.

New Balance Men's Striker Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe, Black/red, 8 D D US

New Balance Striker Waterproof Spiked Comfort Men’s Golf Shoes

Champ Slim-Lok Zarma Tour cleats are equipped with New Balance Striker, designed to obtain maximum traction and support while holding the turf. The softer material below the tongue and around the heel bed is built with a grid-like design for a visually appealing look. It provides adequate ventilation on both the heel and upper toe area. The padding in the heel area has adequate support without any sharp or tingling sensation in the area where the heel moves.

The iconic “N” logo embedded in the shoe is quite trendy and adds a more subtle color on the side of the shoe. Few limited materials connected between the shoe base and the lacing system inhibit excessive stretching or bending. The material is then attached to the heel by an Exoskeleton TPU outsole that offers a great heel to mid-boot rigidity while providing minimal flex while walking.

The CUSH+ insert added to the shoe is one of the unique elements added to this shoe. This material is well-cushioned, similar to a memory foam that allows your foot to stay in place once placed and promotes a softer step than other regular inserts connected directly to the sole of a shoe. The PW-1 features a low instep height, structural heel width, reduced toe box drop, and wider toe box to support the foot, especially if you have bunions, as it extends during a swing.

The noticeable crisscross pattern in Striker enhances the compression in every step, more prominent in the outer part of the shoe. This pattern supports the connection between the ground and the foot while keeping an appealing look and no creasing to the shoe, commonly derived from too much compression.

Skechers Men’s GO Golf Elite 4 Golf Shoe

Skechers has been popular for making comfortable shoes since 1992. The Go Golf Elite V.4 is a modish, all-season golf shoe that combines modern design elements and exceptional comfort for bunions. Skechers established itself as one of the competitive golf shoe brands with a versatile combination of great comfort and affordability.  

Skechers mens Elite 4 Waterproof Golf Shoe, Black/White, 7.5 US

Skechers Elite 4 Waterproof Men’s Golf Shoes

Skechers GO Golf Elite 4 insole is equipped with their high-performance Goga Mat that has a supportive cushioning that provides an easy ride for your feet across 18 holes. Due to the leather material, these shoes don’t require any break-in period. The upper unit has a soft, full leather upper that is breathable and waterproof, ideal for any ground conditions.

The Go Golf Elite V.4 stands out in terms of performance than other golf shoes.

After wearing this shoe during an overnight rain, Wearers reported that with the ground fairly damp, Go Golf Elite V.4 provided an exceptional grip like a spikeless shoe. This incredible grip in various ground conditions is due to the Grip Flex TPU traction outsole created by Skechers. This technology combines multi-directional lugs and cleats for adequate traction and stability in multiple conditions.

GO GOLF Elite 4 features a modern, sporty look, unlike any dominant golf shoe brand available in the market today. The leather upper provides a prominent color scheme that is classic and unique enough to match many outfits. 

This shoe has an admiringly pillowy footbed with a generous amount of cushion for a golf shoe. The upper unit is comfortable, flexible, and breathable. Although it lacks lateral support present in other shoe brands, the amount of comfort and functional experience it offers to the wearer is exceptional for bunions. 

If you tend to finish a round with aching feet and need an extra soft cushioning, give the Skechers GO GOLF Elite 4 ago. Comfort is what GO GOLF Elite 4 aims. This shoe excels in damp conditions, making it a great all-year-round golf shoe.

What To Look for When Choosing Golf Shoes for Bunions?

Several factors are needed when choosing your next pair of golf shoes, especially for bunions. Such as:

Measurements – Knowing the exact size of your feet is where you should start, and you shouldn’t be relying solely on the shoe’s length. Shoe sizes may vary depending on the brand; therefore, do some research, look for the brand’s size chart and determine your feet according to the shoe models you prefer.

Comfort – Once you identify the perfect size for your feet, comfort should be your next priority. If a shoe provides you discomfort all the time, most probably, you’ll end up ditching them.

adidas Men's CODECHAOS Golf Shoe, Footwear White/Core Black/Signal Green, 7 Medium US

adidas CodeChaos Men’s Golf Shoes

Tip: Listen for that ‘whoosh’ sound upon trying on some shoes. This sound indicates an air leaving the shoe, meaning it’s a good fit. Try walking around in the shoes and feel any pinching or moving around of the foot inside them. The right golf shoe shouldn’t encounter either of these. 

If your feet wobble around inside, or you occasionally get blisters, they could harm your feet and overall performance. Therefore, you tend to get rid of them. That’s a waste of money, right? So, it’s best to know your preference and needs.

Spiked or spikeless – Now that you know which golf shoe to get that both have comfort and exact measurement, which one should I choose then – spiked and spikeless? 

Spiked golf shoes provide better grip and stability however lack a low to the ground contact as spikeless models. While spikeless golf shoes have an off-course versatility but often lack traction. 

Determine which factor weighs more important to you, and then you choose!

Waterproofing – Whether you have narrow or wide feet, a waterproof shoe is always important. Golfers stay outside all day, which means unforeseen and occasional rain may happen, and your shoes should be able to deal with this instantly. Always check for the shoe’s waterproof features.

Style – All shoes have a golf shoe design that is versatile to others. Nowadays, brands constantly release traditional and modern styles that fit any golfer’s style. Therefore, determine what type of shoe you need and what style matches you best. 

Best Golf Shoes for Men with Bunions, final thoughts…

Choosing the right golf shoes for bunions can be difficult, but considering the kind of golf course, duration of time you spend playing, preferred style of the shoe, and your budget will affect the outcome and type of shoe you’ll choose. 

In this article, after exploring a few great options for consumers with bunions looking for high quality and comfortable golf shoes, Adidas CodeChaos Golf Shoe is the best men’s golf shoe for bunions.

This shoe is equipped with a Twist grip outsole that evenly distributes and shifts a golfer’s weight throughout the swing while providing a wide toe section for bunions.

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