Best Leather Conditioner For Ariat Boots

One of the things you need to consider to ensure the longevity of your boots is caring for them. To do so, you may need to clean, condition, and polish them regularly. Note that conditioning them keeps your boots away from drying and cracking. However, you may need to look for the best conditioner for your cowboy boots.

There are a variety of Cowboy boots leather conditioners that you can choose from. All of them offer good leather conditioning and restores the leather. They are easy to use, and most of them come with all-natural ingredients. To know more detail about what they offer, you can read more details below.

Best Over All Leather Conditioner

Obenauf’s Heavy Duty LP Leather Preservative is primarily used to protect and add a waterproofing benefit for fire fighters’ leather work boots. However, it can also be used in any leather work boots. This high-quality; leather conditioner is made with natural oil and beeswax formula. This conditioner comes with a unique Beeswax Propolis Suspension Formula that protects the leather against heat, water, abrasion, and caustic fire retardant chemicals. 

The natural oils in Heavy Duty LP are released into the leather fibers giving it a long-term fabrication. When the leather is heated or flexed, it removes the oil, making it a great boot conditioner. Though this conditioner is good in conditioning the leather boots, you should have a spot test because Heavy Duty LP may cause leather darkening. Moreover, this leather conditioner is not applicable for suede.

Heavy Duty LP is considered a superb leather conditioner that offers a natural barrier to grime and protects the leather against scuffing. It comes with the Beeswax Propolis Suspension formula that offers good conditioning qualities.   

Groundwork Waterproof Work Boot

Ariat Groundwork Waterproof Men’s Work Boots

The body temperature help melts the Heavy Duty LP in your hands, which is why it must be at room temperature in applying them. Two applications of Heavy Duty LP last longer. Allow the leather conditioner to sit for about ten minutes up to one hour between treatments. 

When applying on smooth leather, buff off the excess using a clean cloth. When applying on nubuck, you need to use a soft-bristled brush to do so. One ounce of this conditioner is enough to apply on a pair of tall boots. It is advised to apply this every six to eight weeks or as needed.

What it offers

  • It offers a static and dynamic water penetration
  • Proven to resist scuffing and abrasion
  • Can resist manure acid, sal, and chemicals
  • It helps your boots away from stitch tear, and dry rot
  • Proven to resist perspiration

Details and Features

  • This leather conditioner is made with natural oils and reel beeswax designed to melt when spread on using hands.
  • This leather conditioner is suitable for waterproofing the boots and resisting acids, petroleum, salt, and other chemicals. 
  • It is best in conditioning restoring dried and sun-faded saddles and boots. 
  • It offers complete leather care that is proven to resist scuffing, stitch tears, and any premature cracking. 
  • Heavy Duty Leather Preservative is manufactured by Obenauf’s and is made in the USA.


  • Easy to apply
  • Made with beeswax that is good in treating the leather
  • Good in leather conditioning
  • Melts in well with a bit of heat on boots
  • The waxy cream goes smoothly and coats generously.


  • It does not improve scuffing but is good in conditioning.
  • Not good at waterproofing.
  • Drakens and softens boots.

ARIAT Keswick Womens H20 Waterproof Boots - Distressed Brown

Ariat Keswick Steel Toe Paddock Women’s Boots

Best Alternative Leather Conditioner

One of the best boot conditioners to consider is the Cobbler’s Choice Co.  This conditioning cream is highly recommended as it is all-natural. It is best for restoring and protecting smooth leather. It is made with a good quality material, triple-filtered beeswax. 

This leather conditioner is easy to use. First, you need to clean the dirt built up in the leather of your boots. When applying, there might be mud or dust that needs to be brushed off to avoid contaminating the leather surface with the conditioner. The second step is to use a small dry cloth and the leather circular motion. Lastly, let your bots dry for an hour; you may repeat the process as needed. 

About the Item

Restores and Conditions the leather

One of the qualified reasons you should choose this leather conditioner is that it restores and conditions your boots as it is made with a unique blend of seed oils and triple-filtered beeswax. This conditioner provides a deep and rejuvenating condition, not the leather’s surface. The natural lipids present in the conditioner help penetrate its pores, which gives it a more profound condition. 

Excellent in Protecting the Leather

This leather conditioner comes with triple filtered beeswax that offers a layer of defense over the surface of the leather, making it resistant to water. This leather cream gives you a dual effect as it is good in conditioning and protecting your leather from dust, oil, water, and other elements that your boots may encounter. 

Good Natural Ingredients

This leather cream is formulated with good natural ingredients that are safe for you and the leather. Cobbler’s Choice has already created a good brand name and trusted experts. Ther products are known to have unbeatable quality and clean ingredients. 

What is inside the leather cream?

Triple Filtered Beeswax

Triple filtered beeswax is excellent in restoring and nourishing the cracked and dry leather while creating an all-natural waterproofing barrier over the top of the leather surface.

Unique Blends of Seed Oil

This leather conditioner is excellent in conditioning deep beyond the surface of the leather. It provides the same nutrients found in healthy and live skin. 

Comes with Naturally Occurring Lipids

This leather cream penetrates deeply into the pores of the leather. It caters to a hydrating and rejuvenating effect on the boots’ leather. It also offers a lasting luster to the leather surface. 


  • Easy to apply
  • Good value for the amount of cream
  • Good leather conditioner and protector
  • Good in restoring leather boots
  • No strong smell


  • Greasy and gross
  • Dull finish
  • Poor packaging
  • It darkens the color of the leather

Best Exotic Leather Conditioner

One of the best conditioners for your exotic leather boots is Bickmore Exotic. This exotic leather spray is one of the best candidates to choose from when looking for a great quality leather conditioner for your leather boots. This leather spray is suitable for cleaning, conditioning, and polishing exotic and reptile skins. 

Birchmore Exotic cleaner and conditioner is considered one of the top choices regarding giving proper care and protection for your exotic leathers and skins. This spray conditioner is formulated to clean and condition all types of exotic leather effectively. You can use this spray conditioner for any rugged boots that you have.

It is best to use this spay regularly to improve your boots’ appearance and extend the life of your exotic products. It keeps your leather boots clean, polished, and protected for more years to come. This leather spray will not darken your leather boots compared to other products. Also, it dries out clean without having a gummy sticky residue. 

Bickmore Exotic cleaner and conditioner is best used in different exotic leather goods. It perfectly works in Crocodile, Alligator, Ostrich, Caiman, Python, Cobra, Rattle Snake, Lizard, Elephant, Frog, Shark, Kangaroo, Eel, Stingray and many more. 

Before spraying this leather spray, you need to shake it first. You must constantly check for colorfastness in the hidden areas before spraying. You can apply this leather spray by spraying it liberally all over the leather boot without using a leather cloth to wipe off the excess. After that, let it dry and try to buff it. Repeat the steps if necessary. 

Features and Details

Uniquely Formulated for Exotic leathers and reptile skin

To provide the put most care and protection for your exotic and reptile skin, Bickmore Exotic uses materials and ingredients that are specially handpicked and formulated. 

Cleans, Softens, and Preserves the Leather

The extraordinary thing about this product is that it powerfully penetrates the exotic leather’s pores. Also, it moisturizes and rejuvenates old leather. Moreover, it protects new lathers from future wear and tears. 

Suitable for all types of exotic leather

This leather spray can be used in any exotic leather and reptile skins, including Caiman, Alligator, Crocodiles, Lizard, Snake, Ostrich, Elephant, and many more. 

Easy to Use

You can use this leather spray without a hustle as you have to spray it on the leather. Ensure no leather areas are untouched; you need to spray it evenly over the boot leather. 


  • Good in Rehydraiting exotic leather boots
  • Good in Restoring leather boots.


  • Darkens the leather

Best Waterproofing Leather Conditioner

When looking for a conditioner that does condition, polishes, and adds a waterproofing feature, you should go with Kiwi Conditioning Oil. This conditioning oil is good for nourishing and smoothing the leather while giving it a waterproof effect. Kiwi conditioning oils contain a rich blend of conditioners that helps waterproof and nourish your boots’ leather. Note that this conditioning oil must not be used to suede delicate leathers. 

Features and details

  • It helps nourish and waterproof leather.
  • Best for any leather colors.
  • May cause a minimal darkening for colored leathers.
  • Suitable for any leather boots. 

Make sure to clean the surfaces of the leather before applying this conditioning oil. Make sure also to keep it dry. Put a thin coat of Kiwi conditioning oil into the leather and seams with a polish applicator or cloth. Add the desired amount to the leather parts that need to be conditioned. After that, you need to wipe off the excess immediately and allow it to dry in several hours. 


  • Makes the leather look better
  • Conditions and oils the leather of the boots decently.
  • It does not darken but shines the leather of the boots.
  • Good in reviving tired leathers


  • It does not minimize scratches.

Best Budget Leather Conditioner

If your budget is tight but still looking for a good quality leather conditioner, try the  Cadillac Boot and Shoe Leather Lotion. This unique wax-free lotion is suitable for polishing, cleaning, and protecting your boots’ leather while leaving a soft satiny finish. It comes at an affordable price, and it is also good in retarding the water spotting and cracking.  

This leather lotion is good for enhancing your leather boots’ life and natural luster. This is safe to use in any leather color. It also works best for vinyl, reptile, or exotic leathers. However, it is not advised to use this on suede or nubuck. 

Features and Details

These leather lotions come with wide-ranging use as it applies to any leather.

This leather lotion rids away water spots and prevents the leather of your boots from cracking. 

It will work to restore and enhance your leather boots’ overall look and feel.

Effectively cares for any leather, including reptile skins and all exotic leather. 

This leather lotion comes with a wax-free formula and will not harden your leather boots.  

This leather lotions’ wax-free formula feature will keep your boots at their optimum state while giving them a better look and feel. 

In using this leather lotion, you need to clean first the surface of the leather boots. Once done cleaning, you can liberally apply this leather lotion using a soft cloth. After that, let ait dry buff it lightly. If you are using this on patents and types of vinyl, you need to wipe it dry while still damp. 


  • This lotion works wonders for your leather boots.
  • Works well for black leathers.
  • Easy to use and adds a clean look to the boots’ leather.
  • Worth the price


  • Not suitable for lambskin as it may cause darkening or color change. 

Best in Preserving the Color Leather Conditioner

If you are looking for a leather conditioner that best preserves the color, Bickmore Bick 4 is best recommended. This leather conditioner is excellent for nourishing, polishing, conditioning, cleaning, and maintaining the leather. It is best to use if you want to condition old or dry leather. What makes it best is that it does not darken your leather’s color. Bick for will not leave any residue behind, and it is safe for all exotic types of leather. 

Bick 4 also acts as a good water repellent to keep the leather of your boots from water stains. It is ideal for keeping the leather soft while preventing it from drying and developing cracks. This leather conditioner is a wax-free product that does not seal the leather boots and holds them breathable. 

Bick 4 will indeed care for your leather boots as it will not darken any colorfast leather or deteriorate any boot stitching. This leather conditioner will not leave any oily residue in the boot’s leather and is safe for different leather boots. 

Step 1 Clean the Boots

The first step you need is to clean the leather’s surface. You can use a bar of saddle soap for general cleaning and removing stains. Make sure to test the cleaner on the small spot of the boots before using it all over the boots.

Step 2 Apply the Leather Conditioner

Once the whole surface of the leather is clean, you may now use the leather conditioner. Apply Bick 4 conditioner directly using your hands or a small cloth. Apply the leather conditioner all over the areas of your leather boots. Make sure not to use this on suede, distressed, roughout, or napped leathers. 

Step 3 Let it Dry

Allow the leather of your boots to absorb Bick 4 leather conditioner and wait until it dries.

Step 4 Buff the leather

The last step is to buff the leather. You may repeat the process if necessary to achieve the desired finish. 


  • Easy to apply and suitable for any leather type
  • It is good in conditioning the leather.
  • Cleans softens and protects the leather.
  • Revive tired leather. 


  • Minimal leather derkening.

Best Leather Conditioners for Ariat Boots, in a nutshell…

One of the vital things to consider when keeping your leather boots in a good state is knowing how to care for them, like conditioning them properly. There are so many leather conditioning that may suit your reference. 

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