5 Best Ankle Boots for Women With Bunions

Ankle boots are acknowledged as a wardrobe staple. They come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and manufacturers. When choosing a pair, you may get overwhelmed due to plenty of choices in a boot store or get tempted, thinking it wouldn’t match your wardrobe or taste at first sight. 

Suffering from bunions makes it more challenging to look for the perfect pair of ankle boots. The best women’s ankle boots for bunions have wide toe boxes, comfortable and supportive soles, and durable materials. To ensure you’ll get the best one for long-term use, we came up with the five best women’s ankle boots for bunions.

5 Best Women’s Ankle Boots for Bunions 

ARIAT Dixon Women’s Western Boot

ARIAT provides high-quality, innovative footwear and apparel inspired by authentic Western and English flavors. The ARIAT Dixon Western Boot is a full-grain leather cowgirl boot equipped with traditional style and modern comfort. The fit is a little snug around the toes but not too much, enough to provide extra space for your bunions.  

ARIAT Dixon Western Boot is perfect during spring, summer, winter, or fall; an excellent addition to every wardrobe. This boot is cowgirl-inspired and pairs perfectly with jeans or dresses for a western finesse to any outfit. ARIAT Dixon features an ATS technology that promotes optimal support and cushioning to the foot as you move. It also allows better posture and reduces fatigue for pain-free work or play all day. 

The hand-nailed, color-stained leather outsole prevents any color from going through the lace holes and getting stuck on the tongue. The moisture-wicking footbed also allows a cooler, drier comfort.

The slit lowers down to allow the socks without them looking visible. People suffering from a condition affecting their ankles praise the split center of this boot, and its addition to the styling of the boot is a god-send.

ARIAT Dixon Western Boot feels higher in the back than in the front. Therefore, it’s best to fold the tops over or move them around a bit to stretch them out so they don’t excessively rub on the backs of your ankles. According to wearers, the soles are surprisingly comfortable, and they’ve received many compliments. 

If you need a boot with great arch support while being fashionable and comfortable, ARIAT Dixon Women’s Western Boot is one of the best! They’re great for people with foot concerns or even for wide feet. The style of the boot doesn’t bother your lower legs due to the flexibility of feet’s movement in the boot.

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Rate Ankle Boot

If you’re looking for the perfect booties that don’t give you blisters or hurt your feet by the end of the day, Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Ankle Boot is your best choice. It fits perfectly with leggings or skinny pants with a little cushion inside to keep you comfortable. The energized insole provides all-day comfort, cushioning, and optimal shock absorption to reduce foot pressure & fatigue, especially for bunions.

Dr. Scholl's Shoes womens Rate Ankle Boot, Black Perforated Microfiber Suede, 6 US

Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Rate Ankle Boots

Dr. Scholl promotes sustainability in their products. This ankle boot features an eco-conscious fabric toe box, linings, and topcloth derived from recycled bottles, while the heel counter is made from recycled materials. 

They are a little pointy and elongated but still feel comfortable. You can even wear these without socks! The foam technology padding makes this boot soft and supportive; plus, it has a slip-on fit with a side zipper for hassle-free take on and off. The rubber sole allows a quiet step without a clicking sound. Plus, the soft pink/tan suede color adds to its chic appearance. 

If you need an ankle boot with a cushioned footbed and hold up well to daily wear, go for Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Ankle Boot. These booties are perfect without the heel, perfect heel height for people working on their feet for many hours per day. Since this boot has neutral colors, it looks great with jeans of all cuts.

Clarks Women’s Camzin Maple Ankle Boot

This stylish but doesn’t let you suffer all day to look cool ankle boot from Clarks has amazing cushioning and arch support. They’re just right around the ankle. Therefore you could wear them with a dress, without making your legs look like swimming in ridiculously oversized shoes.

Clarks Women's Camzin Maple Ankle Boot, Olive Suede, 6.5 W US

Clarks Women’s Camzin Maple Ankle Boots

Camzin Maple Ankle Boots provides ample room in the toe box and still fits a pair of socks without heel slippage, ideal for people suffering from bunions. It has a synthetic sole for a better lightweight feel and provides adequate levels of breathability. The elastic gore provides an easy slide in and out. 

Camzin Maple Ankle Boots feature a breathable open-cell structure called OrthoLite, which has single-density molded footbeds for better moisture management, allowing air to circulate in and around the insole and wick moisture away from the foot. Over time, these footbeds retain cushioning and fit. They’re also machine washable and preserve performance after washing.

Slip into all-day comfort and elegant style with the Clarks Women’s Camzin Maple Ankle Boot. This simple-looking buckle-free loafer is very comfortable and has a nicer-casual look, perfect for everyday wear!

Clarks Women’s Linvale Sea Ankle Boot

If you’re searching for smart, leather boots with a touch of feminine aesthetic, the Clarks Linvale Sea Ankle Boot is your perfect choice! This boot is an ideal option if you’re into pointed toes and low-height kitten heels. The durable rubber sole offers optimal traction as you walk. This boot’s versatile style and seamless vamp give you that tall-looking appearance; plus, you can take this with you from the office to night out with ease.

Clarks Women's Linvale Sea Dress Boot Fashion, Black Leather, 50 M US

Clarks Women’s Linvale Sea Ankle Boots

Linvale Sea Ankle Boot looks great with dressy pants or leggings, jeans, dresses, or whatever style you want to pull off; it’s just extremely versatile! The 2″ heel is perfect if you want to settle for a low kitten heel for utmost comfort while being stylish and chic. It has soft leather and great inner padding on the sole. The footbed is also well-cushioned and fits perfectly even without socks. 

The synthetic lining of Linvale Sea Ankle Boots helps promote natural breathability and better moisture absorption for cooler, comfortable feet. The rubber outsole composition also offers essential benefits for slip resistance when in contact with elements such as oil and protection against scratches.

This chic ankle boot fits just right; easy to walk and looks great on any outfit. Although it’s a little pointy, it doesn’t pinch your toes. The kitten heel features a feminine look without feeling unstable, ideal for bunions and people with wide feet. If you’re into a kitten heel suitable for long hours and go with so many occasions, Clarks Linvale Sea Ankle Boot might be the best for you!

LifeStride Women’s Jezebel Ankle Boot

Suppose you just had your bunion surgery and look for a stylish and heel-to-toe comfort boot. In that case, the LifeStride Women’s Jezebel Ankle Boot offers the all-day support and cushioning you need. The stylish strap detailing elevates the look of the boot without compromising comfort. 

LifeStride Women's Jezebel Ankle Boot, Black, 5.5 M US

LifeStride Women’s Jezebel Ankle Boots

This boot features a microsuede upper that’s water-resistant and scratch-resistant. Furthermore, it’s also lighter than authentic leather, ideal for long wear and outdoor activities. The side zip closure provides temporary ventilation as the heat gets trapped inside the boot. A soft velocity layer with memory foam® supports your foot while the traction sole offers added stability.

If you’re on a budget and looking for a nice-looking boot, Jezebel Ankle Boot looks very great without being too high with the heels. People with bunions find this boot awesome for their feet as it’s very comfortable and doesn’t hurt the feet. 

How to Wear and Style Ankle Boots

Ankle boots can be styled endlessly due to their versatility, but there are a few ways to spice up your outfit. Here are a few styling tips to elevate your style with ankle boots:

Work Pants

Ankle boots are great for keeping your feet warm if you’re strolling outside during cold weather, but some may find it tricky to style and pair them for office wear, especially with pants. 

If you’re wearing your ankle boots with straight-leg pants, get one with a shorter hem so the pants can extend over the boot’s shaft rather than cover the boot entirely. Straight-leg pants usually don’t have a wide leg opening to fall, making them look baggy around your shoes.  

You can also opt for an ankle boot with a higher shaft to keep a continuous line on both the pants and boots.

Ankle boots with a pointy toe also help elongate your leg line while also elevating the style and polished feature to outfits.

LifeStride Women's Jezebel Ankle Boot, Tan, 5 M US

LifeStride Women’s Jezebel Ankle Boots


The style of your dress should match your ankle boots. Chic, heeled ankle boots with a shaft fitted to the calf are best paired with elegant dresses, while flat, comfy ankle boots are great with casual dresses for a relaxed style.

Rule of thumb: A pair of lighter ankle boots is best for dresses during spring/summer. Darker ankle boots matching your tights are great with dresses in autumn and winter. 

When styling different kinds and colors of ankle boots, you can consider these tips:

Brown – This color is a summer staple as they go well with almost all types of summer dresses. Suede, lace-up, or chunky brown ankle boots are great for summer floral dresses.

Black – This color is prominent to every ankle boot; they’re super versatile and can be paired with different styles of dresses. Black ankle boots match well with tights during the cool season, creating an illusion of longer legs. They also look great when fitted to the calves, ideal for casual office wear.


Jeans are an excellent pair with ankle boots; they’re both classics and can cross different style borders. 

It doesn’t conflict with your booties if you’re wearing cropped jeans, so it’s much more convenient and easier. Allow the denim to hit above your boots but don’t show too much skin between the boot’s top and the jeans’ bottom part. 

You can also tuck your denim if it’s too long or skinny at the ankle part; avoid making it a bunch. You can also try tucking your jeans if your ankle boots are wider at the top opening.

If you feel your jeans are bunching over your boots, you can also try cuffing them.

Ariat Women's Dixon Western Boot

ARIAT Women’s Western Boots

Western Boot

Cowboy boots are back on trend again! Compared to ballet flats or casual sandals like Birkenstocks, they don’t always feel chic. Although cowboy boots can be quite tricky to style, Instagram and fashion enthusiasts have been flexing this boot lately, inspired by the late 90s and 80s. 

It can be overwhelming to pair your cowboy boot with some Western-inspired accessories and outfits. Instead, add some contrast, such as animal prints.

Athletic and cowboy boots don’t go well. But lately, these two have been fashionably paired with polished pieces, allowing the boot to look chic.

It can be distracting to see tons of complicated accessories and outfits wearing cowboy boots. Instead, a simple pair of jeans and a basic tee or turtleneck is a great alternative.

Elegant outfits such as ruffled skirts and laces or classic pieces such as trench coats go well with Western boots. Embellishments like sequins and fringe may look over-the-top.

Ankle Boots for Women with Bunions, final thoughts…

When looking for ankle boots for bunions, it’s recommended to get textured rubber soles for better shock absorption and added traction. A low heel could be your best option if you need extra stabilization, such as a block heel. A cushioned layer may come in handy as well. Ankle boots with a wide toe box are excellent for bunions, made of a flexible material such as leather or suede, which allows your foot to move freely. 

Ultimately, don’t be afraid of heels. But it’s worth noting that heels that are too high shift your weight to the ball of your foot and your toes, making your toes prone to bunions. 

Stay away from stilettos. If you really need to wear one for an occasion to go well with that chic midi skirt, look for the suitable kind of ankle boot, not necessarily too high, with soft and flexible leather. A cushioned footbed is necessary for bunions for overall support. Go for a round toe box rather than a pointy kind.

Remember, life is too short for painful shoes!

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