How to Wash Darn Tough Socks?

How to wash darn tough socks?

One of the best things about Darn Tough socks is how darn tough they are. These Vermont-made socks can survive anything from rock climbing to cross-country hiking and last for years. However, no matter how much you love these socks, you will eventually come to a day when it’s time to wash them. So, take

Do Darn Tough Socks Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Do Darn Tough socks have a lifetime warranty? Believe me, I once asked that question myself. When my wife first showed me the $20 socks she’d just bought, I have to admit that I was underwhelmed. They were just plain black athletic socks with a subtle blue stripe on the side, and they weren’t even

Where Are Darn Tough Socks Made?

Where are Darn Tough socks made?

If you love buying “Made in USA” items as much as I do, you’re probably familiar with the brand Darn Tough Socks. They make socks that supposedly don’t stink and are famous for their lifetime guarantee. But where are Darn Tough Socks made? Darn Tough socks are made in Vermont, USA, by a family-owned company

Can Cowboy Boots Cause Back Pain?

Can Cowboy Boots Cause Back Pain?

What’s the number one cause of back pain? That depends on who you ask. Some people will tell you it’s bad posture, and others cite things such as sedentary jobs and lack of exercise. But very few mention the wrong pair of boots. If you’re in the cowboy boot fan club, you may panic, “can

Where Can I Buy Timberland Boots Online?

Where can I buy Timberland boots online? That is the question I asked myself when faced with the daunting prospect of finding Timberland boots. I am a big fan of outdoor living and spend frequent breaks from my office job to go hiking and camping. The need for expensive and high-quality outdoor equipment is something

Can Birkenstocks damage your feet?

Aside from the trendy styles and designs that Birkenstock creates, you might be wondering, if the brand also considers the overall health of your feet. Does wearing Birkenstocks actually cause damage or does it soothe certain foot issues? Birkenstocks generally do not damage your feet. In fact, wearing them has a lot of benefits like

Do Birkenstocks get smelly? 

Nobody wants a smelly pair of Birks. It makes us uncomfortable, especially when other people smell the stink! But can this be prevented? Why do Birks get smelly? Birkenstocks tend to get smelly over time if you use them often. Some of the causes are the sweat from your feet, high temperatures, skin problems, and