Arizona vs. Gizeh: Which Birkenstocks to Buy?

Since its establishment, Birkenstock has dedicated itself to producing high-quality, long-lasting footwear. After several years, the brand continues to become famous as they have been releasing iconic and trendy pairs like the Arizona and Gizeh.

Arizona and Gizeh are two of the most sought-after Birks models. Although they don’t vary in material composition and variations, their differences are evident in terms of style and design. Arizona is a two-strapped slip-on while Gizehs are thongs. The former suits casual outfits while the latter fits elegant ensembles.

These two well-known Birkenstock styles have something distinct to offer. It would be nice to know how different they are from each other so you can quickly identify the best style to buy.

Lucky you! This article has enumerated everything you need to be aware of. I have discussed the most notable dissimilarities between Arizona and Gizeh below. More so, I have listed their top-selling variations. 

What are the differences between Arizona and Gizeh?

If you are looking for the best Birkenstock styles on the internet, you may see that the Arizona and Gizeh Birks are topping the list. Both types have their own strengths and weaknesses. Choosing between the two is not a piece of cake. 

However, you don’t need to worry that much because you may find this article helpful in your quest for finding “the one.” In this section, I have elaborated on how different Arizonas are from Gizehs. 


Arizona and Gizeh carry the brand’s blueprint: the anatomically molded footbed with a deep heel arch and high toe bar great for people with foot problems. The material composition of Birkenstock’s footbed makes Arizona and Gizeh two of the comfiest pair on its sandal lineups. 

Regular footbeds of classic Arizonas and Gizehs are composed of cork, suede, jute, and latex. Soft footbed versions just have an additional cushioning before the surface of the sole. 

Arizona and Gizeh are available in either leather or synthetic materials. Birkenstock makes use of natural, nubuck, oil, and suede leathers. These genuine leather types possess grain texture and are dyed naturally.

Also, Birkenstock added new synthetic collections under their Arizona and Gizeh lineups. Both models are now obtainable in Birko-Flor, Birkibuc, Birko-Felt, and EVA versions.

Generally, there is no major difference in the materials used in creating Arizona and Gizeh. Birkenstocks make sure that every model is made of premium quality materials that undergo detailed processes. 

Features & Styles

With regards to features and styles, the Arizona and Gizeh models significantly vary from each other. Arizona is a two-strapped slip-on, while Gizeh is a thong-styled sandal.  

Arizona’s two straps are adjustable and come with metal or plastic buckles, depending on your desired Arizona variation. Its design is unisex and looks great on everyone, a genuine classic. 

On the other hand, Gizeh’s flip-flop design is very popular with women. What makes Gizeh different from Arizona is its elevated footbed edges. Having one feels like wearing a closed shoe. 

Also, Gizeh has broader and longer straps that are easily adjustable. You can alter a Gizeh’s fit depending on where you use them. 

Both models similarly carry Birkenstock’s trademark footbed wrapped in premium-quality soft leather. Arizona and Gizeh’s footbeds are made to conform to the shape of one’s foot.

Unlike rubber or foamy sandals, these models won’t cause foot numbness or strain as their footbeds offer excellent orthopedic support and security. The design of Arizona and Gizeh evenly distributes body weight.

Both models are great for travel adventures. However, their leather variations are not highly recommended for water-related activities. If you are a water baby, opt for Arizona and Gizeh’s EVA versions.

Colors & Availability

Arizona and Gizeh Birkenstocks are both available in a variety of colors. If you want a versatile leather option, you can get one in basic colors such as black, white, nude, or brown. 

If you are looking for a fun and chic-colored Birks style, you can also get an Arizona or Gizeh in dual-colored or printed designs mostly made of synthetic materials. You really have a lot of options to choose from!

Both Birkenstock models are easily accessible in the market. You can get hold of stocks online and in physical stores because the brand ensures they restock their best-selling pairs. 

Which is the more comfortable pair?

Both Arizona and Gizeh are comfortable pairs. However, its comfort level may vary from one person to another because one’s style preference is not similar to the others. Some may like slip-on more, while others may prefer thong-styled footwear.

The two models are infused with high-quality leather and synthetic materials, which ensure comfort. They both come with adjustable straps, which allow fit customization. 

More so, they also have that contoured footbeds that are specifically made to bring coziness to their wearers. Although regular footbeds necessitate a break-in period, they are worth the hassle as they become more comfortable after some time.

If you don’t have the time and patience for a break-in process, know that you can have either Arizona or Gizeh in soft footbeds. This kind of footbed is less challenging to break in than the original ones. 

Do Arizona and Gizeh Birks fit true to size?

Most reviews claim that Arizona Birkenstocks fit true to size. On the other hand, Gizeh tends to run narrower than other models because of their elevated footbed edges.

Finding the perfect size will be a bit of testing, especially if you’re a first-time Birks buyer. For more sizing information, you have to check out our Birkenstock size guide

You also need to know that Arizona and Gizeh Birks are both available in two types of width: regular or narrow. If you’re a bit hesitant about getting your standard size, you have to try what variation best suits you.

Which is the better sandal for summer or travel adventures?

Gizeh Birkenstock feels like it offers superior traction and security than Arizonas due to its elevated footbed edges and wider designed straps. Most shoe enthusiasts recommend using Gizeh in coursing through uneven terrains. 

Arizona may not be the better option for walking on rugged and uneven surfaces. However, they are still popular as casual footwear, best for walking long distances or running everyday errands.

Additionally, Arizona and Gizeh Leathers may not be suitable for travel adventures that include water-related activities. They should not be left submerged in water for a long time. 

However, if you really want an Arizona or Gizeh-styled flip-flop for your beach trips, you can have them in their EVA versions. They are entirely waterproof, but their disadvantage is that they lack traction and grip.

Between Arizona and Gizeh, which is more fashionable and versatile?

For a more feminine-looking sandal that will complete your femme fatale style, Gizeh is more preferable. Gizeh Birkenstocks are considered the “stylish all-rounder” because of their simple and relaxing yet chic and elegant design.

Unlike Arizona, Gizeh can perfectly suit your summer dress without your feet looking too casual or oversized. If you want a unique, attention-grabbing, and sophisticated Birkenstock, opt for a Gizeh.

However, if you are searching for a more versatile option that isn’t as eye-catching as Gizeh, I recommend purchasing the iconic Arizona pair. Many other brands replicate Arizona’s two-strap design, but Birkenstocks’ version remains superior.

What are the top-selling Arizona variations?

Arizona in natural leathers is a must-have! However, some say that this pair is not versatile and tough enough for specific travel adventures. This is the reason why the brand has introduced new Arizona variations that will cater to these demands. 

Some of Arizona’s latest releases are now rising as its best-selling variations. I listed them down below so that you can get an idea of how they vary from each other in terms of materials used and features.

Arizona Soft Footbed Oiled Leather 

Many Birks wearers assert that Arizona Soft Footbeds are expensive but worth the money. A good reason for this is that they come with a fifth layer of foam that ensures additional comfort. The pair is so comfy to wear even when it’s new!

Without worrying about facing some break-in inconvenience, you can wear an Arizona Birks in soft-footbed design anytime, anywhere! Under the Arizona lineup, the oiled nubuck leather version is one of the best-sellers. This is available in many colors.

Arizona Essentials EVA

Opt for the ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) version for a completely waterproof Arizona pair. Arizona Essentials EVA is a less expensive option than Arizona in classic leathers. More so, they are lightweight and flexible. They also get comfier when worn for a more extended period.

Although made of synthetic plastic, Arizona EVA still has a contoured footbed that greatly supports the arch. Further, what’s good about Arizona EVA is that they are easier to maintain. 

Arizona Birkibuc 

Arizona Birkibuc is made of a synthetic material called Birko-Flor which resembles nubuck leather. It is slightly cheaper than Arizona in nubuck oiled leather but still as durable and long-lasting.

Some wearers complain at first because Arizona Birkibuc requires to be worn in. They may cause break-in blisters or pain right out of the box. However, once you successfully break into an Arizona Birkibuc, you will start loving them.

Soon, they will conform to the shape of your foot and feel like a custom fit. Furthermore, it also has an EVA sole that contributes to the pair being shock absorbent. 

What are the top-selling Gizeh variations?

Like Arizona, Gizeh is also available in leather and synthetic materials. Three of its in-demand variations are the Big Buckle Leather, Birkibuc, and Oiled Leather versions. In this section, I have elaborated on their distinct characteristics.

Gizeh Big Buckle Leather 

This classic Birkenstock flip-flop is a newly released design that comes with a bigger and bolder buckle. This easy-to-wear Gizeh is made of oiled nubuck leather and has a smooth leather footbed lining. 

Opt for Gizeh Big Buckle Leather for a more refined and elegant look. Its best-selling colors are cognac and black, although they are also available in fun and bright colors like yellow and pink. These pairs can perfectly compliment your summer or beach outfits.

Gizeh Birko-Flor 

Gizeh Birko-Flor is also a great alternative to Birks leathers. It is made of a synthetic upper material that resembles smooth leather but is softer and, most importantly, more affordable. 

This Gizeh variation is also low maintenance and is available in a wide range of colors. Some of its blockbuster colors are ice pearl onyx, white and black. If you want Gizeh-styled Birks that don’t require breaking in, then go for this variation.

Gizeh Oiled Leather 

Like Gizeh Big Buckle, Oiled Leather Gizeh is made of genuine leather. What makes this variation stand out is its braided strap which adds a more feminine and regal touch. 

In addition, it has a suede footbed lining and an EVA sole. Gizeh Oiled Leather is available in many colors: dusty blue, iron, navy, black, cognac, and Habana. 

How much do Arizona and Gizeh cost? 

Most Birkenstocks models may be a bit pricy for others. However, some variations, particularly those made with synthetic materials, are cheaper. For instance, the starting price for Arizona and Gizeh EVA is $50. 

Generally, Arizona and Gizeh have similar price ranges. Arizona in oiled leather and soft footbed can be purchased at $145. In comparison, Arizona Birkibuc is priced at $140. Arizona’s price range is between $50 and $263. 

On the other hand, Gizeh’s costs range from $50 to $220. Their Gizeh Big Buckle can be bought for $150, while their Gizeh Oiled Leather is $135. For a cheaper leather-like option, you can check out Gizeh Birko-Flor, which is priced at $100.

Arizona vs Gizeh, Final Thoughts…

Arizona and Gizeh Birks have been flexing the brand’s trademarks: specially designed footbeds, high-quality leather uppers, and excellent gripping soles. In terms of comfortability and durability, both Birkenstock babies are first-rate.

They are built similarly but have different designs. Arizona is the two-strapped slip-on that can be casually worn when walking down the streets. On the other hand, Gizeh is the more fashionable and feminine option. 

You just need to determine what suits your personality and lifestyle more to decide whether you purchase an Arizona or Gizeh Birkenstock. The choice is yours to make!

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