Are Yeezys Good For Flat Feet?

If you’re someone with flat feet, it’s natural to wonder whether or not any shoe would be comfortable for you. Especially if they’re Yeezys and you’re spending a fortune to acquire them.

Yeezys are some of the most comfortable shoes ever made for flat-footed people according to users on Reddit. It does not have an exaggerated arch and works well for flat feet without needing any additional insoles.

Flat-footed people lack the natural arch in the middle of their feet, so their feet are totally flat. Since most shoes are designed for normal feet, people with flat feet need to be careful about what shoes they get since not all of them are wearable for them comfort-wise.

Thankfully, Yeezys sit so well on flat feet, some people on Reddit are wondering if Kanye West himself is flat-footed. It is recommended that people with flat feet go true to size with their Yeezys or go half a size up if they plan to use it with specialized insoles.

While I do recommend the Yeezys for everyday wear to flat-footed people, I don’t think they would perform well as workouts or running shoes for flat-footed people.

Do Yeezys Have An Arch?

Yes, most Yeezys in the boost series including the Yeezy 350 are designed with an inner arch. However, the inner arch does not extend to the midsole so it isn’t uncomfortable for flat-footed people.

If the subtle inner arch still bothers you, you can always use one of those insoles specially designed for flat-footed people. Just make sure to go half a size up if you plan to use insoles.

Which Yeezys Are Good For Flat Feet?

While it’s subjective to each person, most people with flat feet love the Yeezy 350 V2. It fits comfortably and does not have a tight or exaggerated arch that would bother flat-footed people. Plus the boost technology provides their feet with the support it needs.

I think the Yeezy 380, foam runners, and Yeezy slides would also be good for flat feet.

Are Yeezy 350 Good For Flat Feet?

Yes, Yeezys 350 have an arch in the lining. But they do not have an arch in the midsole, so it won’t actually bother flat-footed people once they wear it.

According to a Reddit user, flat-footed people can go true to size for Yeezys 350 without requiring any special insoles.

Are Yeezys Good For Wide Feet?

Yeezys can definitely be worn by people with wide feet. However, you need to make sure you get the right size because Yeezys usually run small. If you want a comfortable fit for your wide feet, go a size up.

Which Yeezys Are Good For Wide Feet?

Most Yeezys can be worn by people with wide feet if they figure out the correct sizing, But I believe the Yeezy 380 would be the best pick for wide-footed people.

The Yeezy 380 is designed with a wider toe box compared to other Yeezys so people with wide feet don’t have to feel the discomfort of their toes cramping together. They also have better arch support and stability, making them a great choice for wide feet.

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