Are UGG Slippers Too Hot? What You Need To Know

When looking for casual and comfortable footwear, UGG slippers are a common choice for shoppers. They’re designed to keep the feet warm, and you can wear them both indoors and outdoors. Yet, do they get too hot? 

UGG slippers are not too hot, even in the summertime, because they’re made with sheepskin, which is a naturally thermostatic material. Sheepskin is breathable due to its hollow fibers, allowing air to move freely, which is how it regulates the temperature of your feet. 

This article will explain why UGG slippers aren’t too hot, discussing whether you should wear them in summer and what happens when you wear them with socks. I’ll also explain why you must ensure UGG slippers are genuine before purchasing. 

How UGG Slippers Insulate Your Feet

When you think about wearing UGGs for insulation, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is protection from the cold. Since UGGs are mostly worn in cold weather, they keep our feet warm by creating a barrier between your warm feet and the cold air around your feet. This barrier ensures your feet don’t radiate the heat from your body. 

The same principle applies during hot seasons. The sheepskin acts as a barrier between your feet and the hot air around them. 

In addition, the soles are usually made from rubber, which acts as an insulator. These properties combined keep your feet from getting neither too hot nor too cold. 

What You Need To Know About Wearing UGG Slippers in Summer

UGGs are usually associated with cold seasons because they keep your feet warm during these cold months. However, it’s not uncommon to see people wearing them even in the summer. This begs the question, can they get too hot when worn in summer? 

The answer is a simple no. Due to its insulation properties, the sheepskin used to make UGG slippers doesn’t absorb heat from the atmosphere. 

The Great Debate: Will Socks Make My UGG Slippers Too Hot?

Socks will not make your UGG slippers too hot. In fact, wearing socks may make your feet colder! This is because socks create a barrier between your feet and the sheepskin, making you unable to derive the full thermostatic benefits of the UGGs. 

According to one manufacturer, UGG slippers aren’t designed to be worn with socks, as socks will reduce the level of warmth in your feet. 

However, it’s also important to note that podiatrists recommend wearing socks with your UGGs. Although sheepskin is an excellent material to keep your feet warm and dry, it’s also an ideal breeding ground for fungus. 

UGGs can absorb up to 30% of their weight in water. As a result, if they’re not properly dried or worn during intense physical activity, the combination of organic material, humidity and warmth will cause fungus to grow. This is certainly harmful to your feet, and you can expect a fungal foot infection if you wear the UGGs again. Additionally, you may notice your UGGs will start to stink

How UGG Slippers Should Feel on Your Feet

Like any other footwear, UGG slippers shouldn’t cause discomfort when worn. If they do, there’s likely a problem with the sizing or the footwear itself, which can cause bruising, infections, and other significant issues to your feet. 

Most UGG slippers are made of sheepskin, which is naturally thermostatic. This means it can maintain a consistent temperature while the slippers are worn. Thus, when worn without any other foot covering, UGG slippers shouldn’t get too hot but rather retain the warmth produced by your body, which is about 97°F (36.1°C) to 99°F (37.2°C). 

However, it’s important to note that when additional foot coverings such as socks are worn, it’ll affect how the slippers feel on your feet. Let’s see why this happens and whether these additional foot coverings are necessary. 

Why the Quality of Your UGG Slippers Matters

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with poor-quality replicas that don’t meet the same standards as genuine UGGs. 

If you are uncertain about the quality of your UGGs, you can use this simple guide to confirm whether they are genuine:

  • How do your slippers feel to the touch? Genuine sheepskin feels rough, soft, and thick to the touch. Fake UGG slippers can feel thin, overly soft, and like plastic.
  • Check the tags. The logo on genuine UGGs is made using a reflective hologram style. The logo should read UGG®, which is duplicated in smaller print through the tag. A legitimate ogo should also be well embroidered with closely spaced letters.
  • Inspect the packaging. A firm cardboard box is the packaging used for genuine UGGs. If they come in a bag or an unstable cardboard box, they’re not real UGGs.
  • Overall appearance. You can tell fake UGGs from their poor workmanship. The embroidery and stitching tend to be uneven and messy. Real UGGs should have clean stitches that align.
  • Bend the soles. The soles should be made from rubber and able to bend easily. Rigid soles that do not bend easily indicate the UGGs are fake.

Since the production of fake UGGs is unregulated, it’s not possible to account for the materials used to make them. Nonetheless, what is certain is they won’t give you the same level of comfort that true UGGs will, including thermoregulation. 

Therefore, if you want to experience the true luxury and comfort of UGGs, I suggest that you seek only genuine ones. 

Final Thoughts:

UGG slipper shouldn’t get too hot. You can even wear them in summer without expecting them to get too hot or uncomfortable for your feet. If they do get hot, you might want to check whether they’re genuine UGGs. 

Also, remember that podiatrists say UGGs aren’t suitable for being worn over extended periods. Their thin soles and lack of adequate cushioning and support to the foot makes them a poor choice of everyday footwear. 

Most importantly, don’t neglect to clean your UGGs and store them in a clean, dry place.

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