Are Timberland Boots Good For Snow?

Sometime in the 1990s, Timberland boots were touted by early internet ads as being perfect for all types of weather —rain, shine, and even mud. The point was that if you wore boots from this particular brand, they would last a long time, something that most people gathered from the name “Timberland.” Both the name and the marketing campaign have stuck with us, who, for some reason, are still asking, “Are Timberland boots good for snow?”

Timberland boots are great for snow. They are waterproof, insulated, provide excellent traction, and, most importantly, comfortable!

Here are my favorite Timberland boots that will keep you warm and dry this winter.

Best Men’s Timberland Boots for Winter

Timberland Premium 6-inch Boot

If I were looking for a warm, sturdy winter boot for men, I would choose the Timberland Premium 6 Inch Boot.

Timberland Premium Heritage 6-inch Boot

I am also fond of the Timberland Premium Heritage 6-Inch Boot since it offers superb traction and is waterproof.

Timberland Radford Winter Boot

Rounding out my top three Timberland winter boots is the Timberland Radford Winter Boot. It has all the features I need in a winter boot, and its waterproof leather upper keeps my foot warm and dry even in heavy snow.

Best Women’s Timberland Boots for Winter

Timberland Authentic Fold-over Boot

Find your perfect winter boot in the Authentic Fold-Over Boot from Timberland®. These boots feature waterproof membranes, cozy faux fur linings, and cushiony EVA-blend footbeds. Their slip-resistant rubber outsoles supply enough traction whether you are walking on snow or more slippery surfaces.

Timberland Premium 6-inch Waterproof Boot

If you’re looking for rugged, reliable winter boots that can encourage your outdoor activities, the Timberland Premium 6-inch Waterproof Boots are another great choice. Built with premium waterproof leather and durable rubber outsoles, these boots are designed specifically for women.

Timberland Premium 6-inch Boot

My third pick, in addition to the first two I mentioned, is the Timberland Premium 6-inch Boots. These boots are equally as warm, supportive, and waterproof as the other two pairs.

Now that you know that Timberland boots can keep your feet warm in the biting cold, you must be wondering why they’re so effective. Well, let’s see!

What Makes Timberland Boots Good For Winter?

The following are some of the qualities that make Timberland boots ideal for winter:

Timberland Boots Are Really Waterproof

Instead of being layered with a waterproof covering, which may get penetrated by water, Timberland boots are designed with silicon-injected leather. This way, they’re automatically more resistant to moisture than traditional leather shoes.

To further ensure that their shoes are waterproof, Timberland reinforces the stitched spaces with more silicon so there is no chance of water seeping through the stitches. They then apply a heat-molding mechanism that molds the upper and sole into one solid waterproof shoe.

Snow is basically water, so the same properties that make a shoe waterproof also make it suitable for wearing when the roads turn white. The cold might get into your head, but at least ice won’t get into your shoes!

Timberland Boots Provide Traction For Added Safety

Timberland boots are crafted to provide a firm grip through two mechanisms. Firstly, the shape of the sole has been carefully honed to maximize traction across slippery surfaces, including ice.

Second, they use recycled automobile tires to make the soles of their boots. These are originally designed for good traction on roads and sidewalks, and when incorporated into their unique engineered shape, you get a sole that can handle slippery snowy days.

Timberland Boots Are Insulated

Timberland boots are naturally more insulated due to the use of silicon-injected leather. The company recommends pairing the shoes with good-quality socks like its pique socks for extra warmth.

However, some boots in the Timberland collection, such as the PrimaLoft or Jayne series, come with extra insulation to keep your feet warm outdoors.

They Are Designed For Ultimate Comfort

Let’s be honest. A shoe’s sole and waterproofing may be excellent, but they won’t help if the shoe is uncomfortable to wear.

Thankfully, Timberland boots are modeled to provide comfort while protecting the feet from shocks and bumps. Their materials are so breathable that they discourage moisture buildup, keeping your feet dry and comfortable for hours of wear.

Will Timberland Boots Get Ruined In The Snow?

Because Timberland boots are specifically designed to combat snow, slush, and harsh cold weather, they will not be negatively impacted by any of these elements.

However, many factors influence the longevity (or lack thereof) of any product. Similarly, your Timberland boots’ durability is influenced by how long you wear them daily, what kind of occupation you profess (does it involve working on rough terrains or not?), and most importantly, how well you take care of them.

How To Care For Your Winter Boots

Boots might be well made, but they won’t last long if you don’t take care of them! Here’s how you can look after your winter boots:

Keep Them Away From Extreme Heat

It can be tempting to dry boots in front of a radiator or direct sunlight but resist the urge. That sort of heat will dry out the leather and cause it to crack more easily.

Instead, allow your shoes to dry at room temperature. Insert shoehorns into the shoes to prevent them from shrinking or becoming misshapen.

Use Timberland’s Protector Spray or Balm

If you want to keep your Timberland shoes looking as good as new, it’s a good idea to use a product like the protectant balm. It will help keep your boots clean and preserve their water-resistant properties.

Make Sure To Clean Them

Please do not wash your boots with water. Dirty water and microbial waste can accumulate at their seams, which might eventually make them look ugly and ruin their grip and comfort. To avoid that, clean your boots every once in a while using a damp cloth or a brush with soft bristles.

For even better results, consider getting Timberland’s dry cleaning kit.

Can Timberland Boots Be Worn In The Snow?

Timberland boots are made to endure all kinds of weather conditions. Timberland Premium, Heritage, and Radford boots are intended for winter weather and would be prudent choices for anyone needing snow-fit, rain-proof boots.

Ideal for retaining heat and keeping your feet warm and sweat-free for the whole day, their winter boots are waterproof and have an anti-slip sole design.

While not all of their boots have all of the properties listed above, Timberland does offer a variety of styles for those who prefer waterproof boots. You can check out our article on their waterproof boots as well.

But if you want comfort, grip, and warmth all in one—without breaking the bank—stick to the Timberland boots we listed above or go over each boot’s product description before settling on a pair.

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