Are Socks And Slides Acceptable?

Those of us who are a little older know that fashion trends come and go. But one fad that I have seen in recent years is the slide with socks. I have to admit that when I first started seeing people wearing slides with socks, I thought it was a really odd combination.

Strolling down the beach, kayaking through calm waters, or heading out to a casual dinner with friends—these were things I associated with slides. That is, until things changed and the slide-with-sock wave blew over summer fashion. What the heck is happening? Is wearing socks with slides really acceptable now?

Justin Bieber would say yes. Wearing socks with slides is socially acceptable. As long as you’re comfortable, nothing’s stopping you from showing them off whenever you please. Slides are especially useful after a sweaty game of basketball or soccer—they allow your feet to breathe and relax.

As fashion trends and societal values evolve, footwear has moved from being about what looks good to what feels good. Sure, slides with socks look good, and they feel even better! But where did the trend of wearing slides with socks come from? Well, the best way to answer this question is to go back to the beginning.

Wearing Socks and Slides: Trend and History

It’s hard to believe, but 2,000 years ago, socks and sandals were a solid fashion choice. The ancient Romans wore socks made out of wool or leather. Each sock had a split space between the big toe and the remaining four toes, so that the wearer could push their foot through the sandals, and the sock could then be secured by the sandal strap. Back then, the Romans perceived that sandals couldn’t provide as much protection for the feet as shoes could, hence the use of socks as a means of extra protection.

Socks and sandals, the strange combination of two items of clothing that never really seemed to belong together, are back in vogue. In 2010, spring/summer had the first sightings of socks-and-sandals mania, with The Daily Telegraph reporting that the trend seemed to be particularly popular among models. Since then, however, it has trickled down from its high-fashion origins and made its way into mainstream fashion.

Afterwards, in 2014, Brian Shea of The Evening Sun reminded us that elderly people wear socks with sandals all the time, while in Germany, pairing socks with sandals is a cultural norm.

In the Pacific Northwest, The Daily Dot reports that “socks and sandals” was a trending search phrase among Washingtonians.

The Socks and Slides Controversy

“So, is wearing socks with slides appropriate?” This question echoes in our minds every time we read a column about some British newspaper shading a celebrity for embracing the trend, while online news channels praise the same people for doing the same thing.

Other questions quickly follow suit. “Isn’t it odd to shroud my feet in socks while wearing sandals?” Frankly speaking, the answer depends on the respondent’s personal preferences. But, while I can’t say that slides plus socks aren’t good for you, I think it would be worth noting some more facts before jumping to your conclusion.

Professional Etiquette

In some countries considered to be more conservative, wearing socks with slides is the new professional look. Just ask the people in India.

Over there, it’s much worse to go sockless in sandals, especially if your feet aren’t in tip-top shape.

But in America, slides are typically not allowed in an office environment. They’re a bit too informal for most offices.

With the rising popularity of slides with socks, some companies are already breaking conventional workplace dress codes, allowing their employees to resume duty wearing the combo. If this trend continues to grow, it might eventually become the new norm in offices around America and the world at large.


Wearing socks with slides is a personal decision, but some people wear socks because it’s more comfortable. The socks prevent your feet from rubbing against the slides, thus potentially preventing blisters.

Whether you like it or not, wearing socks while wearing slides is an on-trend way of adding texture and comfort to your look.

Generational Fashion Choices

The truth is, different generations have unique fashion trends. Let’s begin with post-soviet Russia. The Soviet government tried to regulate and standardize everything: people’s behavior, taste, even the style of their clothes. Soldiers were banned from wearing sandals with socks, and it was not until 2013 that the Russian government replaced the “Portyanki” (footwraps worn by Russian soldiers) with socks.Also, if you take a look at European countries today, you can still see that tradition is alive there. Old German people still like to put on slides with socks or sandals with socks.

Thus, the reintroduction of socks with slides in the fashion arena is an “out with the old, in with the new” approach. Sort of. But now that youths have started wearing slides with socks like the older generation, what’s the future of this trend? Will it last?

From the looks of things, it might be safe to say yes. Sure, many conservatives in society aren’t excited at the sight of sock-clad toes peeking through slides. However, as the trend gains ground, their opinions are bound to change.

After all, we live in a dynamic society. Times are changing, and customs are being refined and redefined every day.

Regional Appeal

Fashion is an expression of culture, a reflection of history and geography, and an extension of personality. The regions we live in determine what we wear.

For example, in the Pacific Northwest, people are used to wearing socks with slides. They have been doing this for many years.

In the United States, the trend of wearing slides with socks has started to catch on. However, wearing slides with socks is not yet acceptable in professional environments.


Slide-sock combos have been popping up on the feet of celebrities for a few seasons now, but only recently have they become ubiquitous enough to warrant a trend alert. Apparently, everyone is wearing slides with socks, especially in the colder months.

Have you ever seen a picture of Kanye West wearing slides with socks? Of course you have. Many celebrity gossip sites have practically fed off that piece of news. Justin Bieber has been spotted in socks with slides, as has David Beckham. And let’s face it, if any one of those guys can pull off that look, shouldn’t the rest of us mere mortals be able to do the same?


Most men wear their slides with socks for the sake of hygiene. When you wear your slides barefoot, your skin can rub against the thick straps of the footwear, causing blisters and bruises. Socks also protect your feet from dust and grime. On the other hand, women are more concerned about how socks shield their treasured pedicures and heels from the horrors of street dirt.

On a more serious note, one simple way to keep your toes blister-free is to wear socks with slides. You can choose any kind of thickness or style of sock you want, but thin wool or cotton socks work best with slides. Wool is a natural fiber that absorbs moisture and keeps your feet dry, in addition to wicking away unwanted moisture from your feet as you wear your slides throughout the day. Cotton is breathable and absorbs sweat, which also keeps your feet dry and prevents the development of blisters.

Socks Options with Slides

#1 JOYNÉE Men’s Athletic Socks

The JOYNÉE Men’s 6 Athletic Socks are best-in-class, ankle-length socks that offer premium comfort. Made of microfiber, these socks will go great with your slide sandals and boots. Each pack contains six pairs.

They’re available in shades of black, white, and grey. For you, only the best will do. So take your pick, explore the endless possibilities, and find the perfect color to match every mood.

  • 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex
  • Easy to wash
  • Maximum Cushioning
  • Fits most of the American men
  • Very soft and comfortable to wear

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#2 Champion Men’s 6-Pack Crew Socks

The Champion Men’s 6-Pack Crew Socks are made to be supportive and comfortable. They are breathable, moisture-wicking, and come in a variety of colors.

  • 97% Polyester, 2% Spandex and 1% Other Fibers
  • Pull-on closure
  • Double Dry Wicking
  • Machine wash
  • Imported
  • Knit in logo
  • Standard size
  • Cushioned foot bottom

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#3 Eedor Women’s 3/6/8 Pairs Thin No Show Socks Non-Slip Flat Boat Line

The first two suggestions are for men, but women could certainly wear either of those brands of socks. The next set of socks that I’ll suggest were designed with women in mind. They’re super soft and durable, giving your feet plenty of wiggle room.

Beautifully crafted with a silky texture, the Eedor No-Show Boat Line socks protect your precious feet while remaining discreet and comfortable. You can wear them with sandals, slides, or flats. These socks are available in three sizes on Amazon, so there’s a pair for every lady.

  • 80% cotton and 20% Spandex
  • Elastic band and silicone grip
  • Prevent slipping
  • Not too thin or not too thick
  • High-quality materials
  • 3 different sizes
  • Cheaper rate

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#4 Saucony Women’s Performance Athletic sock

The Saucony Performance Athletic socks for women are designed for comfort. Your feet will thank you when you wear these socks and slip into your slides after a vigorous game of basketball or soccer. These lightweight, ankle-high socks will soothe your sore muscles at the end of a tiring day on the court.

You can now order these cool socks in several sizes at excellent prices from Amazon.

  • 98% Polyester and 2% Spandex
  • Choose from 8 pairs or 16 pairs per package
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Moisture wicking
  • Heel and arch support

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#5 Haynes Women’s 10-Pack Crew Sock

The Hanes Crew Sock for Women is the perfect casual white (also available in black) sock for women wearing slides.  No matter what the day holds, you can start it in a luxurious way with this soft cotton blend sock. Its reinforced sole provides optimal comfort and durability, allowing for extended wear.

Get these branded socks for a very good price from Amazon. Several sizes are available.

  • Cotton/Polyester/Rubber/Spandex blend
  • Reinforced heal and toe resistant wear
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Moisture wicking

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Final Thought

Socks and slides have somehow risen from the fragments of classic footwear that is seen to be unappealing or old-fashioned. And, they have become a trend, with everyone wearing them everywhere. Now, the question remains: will you embrace the change?

As you think of your answer, keep in mind that my sock recommendations are low-priced, comfortable, and available in a variety of colorful designs. Just click the links on this page to get the superchic pair that meets your needs.

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