Are Socks A Bad Gift?

I was talking to a friend the other day, and she said that socks were a bad Christmas gift. I didn’t really agree with her on that one. Sure, if you only get socks, then they’re kind of a letdown, but they’re not the worst thing in the world!

A plain pair of socks can be a bad gift, but as an element of a larger gift, or as an individual gift for the right person, socks can do wonders.

Are socks ever a good gift? It depends. When it comes to giving a gift, there’s a fine line between thoughtful and boring. Socks are almost always on the boring side of that line, but if you want to give them as a gift, that’s your business. Just don’t expect your loved ones to be thrilled about it — no one is going to be over the moon when they open this present.

Personally, I love receiving socks. I wear them almost every day, so it’s always nice to have more pairs on hand. One of my favorite brands of socks is Darn Tough. “But wait,” you may be thinking, “how is this the perfect time to tell me about your favorite brand of socks?” You’re right. This isn’t exactly the most convenient moment for me to start talking about my love of sock brands. But if you check some of the best Darn Tough Sock gift ideas here in hopes of finding a great gift idea for your loved one, then I’m happy to give my input on the matter and help save you some time and money.

Gifting Socks

When you’re picking a gift for someone, think about that person’s interests. For example, my daughter has lots of fuzzy clothes, fuzzy slippers, and even a fuzzy turtle that she sleeps with every night. So I would definitely buy her fuzzy socks.

Fuzzy Warm Slipper Socks Women Super Soft Microfiber Cozy Sleeping Socks

If I gave her a pair of fuzzy socks, she would be really pleased.  She would love that gift.  In fact, last Christmas, one of her gifts from me was fuzzy socks!

I recently gave this gift. It was fun for me to give, and it made for a great story for both me and my friend. I had found novelty socks that were a hoot on a website. They allowed me to upload a picture (I decided to use a selfie) for the customization of the socks. Then I had the order delivered to my friend’s address!

Custom Novelty Personalized Socks Funny Print for Women and Men

Oh yes, he did receive the present. Straight up, this guy phoned me and we laughed about the gift for twenty good minutes. The takeaway? Make sure whomever you’re gifting socks to shares your sense of humor.

5 Reasons Why Socks Are A Bad Gift

Giving someone socks as a gift can be a great source of fun, or it could be a terrible idea indeed.

Okay, I’m not saying that socks are the worst thing you can possibly give a person. The rightness or wrongness of a gift depends largely on the receiver and the circumstances. Let me tell you another story…

A few years ago, my friend (I’ll call him A) said his wife didn’t like the gift he gave her for her birthday. He spent hundreds of dollars on it. So I asked him what he bought her. His answer was a blow: “A vacuum cleaner.”

Yes, you read that right. A freaking vacuum cleaner. In his defense, his wife had been complaining about their old vacuum cleaner. It cleaned the dirt in their home thoroughly, but always skipped their pet’s hair. When her birthday was around the corner, A thought she would appreciate Dyson Vacuum cleaner that “really sucked”.  The birthday gift “sucked” alright!

Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Thanks for the heads-up, man. Note to self: never gift my wife a vacuum cleaner.

Where were we? Oh, socks.

Socks Are Memorable

Lesson learned, right? Don’t give your female best friend, or any loved one for that matter, a pair of socks for her birthday or on Christmas day. She might not chew you out immediately, but you’re not going to like the thoughts running through her mind.

The worst part is when the socks are the only thing you gift her. Geez! She might dump them in her drawer, give them out, or break down and cry after you’re gone. And, if the female is the kind that doesn’t receive a lot of gifts from others, your two socks will make her sadder.

But if the giftee is someone dear to your heart, like your girlfriend or fiance, you could gift her socks as a symbol of your desire to be her hearth in this cold world. Darn, did I just get poetic? Whatever. In a situation where you two aren’t cozy enough to kiss, you could still hand her socks, but study her closely before the big day and be sure that she’ll appreciate your sentiment.

Cold Feet, Warm Heart

Have you heard the line, “Cold feet, warm heart?” For the sake of our discussion, I’ll reverse the order of the phrases in this manner: “Cold heart, warm feet.”

My point is, when you warm the feet of your loved one with socks, you’re in danger of dampening their love for you.

There’s no doubt about it: socks are one of the easiest and most affordable gifts you can give. Socks speak volumes. They tell a story about your distinct personality and about the things you care about most — like your loyalty to your favorite sports team, or even your sense of mischief! However, there is one thing that makes socks so easy to give and receive — they are often overlooked.When you give a pair of

thick, soft, and cozy wool socks, your gift receiver may not appreciate you for this as much as you hoped they would. That’s because it’s something that most people can just buy for themselves.

Pack of 5 Womens Vintage Style Cotton Knitting Wool Warm Winter Fall Crew Socks, Mixed Color 1, One Size - fit shoe sizes from 5-10

Vintage Style Women’s Wool Socks

But what if you take the time to look beyond the wrapping paper and consider what kind of promise your gift is making? You see, a gift should be more than just a present. It should be an experience tied with a bow. When I give someone a pair of socks, I make sure that they know that they’re going to have an adventure with me while wearing their new socks. I’ll take them skating on a frozen lake. Maybe even up to the mountains, hiking through snowdrifts. When the person you’re giving a gift to is truly excited about it, you’re furnishing them with not only a tangible object, but also the opportunity for new experiences or cherished memories.

By giving your loved one an activity-based gift, you’re letting them know that you put some thought into the gift selection process.

Holes, Holes, Holes!

That said, if you’re going to buy them socks, make sure that you’re getting good quality ones. The last thing you want is for your sister’s heels to be visible through the holes of her new socks after only one wash.

Just picture her fishing the socks you gave her one week ago out of her drawer, only to notice that the socks already have holes. Trust me, she’ll remember you forever, and not in a good way.

You might be thinking, “Can’t she darn the socks or something?” Oh darling, nobody darns socks anymore. We throw them out as far as our arms can swing.

Socks are Cheap

The title says it all. No offense, but socks are cheap. Not that they’re inherently bad, but there’s absolutely no excuse to give a person socks as their only gift.

Before you reach for that pair of bright red Christmas socks with green reindeer on them, consider pairing them with something else to make the presentation more interesting. You don’t want to look like a cheapskate who gave a crappy gift. As I mentioned earlier, use the gift of socks as a hint that you want the beneficiary to engage in a certain activity with you, e.g., skating or rollerblading, walking, etc. Whatever the activity is, make sure it’s something they naturally enjoy doing.

This way, they’ll know that underneath the cheap socks from Walmart is someone that genuinely loves and wants to spend time with them.

Socks Can Reflect Your Personality

New research suggests that people may be able to determine your intelligence, social status, and even personality based solely on the type of socks on your feet.

I have had the chance to observe and chat with all sorts of people, from clients to other professionals. I’m not sure if this is a trend, but I’ve noticed that some men are wearing patterned socks with their suits. The first time I saw a man rocking the interestingly designed socks was at my bank’s drive-through when I was waiting to deposit a check. He caught me checking out his feet, and gave me a friendly smile.I’ve since seen the same thing in lawyers’ offices, doctor’s offices, and business meetings. So it isn’t just my imagination — it seems like it might be catching on to wear patterned socks with suits.

Maybe this trend is actually the professionals’ way of standing out from the crowd. Come to think of it, if everyone in your office wears a blue suit, you might want to be a little different and wear paisley socks. But…

But not everybody is cool with wearing paisley socks. Some people prefer sock colors of calm, serene shades, like light grey. In this vein, you need to understand the personality of the individual before picking out socks for them. Will they wear socks on which pictures of your face are printed? Or toss your gift of glitter socks in the trash?

If you don’t do your homework properly, you won’t know the answers to these kinds of questions until it’s too late.

If you’re in the kind of close relationship where you can’t bear to be apart from one another and you have a sense of humor, the no-holds-barred gift is always an option. You remember the story of how I gifted my friend novelty socks with my face plastered all over them? I did so because I knew he would appreciate the gift and find it funny. But did he wear the socks? I don’t know, and frankly speaking, I wouldn’t mind if he never put them on. He got the joke, and that was all that mattered.

Socks As A Gift – Ideas

Although socks might not seem like the best gift idea at first, they can actually make a great birthday present for your friends and family.

So, next time you’re at a birthday party and feeling stumped about what to give as a gift, give a nice pair of socks! Here are a couple of ideas to inspire you.

Gag / Fun Gift! Men’s & Women’s Novelty Crew Socks

Let’s be frank, these socks don’t typically perform well when it comes to their moisture management because they’re made from a spandex and polyester blend. In fact, they would be more at home in a comic book than on any foot, and provide little comfort when worn.

Funny Socks for Men & Women

There are a variety of images to choose from… fruit, fish, sayings, and more.  Check out the whole collection here.

If you want to give something fun, then these are a good choice.

  • 98% Polyester, 2% Spandex
  • Funny designs that can make a great surprise
  • Best-suited gift for all occasions

Give the Gift of Warm Feet

Don’t let the winter freeze your friends’ toes off. The secret weapon? Heated Socks (for Men & Women). These socks are designed to last up to ten hours and feature three heat settings. Help your buddies stay warm with this fun and unique gift!

Heated Socks for Men/Women – Upgraded Rechargeable Electric Socks

They also come with high-quality rechargeable batteries tucked away into a discreet pocket on each sock and keep your feet warm and toasty in freezing temperatures.

With a 30-day full refund and a one-year product warranty, these are a great gift for your “warm-hearted, cold-footed” friends…

SDBING Women’s Winter Fuzzy Socks

I’ve mentioned this earlier, my daughter loves fuzzy socks.  These are great value, the soft “slipper sock” with anti-slip gel on the bottom.

Please note that these socks aren’t designed to be worn with shoes. However, nothing’s stopping you from padding around your home in these socks, which hug your feet like warm fuzzy blankets!

Heated Socks for Men/Women – Rechargeable Electric Socks

Giving this product to a friend is like gifting them a pair of clouds.

  •  50% Polyester, 40% Nylon and 10% Spandex
  • Fleece lined
  • Non-skid gel buttons

Check Amazon for Current Price

EnerWear 4 Pack Women’s Merino Wool Socks

These socks are knitted from Merino wool which naturally regulates temperature and helps wick moisture away from the feet, and are the ideal gift for the active friend in your life.

EnerWear 4 Pack Women’s and Men’s Merino Wool Outdoor Hiking Trail Crew Sock

From short walks to life-changing hikes, wool socks are the key to keeping your feet warm, dry, and blister free.

These socks come in a variety of colors and designs.

  • 86% Merino Wool, 10% Polyester, 3% Nylon, 1% Spandex
  • 4 pairs per package
  • Great value

Check Amazon for Pricing!

Darn Tough Hiker Mirco Crew Cushion Sock for Men

Nothing matches the warmth and comfort of e Darn Tough Brand Merino Wool Socks. Since each pair is guaranteed for life, they make an excellent gift option.

Men’s Merino Wool Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Socks

They’re also manufactured with Merino wool that wicks moisture away and keeps your feet warm in cold weather.

These socks come in a variety of colors and designs.

  • 61% Merino Wool, 36% Nylon, 3% Lycra Spandex
  • Made in the Vermont, USA
  • Guaranteed for life!

SDBING Women's Winter Super Soft Warm Cozy Fuzzy Fleece-Lined with Grippers Slipper Socks (Black)

Check Amazon for price and availability

Final Words

Socks are a meaningful gift that proves you care! Whatever the season, there’s a reason to give them to someone you love. The socks I recommended are bestsellers year after year.

Millions of people choose socks as gifts. Buy with confidence.

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