Are SmartWool Socks Good?

Comfort matters when purchasing a sock, so you might still be looking for socks that could offer you comfort and protection, but you tend to buy the wrong one. Well, I can say that you try to purchase SmartWool socks and see for yourself how good these socks are. 

Smartwool socks are good socks since they are made in high-quality merino wool that is soft and comfortable to the skin. Each pair of socks contains an air bubble that keeps your feet warm in winter and cools in summer. It has a breathable feature that keeps your feet dry and odor-free. 

In purchasing the best quality socks, comfort matters. Also, choose socks that won’t make your feet stinky and consider durability. All the mentioned good features of socks are the characteristics of Smartwool. If you are thinking twice, consider reading more below to know why Smart wool is worth buying.

Are SmartWool Socks Worth It?

Smartwool always considers comfort and durability, and your purchase is worth it though it might be a little pricey. Quality comes with a price. SmartWool socks are made from merino wool, a good insulator that wicks away moisture and keeps your feet dry and odor-free.

I have searched for details below about Smartwool and how worthy they are to be purchased.

It Offers Comfort

The premium shearling insulation of Smartwool makes it soft and comfortable. It keeps your feet against abrasions and blisters. When it comes to comfort, Smartwool is one of the best socks to choose from.

Avoids Stinky Smell

Since Smartwool uses merino wool, it is beat in wicking away the moisture and keeps your feet dry. Stinky feet are caused by moisture in the skin, so the merino wool can quickly wick it away by absorbing the moisture in the feet and releasing it into the atmosphere. Moreover, it will keep your feet from bacteria and stink since the stinky smell is caused by bacterial buildup.

Versatile in Different Weather Conditions

SmartWool socks fibers have thousands of air bubbles that are best used as a weather insulator. The air bubbles will keep your feet warm during cold seasons and cool during hot seasons. Nonetheless, Smartwool can be used all year round.

SmartWool is best for regulating the temperature of your feet and adjusting to changing temperatures. You typically use Smart wool socks in summer activities like trekking, mountaineering, and hiking. You can also use it in winter if you prefer skiing and snowboarding.

SmartWool uses merino wool in most of its socks; it has lanolin, a natural wax that is important in keeping your feet warm. Since Merino sheep use merino wool to keep their bodies warm during cold days and cool during warm days, the same purpose is applied when humans use it in their socks. 


Smartwool is made from merino wool. The material is sheared from merino sheep, and merino sheep use this wool to keep them protected against harsh weather and abrasions. Therefore the merino wool used in SmartWool socks makes it durable.

Moreover, SmartWool is durable since it uses merino wool with a high tensile strength that can withstand pressure before it breaks. The knitting process of making Smartwool is exemplary, which involves keeping processes to create durable socks. In addition, the merino wool in Smartwool is six times more durable than cotton.

Wicks Away Moisture

The merino wool in Smartwool will absorb the moisture in your feet to keep them dry. Merino wool is air permeable and will keep your feet dry all the time. It can absorb wet and moisture, 35 percent of its weight. If you are hiking or mountaineering, you don’t have to worry that your feet will become moist since Smartwool will keep your feet dry by wicking the excessive moisture in your feet.

Why Are SmartWool Socks So Good?

SmartWool socks are good since the material used is of high quality. It uses merino wool in each sock, which is known to wick away moisture naturally, keep feet dry, regulate body temperature, is breathable, odor-free, and sustainable. Each sock is knitted in high-quality processes to ensure durability. 

Below are the things to consider why SmartWool socks are good.

Use Plant-Based Dyes

SmartWool is always making sure that what they produce is of quality, but also it includes the use of responsible material. It is an environmentally conscious process of utilizing plant-based dyes over artificial ones. This process uses less water and energy. 

Promotes Sustainability

Another thing that makes SmartWool a good company is that it uses renewable materials like merino wool; it is naturally sheared in the merino sheep, so the production process uses less water and can conserve energy.  

Growers of SmartWool use a new platform called Regenerative Index, which helps measure how to give back and restore the waterways, protect native species, offset carbon, and enhance local communities. The process will cut down the carbon immersion, which helps regenerate the soil for sustainable merino farming.

SmartWool focuses on restoring and revitalizing the planet. That is why they shift their Merino farming into regenerative agriculture. They are working with their manufacturers on reducing their emissions and optimizing logistics. 

Also, they want to educate many on the importance and benefit of wearing socks more often and washing less. Merino wool is one of the primary materials used in SmartWool socks; it does not hold dirt and stink, so you can use the socks for days without washing them more often.

Use Recyclable Materials

One of SmartWool’s ways of giving socks a new life is by recycling them. They use the hard-cycled-socks to become functional materials like dog beds. They grind the used socks and use them as new products to keep them away from landfills. The production of textile and apparel uses a lot of energy. SmartWool wants to shrink the carbon footprint by reusing the materials from their old socks into something useful. 

SmartWool focuses on making circular products. Their goal is to advance recycling technology to reduce the number of raw materials in landfills. They are designing and creating long-lasting and durable socks and socks that can be recycled. Their goal is to lessen the use of virgin raw products to lessen the impact on the environment and reduce dumping them in landfills. 

SmartWool is doing its best to incorporate recycled materials into its socks to continue minimizing the impact on the environment. Recently they contained the use of recycled nylon into their socks. Though SmartWool is doing its best to provide a sustainable sock, they don’t compromise their sock performance. 


Smartwool typically uses merino wool in most of their socks since it is naturally moisture-wicking, breathable, odor-free, antibacterial, durable, and has natural insulating properties. Moreover, SmartWool makes sure that they are creating sustainable socks by adding recycled nylon into their socks. Incorporating recycled fabrics into their socks lessens the impact on the environment and reduces the number of trash in the landfills.

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