Are Fuzzy Crocs Waterproof?

Fuzzy Crocs have been a massive hit for the past few years, and for a good reason. They are comfortable, easy to clean, and stylish to boot! And now that winter has arrived, it’s time to think about what shoes to wear when venturing out into the cold. If you’ve got a pair of fuzzy Crocs lying around, you’ll want to know if they are waterproof.

Fuzzy Crocs are not waterproof. The top covering is made from Croslite, a waterproof material. Still, the inner “fuzzy” material, made of 98% EVA and 2% nylon, is a synthetic faux fur that will get wet if exposed to water for an extended period.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Crocs are becoming more and more popular. There’s something about the user-friendliness and fun/ugly shape that allows them to transcend from a children’s shoe to a shoe for adults.

I’ve been a fan of fur-lined Crocs since the first time I slipped my feet into them ten years ago, and since then, they have become a fashion trend or style statement (depending on who you ask) that has lasted throughout the years. But there are a lot of people who are still wary of wearing fuzzy Crocs because of some doubts about their water-resistant capabilities.

For those who want to feel the fuzziness of Crocs without ending up with wet feet, here are your options:

Let’s delve into the fascinating world of fuzzy Crocs!

What Are Fuzzy Crocs Made of?

Fuzzy Crocs are a hybrid of faux sheepskin slippers and classic Crocs. The outer shell is made with Croslite, the closed-cell resin that is non-absorbent, while the inner “fuzzy” material is a synthetic faux fur lining that is 100% thermoplastic (98% EVA and 2% nylon).

Fuzzy Crocs are designed with the company’s patented Dual Crocs Comfort technology, which features a Croslite foam foundation with an added layer of extra shock-absorbing material.

As a result, fuzzy Crocs are heavily cushioned, providing a heavenly level of comfort.

Are Fuzzy Crocs Shoes Relaxing to Wear?

Yes. You’ll enjoy two things when wearing fuzzy Crocs: one, the fluffy cushioning of velvety slippers (which makes fuzzy Crocs more suitable for winter than summer), and two, the sturdiness of regular Crocs.

The mixture of the tough outer and soft insulated interior means this can result in being just a house shoe. These are not waterproof but comfortable and relaxing to wear at the office or take conference calls (zoom meetings) without it being apparent that you’re wearing a fuzzy Crocs shoe.

Are Fuzzy Crocs Vegan-Friendly?

The linings of these shoes are made of faux fur, which means you will be able to wear the shoes without guilt if you do not want to use animal products or are a vegan. Since the unique fur linings are synthetic, they are made in a wide range of appealing colors.

Do Fuzzy Crocs Come in Many Colors?

With an array of colors available, you can now find fuzzy Crocs in shades that cater to your fashion sense. They come in various funky and fresh hues, so why settle for one when you can have them all?

There are dozens of styles and colors available, from practical to beautiful. These are perfect for men and women alike, with sizes that range from small to extra large.

Whether you are in the mood for bold, vivid shades like red and white or something understated (cue black and blue), there is a pair of these shoes available for you.

Are These Shoes Water-Resistant Or Waterproof?

The fur linings themselves don’t readily absorb water. However, the aerodynamic speed holes of Crocs allow for free passage of water into and out of the shoes. Translation? It isn’t advisable to wear fuzzy Crocs in wet conditions.

For anyone in the market for a quality pair of waterproof shoes, Crocs are just what you need. Made from Croslite, they are more than comfortable–they’re waterproof. These waterproof Crocs can take you from the seashore to a waterpark and everywhere in between:

Do I Have to Wear Socks with Fuzzy Crocs?

These Crocs fuzzy shoes are designed to be worn without socks, but wearing socks with them isn’t unheard of. It’s like pairing your typical slides with socks.

If your idea of comfort is wearing your fuzzy Crocs with socks, go for it! Granny would be proud of you.

How Do I Keep My Fuzzy Crocs from Smelling?

You should avoid wearing fuzzy Crocs until they are 100% dry. If you have a stinky pair, sprinkle baking soda over the fur lining. The baking powder will absorb the smells overnight, and, in the morning, you can brush the fur lining to get rid of the powdery residue.

Alternatively, stuff crumpled paper inside the shoes at the end of the day. The paper will absorb the moisture in and odor of the shoes.

Why are these Crocs so comfortable?

Crocs fans notably pick comfort over style. Many people wear Crocs as they keep their feet feeling ventilated and massaged so that they can get in a hectic day without any blisters or aches, thanks to the proprietary technology of the brand. Croslite is made of a shock and soft absorbing foam resin.

Can I take the fur out of these Crocs Shoes?

Some Crocs have linings that can be removed, but others do not.

These Baya-lined Crocs do not have a detachable lining. The lining is sewn in permanently.

The Blitzen III Clog has a removable liner, as shown in the image above.

Do Fuzzy Crocs Have Any Drawbacks?

Some users have a problem with the linings of these shoes because they aren’t removable, so you cannot wash them in the washing machine. You can spot-clean them carefully.

Fuzzy Linings Can Get Smelly

Several Crocs users have noted that the fuzzy lining tends to smell badly after long periods of use.

If the lining is detachable, then detach it, put it in a delicate mesh bag, and wash it in the delicate cycle of your washing machine, then air-dry it.

While the holes of the shoes are designed to allow for optimal airflow, it turns out that those holes aren’t enough to counteract the excessive heat and moisture trapped by the fur linings.

Some Crocs wearers claim that wearing socks with their fuzzy footwear prevents the lining from smelling. However, I rarely wear socks with my fuzzy Crocs—I like how they feel without socks.

Different strokes for different folks!

Why Do the Fuzzy Linings Flatten?

If you use fuzzy Crocs daily, their linings will flatten and compress, which is to be expected because those linings aren’t elastic. As a result, the Crocs won’t feel so “fuzzy” anymore.

​Can Wearing Fuzzy Crocs Help My Sore Feet?

Fuzzy Crocs have been built with the Dual Crocs Comfort system, which is exactly what it sounds like: there are two layers of comfort! This means that fuzzy Crocs can undoubtedly help your sore feet.

People suffering from osteoarthritis, back pain and other medical conditions often report feeling better when wearing fuzzy Crocs. Maybe it’s the slight heel lift, the way the faux fur linings cushion your feet as you walk, or because the shoes are so light that they alleviate pressure on your feet, legs, and back.

Many patients who have had foot surgeries might not be able to bend over easily and don’t have the strength to put on their shoes because they’re in a lot of pain. Unlike other shoes, fuzzy Crocs provide the right balance between softness and heel support. Their open-back design makes them easy to slip on and off.

Because the shoes’ faux fur linings won’t stick to wounds or bandages, they’re less likely to cause discomfort. Additionally, the holes on top of the shoes will facilitate air flow around the patient’s feet, causing their wounds to heal faster.

Conclusion: Fuzzy Crocs Are not Waterproof

Fuzzy Crocs are many things, but waterproof isn’t one of them. Whatever you do with your fur-lined Crocs, don’t let them get wet.

I hope you’ll enjoy your fuzzy Crocs as much as I do mine!

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