Are Dr. Martens Waterproof?

You might be wondering if the timelessly elegant Dr. Marten boots you’re eyeing can keep your feet dry during a sudden downpour. Worry no more because I got your feet covered! In this guide, you will know if Dr. Martens are waterproof and which pair would be the perfect one for the wet season. 

Most Dr. Martens are not waterproof because they are made of leather, which isn’t waterproof. Due to its permeability and porousness, nearly all Dr. Martens are only water resilient and can withstand light rains at best. But if you’re looking for a totally waterproof Dr. Martens, there are a few pairs you should consider. 

The classy Dr. Martens leather pair is known for its durability and high comfort level. Having waterproof Docs that has this kind of quality is really desirable. However, not all Dr. Martens are waterproof.

Although most Dr. Martens are not waterproof as we want them to be, we can make them more water-resistant. In this guide, I have provided some tips which you can follow. Also, I have rounded up some of the Dr. Martens footwear that are greatly suitable for your wet escapades. 

Are Dr. Martens made of waterproof materials?

Not all materials used by Dr. Martens are waterproof. For instance, leather, the most used material, is naturally porous, turning soggy as it absorbs water. 

The brand also uses Polyester, which is not 100% waterproof but water-resistant. Other parts of the footwear, like its soles, are made of PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride, making them waterproof. 

As of today, Dr. Martens takes pride in using waterproof welt and DryWair to make sure that these versions can be confidently worn during wet seasons. 

Alongside their fully waterproof boots, they also offer safety toe caps, slip-proof soles as well as puncture-resistant midsoles.

Which Dr. Martens are waterproof?

Although most Doc Martens are not totally waterproof, there are some in the range where you can choose from. 

As of the moment, classics such as the 1460 Docs and Chelsea Boots have waterproof editions under the vegan Doc Martens style. While other leather Doc Martens are not waterproof and are prone to water damage. 

In this section, I have enumerated Doc Martens styles and specified how waterproof these pairs are. 

Vegan Doc Martens

Vegan Doc Martens are 100% waterproof. A vegan 1460 Waterproof Ankle Boots or the vegan Chelsea Boots would be your best choices for purely waterproof and, at the same time, fashionable Docs. These are made of synthetic waterproof materials.

These Dr. Martens, with a leather-like skin and a PVC sole designed with a slip-proof pattern, are perfect for rainy or even snowy weather. Even when submerged in water, these vegan Docs can surely keep you dry, for their soles and seams are heat-sealed. 

Doc Martens Vegan Sandals

A Doc Martens vegan sandal can’t cover all of your feet, but its straps are made of water-resistant material. A Dr. Martens leather sandal is more likely to be damaged by rain so opt for a vegan Sandal for a much softer and less damageable footwear. You can carry a vegan sandal during hikes or swims!

Leather Doc Martens

Leather Docs such as the classic 1460 Doc Martens, Jadon Platforms, and Chelsea Boots are not waterproof, but you can wear them during light rains or snow. Just remember not to use them during heavy rains, for leather Docs can get soggy. 

A leather Dr. Martens that just came out of the box can’t withstand rain or snow for a long time and will surely have damages. To prevent this from happening, you can use a waterproofing product like wax or spray. 

Making your Dr. Martens more water-resistant

Although a leather Doc Martens is not 100% waterproof, you can increase its water resistance and make it more water-repellent. In the next section, I have enumerated ways on how you can actually do so.

Waterproof Spraying

One of the most convenient ways in increasing a leather Doc Martens’ water resistance is by using sprays. There are many available waterproof sprays for different materials, and of course, you should choose the one suitable for your leather Docs. 

After cleaning your leather Dr. Martens and removing its laces, lightly spray the product on your boots. Don’t forget to thoroughly spray on the Docs’ seams and maintain a distance of at least 5-7 inches. Let the spray dry, and voila, you are done!

Using Wonder Balsam

Dr. Martens also offers a two-in-one kit formulated solely for your Docs. To give your leather Docs a more waterproofed outside layer, you can buy the Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam. 

This synthetic and natural wax can give an additional layer of protection to your leather baby. You just need to apply an adequate amount of the product on your Doc’s leather skin. Don’t put in too much!


Waxing can also be done to waterproof your Docs. This traditional technique can also make your Docs more water-repellent. All you need is melted beeswax and a brush as an applicator.

After covering everything with beeswax, apply heat to the area where the wax is applied. You can use some porch or candle. The leather will then absorb the wax, then try pouring some water to test if it worked out. 

Aside from using beeswax, you can also purchase a Dubbin wax from Dr. Martens. Although this wax can’t make your Docs 100% waterproof, it can increase your pair’s resistance to water. Apply the wax on the leather and you’re good to go.

Can Dr. Martens withstand rain or snow?

The leather Doc Martens are not that suitable for the rainy or winter seasons as they are prone to water damage. Although they can endure light rains and snows, they should not be left submerged in water. 

If you want waterproof Docs, which you can confidently wear during the wet weather, you should consider the vegan Doc Martens. These pairs made of synthetic materials can keep your feet dry and warm at the same time.

Keep in mind that wearing a leather Dr. Martens during a heavy downpour is a no-no! You better use some old plastic boots to keep your feet dry. These Docs can’t also do much to keep your feet warm when walking in the snow because the leather isn’t that thick. 

Final thoughts

At this time, you now know that the majority of the Dr. Marten pairs are not waterproof. However, the brand has now introduced waterproof editions of the snuggest boots in town. These versions can ensure that your physical activities will be a lot easier during the wet seasons. 

If you already have a pair of leather Doc Martens, you can try improving its water resistance. Ensure that your docs have some additional protection from water damage by waterproof spraying, waxing, or using a Wonder Balsam.

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