Are Dr. Martens Good For Snow?

For most of us, footwear should always be stylish and functional. We want a pair that looks good on camera but also warms our feet during winter. But can our Dr. Martens do both? Sure, it looks badass for our Instagram feed, but can it provide us with enough support for mobility in the snow?

Ordinary Dr. Martens that is made of thin leather is not good for snow. They aren’t insulated, and they cannot provide much grip in extreme weather conditions. If you are after snow boots, opt for Dr. Martens, made of water-resistant leather, with faux furs, fleece linings, and improved traction.

While not all Dr. Martens are ideal winter boots, there are still some that can do the job. In this guide, I’ll share everything I know about how snow-proof Dr. Martens are and what styles can accompany you during snowy days!

Are Dr. Martens waterproof?

Before we jump to whether the snow can damage your Dr. Martens, let us first talk about its capability to be water-resistant. I made a more in-depth blog about this here, but to give you the gist, leather-made Dr. Martens aren’t waterproof, and they can only withstand light rains.

Since technically, snow is made of water, this speaks a lot regarding whether you can use ordinary Dr. Martens as winter boots. 

Can snow damage Dr. Martens?

Ah, if it isn’t the biggest question we got here! The possibility of damaging your Dr. Martens depends on what style you wear and how much snow you expose them to. 

Of course, if you plan to use your docs while plowing snow out of your driveway, expect that they’ll get damaged pretty heavily. 

But if you’re only going to walk with them during a light snow, this won’t do much harm, especially if you waterproofed them using wax or Wonder Balsam beforehand.

Your Dr. Martens won’t also be ruined if it is made of water-resistant leather or from the vegan line. Vegan docs are made of synthetic waterproof materials to withstand heavy snow and rain.

It will also help if you lace your docs tightly so snow won’t be able to get inside. Waterproofing your docs would be useless if snow can enter through the tongue of your boots.

Are Dr. Martens comfortable winter boots?

If you could break in your Dr. Martens successfully, it would definitely be a comfortable winter companion! Dr. Martens is one of the top-rated brands because they are sturdy and comfortable to wear. 

You can wear them for long hours during winter and expose them to heavy snow as long as you have waterproof ones!

Can Dr. Martens keep your feet warm during snow?

When snow lands in your boots, and it starts to melt, the water will seep in through your Dr. Martens and make you cold. This is quite problematic. Thus, it is really suggested that you buy Vegan docs or waterproof your leather ones.

Ordinary docs made of thin leather cannot offer you enough warmth during winter. You have to wear it with thick wool socks to be more comfortable. 

Nevertheless, some Dr. Martens are lined with faux fur socks and are made of heavyweight tumbled leather from Ambassador. These docs can definitely provide you with enough warmth, unlike the typical leather docs.

Are Dr. Martens slip-resistant? How is its sole traction?

Again, you cannot expect your ordinary docs to be that slip-resistant during heavy snow because they weren’t built for that. Most rubber-soled boots aren’t, and even though Dr. Martens claim that their boots have good traction, they are by no means 100% slip-resistant.

Don’t be sad, though. Dr. Martens have an exclusive line that has better sole traction. Their WinterGrip boots have grooved cleats for better grip. They are also made of water-resistant leather and have fleece linings and faux furs.

Can you hike in the snow wearing Dr. Martens?

Dr. Martens WinterGrip boots can definitely be issued to hike in the snow. Most people even find them extremely comfortable to use, especially if you change the stock insoles to custom ones. But then again, if the weather is extremely bad and the snow is really heavy, it’s best to skip the trails.

What are the top Dr. Martens snow boots?

You can choose from Dr. Martens’ wide selection of winter boots here. There are waterproof boots, fur-lined, WinterGrip, and selections for kids available. But if you want my best picks, here they are:

For men

1. 1460 WinterGrip Lace Up Boots

This features DM’s WinterGrip sole, which is ideal for snow. It has grooved cleats for better grip and traction, so you’re sure to have solid footing, especially on slippery surfaces. It is also made of Snowplow, a water-resistant type of leather.

2. Duxford Grizzly Men’s Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boots

This bad boy has a waterproof welt and an AirWair slip-resistant outsole. It also has a moisture-wicking lining and SoftWair sock liner for better comfort.

3.  1460 Men’s Waterproof Lace Up Boot

This features twin heat-sealed welt that prevents snow and water from getting into the sole. It uses Republic WP leather which is water-resistant and DryWair for a waterproof membrane.

For women

1. Leona Women’s Faux Fur Platform Leather Boots

This boot uses WarmWair for the insulated lining and Moldova WP for water-resistant leather. Its platform height is 1 ⅛ inches, and its heel height is 2 ¼ inches.

2. 2976 Women’s WinterGrip Zip Chelsea Boots

This baddie has a WinterGrip sole, so it features grooved cleats for superior grip and traction. For the leather, it uses Snowplow, which is highly water-resistant.

3. 1460 Women’s Faux Fur Lined Lace Up Boots

This pair has good slip resistance since it has chunky grooves. It also has artificial white fur to give you some much-needed winter warmth.

Final thoughts

While not every single pair of Dr. Martens is made to weather heavy snow, there are a few that can definitely provide you warmth during the winter season. You can even use them for hiking! That’s how good their traction is!

But then again, if you own leather-made docs, don’t be so hard on it if it can only take on light snow. Do waterproof them from time to time using the suggested products above, but don’t use them during extreme weather conditions that would end up damaging them. 

Your best option is to buy from the winter boots line of Dr. Martens. This would save you from a lot of headaches, plus, you’ll be able to go around without worrying that you’ll lose a pair of boots afterward.

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