Are Crocs True To Size? A Comprehensive Guide

Before you spend $30 on a pair of Crocs, you might want to inquire, “Are Crocs true to size?” There’s plenty of conflicting information about the sizing of this beloved footwear brand, and it cannot be easy to know how a particular pair of shoes will fit before plunking down your cash.

When ordering a pair of Crocs shoes, refer to the US sizing chart and use your country’s size conversion chart. Most Crocs styles are true to size, but some styles, like lined Crocs, Crocband boots, and Luxe boots, run small, so you should order these in one size above your normal shoe size.

If you want to learn more about Crocs’ sizes, styles, and designs, a good place to start is here.

When shopping for Crocs shoes, you may notice that they are labeled with American sizing. The letter preceding the number of the size will indicate what style of shoe it is.

  • The letter J stands for junior, which indicates that this size is perfect for adolescents and teenagers.
  • The Letter C stands for Children. The name of this label is self-explanatory: It’s for kids!
  • Meanwhile, Crocs shoes with labels M and W are made for men and women, respectively.

Let’s take a closer look at how Crocs sizing works, the different styles of shoes available, and how the various designs will fit on your feet.

Crocs Shoe Sizes

The answer to the question “Are Crocs true to size?” is yes. However, it is vital to keep in mind that shoe sizes vary depending on the type of Crocs you buy.

Determining the proper size for a pair of Crocs is simple. Crocs has published a conversion chart that converts U.S. shoe sizes to its size system, as well as a version of this chart that converts European sizes to Crocs sizes.

This is the Classic Clog Sizing Chart:

M4 | W6M3 | W436-3722230
M5 | W7M4 | W537-3823240
M6 | W8M5 | W638-3924250
M7 | W9M6 | W739-4025260
M8 | W10M7 | W841-4226265
M9 | W11M8 | W942-4327270
M10 | W12M9 | W1043-4428280

The chart above will show you which U.S. size corresponds to your European foot size.

When purchasing your Crocs shoes, it is best to get the exact size you often wear. However, when choosing your shoes, you must consider their shape—especially if you have wide feet.

For example, if you have wide feet and like the roomy fit of size 10 Crocs clogs, you may be disappointed to find that the same size of another model of Crocs is too narrow.

Crocs Shoe Size Guides

I’ve found that Crocs without linings are more accurate in size than lined Crocs. These include Iconic Clogs, flip-flops, sandals, sneakers, and other models.

Many people like the feel of Crocs flats because they fit so well right out of the box. You should choose a size that fits, though, since Crocs don’t stretch as you wear them. In other words, if you buy a size too small, you’ll have to deal with the shoes squishing your feet for as long as you wear them.

But why put yourself through such torture when you can return the shoes and ask for a new size? Whether you bought the shoes directly from Crocs or on Amazon, you can exchange your purchase for another size with no problems whatsoever.

If you are buying a pair of lined Crocs, order the next size up from your regular size.

Crocs that tend to run small include the Luxe and Luxe II boots, the Crocband boots, and fuzzy Crocs. You might want to buy a size larger if you plan to buy any of these styles. I’ve heard that men’s loafers run small—you might want to opt for one size bigger if you’re adding these to your cart.

Crocs Sizing Information

Having trouble finding the right size of Crocs? Here are some hints to keep in mind when choosing your shoes:

Crocs Classic Clog

Customers who have tried this type of Crocs shoes say it fits perfectly and comfortably. This can be attributed to its wide toe boxes and ergonomic designs. If you choose a pair of these, you should order them in your standard size.

Crocs Crocband Clog

Crocband Crocs are sportier than the classic types. They have a bold stripe running across their midsoles. Some users think this model might run small if you have big and wide feet.

Crocs Bistro Clog

If you have wide feet and are looking for a comfortable pair of shoes, you should try a pair of Crocs Bistro clogs. They are more spacious than the classic clogs and have deeper heel cups.

It has a closed toe and a closed top. According to several reviews, Crocs describes this type as the “most generous” because of its roomy fit. Therefore, the Crocs Bistro clog is perfect for wide feet.

Crocs “On the Clock”

The Crocs On-the-Clock Slip-on has a more secure slip-on design ideal for waitpersons, chefs, nurses, and other workers who spend most of their workdays on their feet and need to be protected from the elements.

These Crocs are designed to fit true to size.

Crocs Slipper

The Crocs Slipper has a fuzzy lining to keep your feet warm. It fits just like the classic clog, so you should order it in your usual size.

Lined Crocs (Baya, Freesail, Classic)

When you buy lined Crocs, say Baya, Freesail, or Classic Lined Crocs, you have to select a size larger than you normally do for regular shoes. For example, if you usually wear size 8.5 shoes, you will want to choose a size 9 pair of lined Crocs. If, however, you wear size 9 shoes, then you’ll be more comfortable in size 10 lined Crocs.

I’d recommend 1 size up from your normal size when choosing this style.

AllCast II Boot & AllCast Luxe II Boot

The Women’s AllCast Winter Boots and Men’s AllCast Luxe Boots tend to run small.

I recommend purchasing these boots in a US size larger than your average size. For example, if you typically wear US size 9 boots, you should order size 10 Crocs boots.

Blitzen Luxe Convertible Clog

The Blitzen Luxe Convertible Clog is one exception to my “rule of thumb” regarding Crocs (i.e., that you should order a size larger than your normal shoe size to accommodate the faux fur lining). The Blitzen Luxe fits true to size.

Crocband Winter Boots

When you try on the Crocband Winter Boots, you will find they are wide enough but short in length. Therefore, choose 1 US size larger for a better fit.

If you usually wear a US size 7.5, you will likely find that US size 8 fits fine. But if you normally wear a US size 8, choose the US size 9 for a more comfortable fit.

Women’s Leigh Chelsea Rain Boot

The Chelsea Rain Boot, like the Crocband boots, runs small. You should choose 1 US size higher whether you’re purchasing it online or in-store.

I’ll also suggest that if your average US shoe size is a half size, you should probably order the next whole size up.

Crocs Loafers

The Crocs Loafer tends to run small. 68% of loafer wearers surveyed rated the width as true to size, while 32% rated the loafer as narrow. In another survey, 52% of the participants asserted that the loafer is true to size, while the remaining 48% said that the loafer runs small.

Crocs LiteRide Sneakers

Most people who own and wear the Crocs Classic Sneakers report that they’re true to size.

When buying Crocs loafers, I suggest rounding up to the next whole size. If you are a US size 8, choose a US size 9 loafer. If you are a US size 8.5, choose a US size 9.

Since there are many Crocs styles to choose from, it’s best to read reviews of each shoe to find the right fit.

Are Crocs True to Size? Reviews Will Tell

If you are in the market for a pair of Crocs, there are many online reviews that can help you make an informed decision. Reading these reviews will enable you to find a pair that fits your needs.

I hope the information in this article helps you make an informed decision about Crocs. But don’t just take my word for it. When you slip your feet into a pair of comfortable, colorful Crocs for yourself, you’ll know which ones feel best.

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