Are Crocs Slip-resistant?

Many people choose to wear Crocs because they are comfortable and can be worn without socks. Crocs come in various styles, designs, colors, and sizes to suit personal tastes. But if you’re thinking of buying a pair for work, one question should be at the forefront of your thoughts: are Crocs slip-resistant?

Some Crocs models are slip-resistant. In fact, the shoe’s original purpose was to provide a good grip on wet surfaces, thanks to its closed-cell resin foam called Croslite.

The company doesn’t claim that all their shoes are slip-resistant because it’s tough to test the slip resistance of a shoe on every single surface people walk on. However, they do manufacture models that are advertised as slip-resistant.

So, which models of Crocs are slip-resistant? Keep reading to find out!

Are All Models of Crocs Available Slip-resistant?

If you work in a food establishment or medical center, or any place with slippery floors, you should wear slip-resistant Crocs. While all models of Crocs look like an ideal choice, you need to ensure that you buy a slip-resistant pair.

Since Crocs were initially meant to be used for boating and other aquatic activities, they weren’t designed to be slip-resistant. Later, the company introduced, patented, and incorporated slip-resistant soles in the construction of shoes for individuals who worked in places with slippery floors, such as nurses, surgeons, barmen, waitresses, etc.

Let’s take a peek at a few…

Which Models of Crocs Are Slip-resistant?

Ding ding ding! Here’s the list of Crocs that have the Crocs Lock™ tread and meet the industrial requirements for slip resistance. Took me long enough, eh?

Are Slip-resistant Crocs Available in Various Sizes?

Not really. These shoes are designed for workers, not kids, so they’re manufactured in adult sizes.

That said, every man and woman can find a pair of Crocs, no matter the size of their feet. From time to time, some Crocs sizes might be sold out, but they’ll always be restocked as soon as possible.

Are All Models of Crocs Shoes Non-Slip?

The company doesn’t state that their shoes are 100% non-slip.

In fact, Crocs doesn’t use the term “non-slip” to describe their shoes at all, but footwear experts claim that the phrase “non-slip” is often interchanged with “slip-resistant.” If you didn’t understand the last sentence you just read, kindly Google the difference between “non-slip” and “slip-resistant.” Thank you!

Back to our discussion. When you read the “Slip Resistance” section of the FAQs on Crocs official website, you’ll notice that the company asserts that their shoes are “not completely slip-proof.” The company goes ahead to warn potential and existing users of Crocs to use Crocs as cautiously as they would shoes of any other brands.

What Can You Say About Crocs Not Included in the Slip-Resistant Category?

If you are working in an establishment with slippery floors, be wary of buying Crocs that aren’t designated as slip-resistant.

A regular pair of Crocs have a fairly good grip on a wet surface but aren’t guaranteed to provide ultra slip resistance.

All that said, if you work in an environment where the floors are slippery, it’s best to buy Crocs with the Crocs Lock™ tread. Period!

Are Slip-resistant Crocs Comfy?

According to researchers and those who have worn the Crocs slip-resistant shoes, the shoes are pretty comfortable to wear.

Despite meeting the industrial requirements for slip-resistance, Crocs with Crocs Lock™ tread are just as lightweight and comfortable as other Crocs models.

When you wear Crocs shoes with Crocs Lock ™ tread, you won’t have to worry about slipping, and your feet will be comfortable all day long.

Why Crocs Shoes Slip-resistant?

Slip-resistant Crocs are slip-resistant because they have thicker soles with more rigid patterns.

The rigidity and patterns of the soles equally contribute to the shoes’ extra grip on slippery floors, which prevents the wearer from slipping.

Which Crocs Slip-resistant Shoes Are Available?

The shoes come in many varieties, with all sorts of patterns and designs. There is, without a doubt, something for everyone.

The most popular slip-resistant models of Crocs are:

Crocs Specialist II Unisex Clogs

Classically designed, meticulously crafted, and with the Crocs Lock™ tread, the Crocs Specialist II Unisex Clogs are the ultimate in comfort and fashion.

These lightweight Crocs may not look like much at a glance, they are widely appreciated by medical professionals.

Neria Pro II Work Clogs

Designed specifically for nurses, the Neria Pro II Work Clogs make it easier to go from patient to patient. With their patented Crocs Lock™ slip-resistant tread, you can feel confident even when the going gets tough.

Kadee Work Flats

Kadee Work Flats are stylish, comfortable shoes, made to resemble conventional flats for ladies.

However, no traditional flats can measure up to Kadee in terms of long-term support.

How Do Crocs Slip-Resistant Shoes Fit?

Slip-resistant Crocs will fit your feet as well as the regular Crocs do.

There are two styles of Crocs: the relaxed fit and the roomy. The relaxed fit is secure and comfortable, while the roomy has more space for your feet.

Whichever style of Crocs you end up wearing, be rest assured that they’ll be comfortable, high-quality and, fashionable.

How Much Is A Pair of Crocs Shoes?

A pair of slip-resistant Crocs will cost you between $30 and $60. Colors available include black, white, and blue.

Of course, the aforementioned colors aren’t the only ones available. From romantic pastels and classic hues, to bold and graphic prints, there are slip-resistant Crocs for every worker.

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