Are Crocs or Birkenstocks better?

Torn between the unique Crocs clogs and the eye-catching Birkenstocks? Crocs and Birkenstocks are two of the leading companies in the shoe industry which remain trendy and popular. Thus, getting worked up when choosing one is understandable!

If you are looking for simple and easy-to-wear slip-on clogs, Crocs has the best lineup for you. Some prefer Crocs more than Birkenstocks because they do not require a break-in period. Others say that Birks are better due to their unique footbed design. So, if you want an orthopedic sandal, you must check out Birks. 

Both Crocs and Birkenstocks have something distinct to offer. You just have to select what’s best suited for your lifestyle and personality. To help you decide, this article contains information that will surely guide you in your shoe-finding journey.

Continue reading to learn about the differences between Crocs and Birkenstocks. More so, there are sections included which discuss which is more trendy and the better travel companion.

What are the differences between Crocs and Birkenstocks in terms of:

As previously mentioned, both Crocs and Birkenstocks are two of the most sought-after sandal pairs ideal for summertime or dry seasons. Although both brands offer footwear that is comfy and fashionable, their differences in terms of materials and styles are apparent. 

In this section, I will enumerate those for you so that you will have an idea of which of the two sandals is your perfect pair. Apart from differences, I will also specify their unique characteristics.


Generally, Crocs are made of Crosslite. Some assume that Crosslites are rubber, but they are not. These are closed-cell resins made out of polymer. What makes Crosslites exceptional is that they are highly absorbent and shockproof.

This type of material, as the brand claims, is also resistant to bacteria which is able to prevent foot odor. Further, with just water and soap, Crosslites can easily be cleaned. If you want a low-maintenance travel buddy, Crocs are the one!

Some shoe enthusiasts say that Crosslites’ material composition is a type of ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA. Birkenstocks also use EVA to make waterproof sandals, similar to Crocs.

Apart from Birks in EVA, Birkenstocks have become greatly famous because of their leather straps and 4-layered footbed. This footbed, which serves as the top layer of Birks, is made of suede, jute, natural latex, and natural cork.

These materials would make Birkenstocks heavier in weight than Crocs. Although, Birks in EVA is much lighter than the typical Birkenstock design. 

Features & Styles

The classic Crocs is known for its closed-clog, slip-on design, which kind of resembles the shape of crocodiles. It has an open-heel design and a heel strap. There are also clogs with closed-heels like Crocs On-the-Clock.

You actually have many options when looking at the Crocs lineups. If you want clogs that are more ventilated, check out their Yukon Vista. Aside from this, Crocs also offer a simple slide design with one to two rubber straps. 

On the other hand, Birkenstocks became known for its two-strap, open toes style. Actually, almost every social media influencer you’ll see on Instagram has an Arizona Birks.

Birks also have clog and mule designs if you want other options. The most famous clog and mule designs are made of leather. But there are also a number of Birks clogs made of vegan materials that are water and dirt-resistant, like the Birks Super Birki.

Colors & Availability

Crocs are available in a wide range of colors – from basic solid to trendy pastels. Their classic clogs can be attained in black, white, nude, yellow, pink, metallic gray, pastel blue, or pastel green. 

Crocs also have printed clogs. One of their bestsellers is their Classic Realtree, popularly worn by none other than Kendall Jenner herself. Its design is camouflage-like and also flexes the trademark clog features of Crocs.

If you are not a fan of camo, you can try checking out Crocs in mixed colors. Try Crocs’ Classic Tie-Dye Graphic Clog or Hiker Solarized Clog for a pastel color combination. 

You really just need to pick something that will best radiate your personality. You can also go for mixed colors or multi-patterned crocs.

Crocs are also known for their detachable jibbitz. To add more life and charm, you can also try to mix and match or add some personal touch to your chosen Crocs using this little jibbitz. 

Birkenstocks also offer sandals in many colors, like Crocs. You can have one in basic colors like white, black or nude. If you are looking for a not-so-boring Birks color, you should try Arizona Split, which is a dual-colored Birken. 

However, if you are looking for much bolder and funky-style Birkenstocks, know that you only have limited options. Although they also have camo-designed Birks, which you can also consider buying. 

Between Crocs and Birkenstocks, which is more comfortable to wear?

Most shoe enthusiasts will agree that Birkenstocks are more comfortable to wear than most shoes, probably because of their footbed. But hey, Crocs are also built to be cozy and comfy. Both can be considered brands that prioritize comfort over anything else.

Crocs just do not have the same orthopedic footbed design that makes Birks much preferable in terms of comfort. Given this, Birkenstocks, in terms of the level of comfort, are the better option. 

However, it can’t be denied that Crocs are so functional that you can wear them at work as a substitute for your formal closed shoes. If you are working more than 8 hours a day in a hospital or restaurant, Crocs are the most convenient pair you can wear.

Which is the better travel sandal?

Some might argue that Crocs are the better travel sandals because you can take them to the beach or lakes and get them wet. This is because Crocs are made of water-resistant crosslines.

On the other hand, Birkenstocks have corky footbeds that should not be left submerged in water for too long. But if you are really into that two-strap style, Birks now offer sandals made out of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). 

This material is also waterproof and lightweight. Even though the brand has not retained the cork footbed on Birks EVA, its soles are still anatomically sculpted, fitting perfectly on your feet.

Here, we can say that both Crocs and Birkenstocks EVA can be your travel buddies even during water-related activities. However, in terms of safety, Crocs can be considered more reliable because they can protect your toes, especially when walking on rough surfaces, and also have heel straps for support.

Which sandal is more trendy?

Some might still argue that Crocs and Birkenstocks are ugly comfy shoes. However, many fashion icons have proved that they are actually pleasing and visually good in the eyes. 

Birkenstocks may be considered more trendy today, not just because of the comfort they bring to the wearer but also because of their versatility. A pair of black or white Arizonas would actually go with any casual outfit you have in your dressing room.

Crocs, which are famously worn by professionals working in hospitals and construction sites, are now being transformed into shoe icons. Crocs are back at it again!

Crocs Bestsellers

Crocs are available in different styles, colors, and designs. Choosing one may be challenging, but I can make that easier. If you think Crocs is the better option for you, listed in this section are the brand’s bestsellers. 

Crocs Classic Clogs

Of course, you can never go wrong with Crocs Classic Clogs. As mentioned, this Crocs design is available in a wide range of basic colors. Some consider these classic clogs as the comfiest shoe in the Crocs lineups.

Apart from their cute and dope physical appearance, they are super lightweight and flexible. These clogs are unisex and fit true to size! You don’t need to worry about break-in blisters because you’ll have zero to none. 

Jibbitz is perfect for Crocs Classic Clogs. Thus, you can try customizing the look of your basic colored clogs. 

Crocs Classic Cozzzy Sandal

The Classic Cozzzy Sandal, yes, that’s a triple z, was just released by Crocs at the start of this year but is already one of the most popular and best-selling pairs of the brand. Crocs have transformed their two-strap sandals into more fun and chunky ones.

This cozy sandal has more height underfoot and a deeper heel cup than the original. It also comes with a fuzzy liner that covers all of the pair’s insoles and the strap’s back part, adding extra comfort to your feet. On its strap are holes for that cute little jibbitz.

Crocs Realtree Clogs 

Another in-demand Crocs clog is the Realtree. The Crocs Classic Realtree, with its camouflage design, is perfect to match a strong and bold outfit. Many celebrities are hooked on these clogs!

The Realtree Clogs are also perfect for loungewear. They are highly comfortable and versatile. No wonder why it has a nearly 5-star rating!

Birkenstocks Bestsellers

Birkenstocks would also not let you down! They also offer a variety of clogs and mules, although they are more famous for their one to two-strap sandals with natural cork footbeds. Enumerated below are some of their chartbuster pairs.

Super-Birki Clogs

If you are looking for slip-on clogs perfect for any working condition and are not too casual-looking, you can check out the Super-Birki Clogs. Made of polyurethane, Super-Birki Clogs are the best fit for your company uniform. 

Super-Birki Clogs are available in a wide range of colors, making them versatile enough to be used in varying occupational settings. Its material is also oil and grease-resistant. Low maintenance, but high comfort!

Milano Birks

For a more open design option that still has a supportive heel strap, try searching for the Birkenstock Milano. This can ensure stability while walking as well as a high comfort level.

Milano Birks are made of natural leather for their strap that comes with a metal lock that you can adjust. Additionally, it has the trademark footbed of the brand, which provides a high level of arch support. 

Boston Soft Footbed

Lastly, we have the Birkenstock Boston Soft Footbed. This clog design is one of the classic Birkenstocks, which is famous for its soft footbed and suede design. The style of a Boston Soft Footbed is unmatched. 

It is also versatile enough to be worn all year round. Although, it’s not advisable for suede leather to be submerged for too long in the water. It can easily mold to the shape of your feet.

How much do Crocs and Birkenstocks cost?

If you are on a tight budget, it would be better for you to find a pair at Crocs because the brand offers cheaper clogs and sandals in comparison to Birkenstocks. Although, this is understandable due to the materials used in Birks.

For as low as $12.50, you can already have a Classic Crocs Slide, which is available in many colors. Classic Clogs are priced from $34.99 to $49.99. The Cozzzy Sandals can be purchased between $37.49 and $49.99, while the Realtree Clogs are priced at $41.24.

On the other hand, Birkenstocks’ starting price is at $34, a lot more expensive than Crocs. Super-Birki Clogs can be bought at $69.90. Milano Birks’ price range is between $30 and $169, while Boston Soft Footbed can be purchased at $34. 

Crocs vs. Birkenstocks, Final Thoughts…

There you have it! I hope that this article has helped in choosing between Crocs and Birkenstocks. Worthy to note that apart from the advantages and disadvantages mentioned here, you should also consider a lot more aspects in making a decision. 

Both Crocs and Birkenstocks are comfortable to wear, but the latter is a lot more pricey than the former. More so, Crocs are highly customizable and low-maintenance than classic Birks. But fashion-wise, Birks are more versatile.

You must first know why you need a pair and when or where you will use ‘em. Ask yourself what you need and want before you make a choice.

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