Are Crocs Good For Your Back?

Crocs were created in 2001, originally as a shoe for boaters at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Since then, they’ve become popular with people with achy feet or plantar fasciitis. But can Crocs also be good for your back?

Although there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, Crocs are said to be good for your back. The design and patented material of Crocs allow your arch to be supported and your feet to be stable, contributing to a proper spine alignment while standing or walking.

“When you have insufficient arch support and an unhealthy walking posture, you’re inadvertently placing more strain on your back,” says Dr. Jeremy Smith, MD (spine surgeon and back pain specialist with Orthopedic Specialty Institute in Orange County, California). Specialists like Dr. Smith opine that a good gait and proper alignment of the spine prevent the occurrence of back pains.

This is where Crocs come in. These shoes have all the features needed to prevent and ease back problems, including cushioned footbeds with adequate arch support, deep heel cups, outsoles with enough traction, which reduces the risks of falls, and anchor straps that keep your feet in place while you’re on the move.

As long as your feet are properly supported, back pain will be less likely to occur. It’s also important to note that back pain can have many different causes.

How Crocs Can Benefit You?

Crocs are lightweight, comfortable to wear and help relieve pressure on your back.

You might not know it—but some medical specialists, such as surgeons and nurses, wear Crocs to work. The US Ergonomics Council and The American Podiatric Medical Association have even certified Crocs for their ergonomic qualities. (Source)

Crocs are built on the pillars of innovative cushioning, comfort, and design. Add in the special tread pattern that helps prevent slips and falls, and you’ve got a fantastic shoe for all your med-pro needs. Below are some of the best Crocs for medical professionals:

Forget your tennis shoes this summer. Crocs are the way to go if you want comfort and versatility in footwear. They come in a variety of designs; they are comfortable and can hold up to water, sand, mud, and a lot more. Also, if you are suffering from spondylolisthesis, chronic lumbar pain, injury, or sciatica and want to start living pain-free, Crocs can help.

If you want to walk without worries, don’t hesitate to buy these shoes.

People who suffer from bunions, injured feet, and diabetes may find comfort in wearing Crocs. This is because the shoes feature heel cups, inner support, arch support, and massaging nubs.

Crocs have been recognized by medical professionals as a good shoe choice for people with diabetes. (Source)

Wounds are a common problem for people with diabetes, both because of the disease and its treatment. Diabetic wounds are more susceptible to infection than non-diabetic wounds—they don’t form a protective barrier, and they heal more slowly. A diabetic wound becomes infected due to several factors.

The first is the body’s response to the injury—diabetic patients have an impaired immune system and inflammatory response, which makes the body less capable of fighting off infections. The second factor is decreased blood flow in the area: tissue doesn’t receive enough oxygen or nutrients from the bloodstream, which weakens its ability to fight off infections.

And finally, some individuals with diabetes have peripheral neuropathy, which can cause a slower response time and reaction to pain—and that makes people less likely to notice a wound early on (and thus more likely for it to get infected).

Thankfully, some Crocs are lined with antibacterial materials, which reduces the risk of infection of a diabetic wound. These shoes also have roomy toe boxes and deep heel cups that protect the diabetic’s feet from abrasions.

Brief Background of Crocs

It’s hard to picture a world before Crocs, isn’t it? Everywhere you look, people are wearing comfy and colorful clogs. But you might be surprised to learn that Crocs has only existed since 2002. The brand’s story began with three friends (namely, Scott Seamans, Lyndon Hanson, and George Boedbecker Jr.)on a mission—a mission to make a significant change in the footwear industry.

Crocs originally developed its shoes for boating. In 2001, Crocs debuted the Beach model at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in Florida, where 200 pairs were sold in just one day. Since then, over 700 million pairs have been sold.

The company has broadened its horizons and manufactured several models of Croc Rx (which helps to ease back pain), including Croc Silver Cloud, Croc Cloud, and Croc Relief.

According to Crocs Vice President Lyndon V. Hanson III, the brand introduced those heel straps on Crocs for utility and extra flair. If you have foot problems, this shoe can be good for you.

When you think about it, Crocs were meant for the tropics. Whether in wet environments or tropical downpours, your toes need protection without sacrificing comfort. That’s why Crocs shoes are comfortable, affordable, and water friendly.

Downsides of Crocs

Unfortunately, some consumers find the original Crocs uncomfortable to wear all day. Although they provide good arch support and are more attractive than flip-flops, they don’t offer enough heel support.

The heel is the most important part of a shoe that supports your entire foot. So, if you don’t have enough support in the heel, your foot can suffer instability, resulting in nail problems, worsening of any existing toe deformities, calluses and corns, and tendonitis.

Fortunately, the Crocs Rx footwear line is designed especially for professionals who spend eight hours or more on their feet at a stretch. The Rx line includes the following shoes:

Although Crocs are beneficial for people with a high arch and edema of their ankles and legs, they’re not recommended for marathon usage.

Finally, Crocs clogs are not that fashionable because of their funky design. Their comfort and quality, on the other hand, can be enjoyed by many. So, if you’re looking for something comfortable but don’t care about its design, go for Crocs clogs.

What Customers Say About Crocs

Customers who wear Crocs find the shoes comfortable and lightweight. For some, using a pair of Crocs for a long time feels like wearing slippers at work.

Both toddlers and adults love Crocs’ flexible styling, comfort, and functionality. The wide range of styles available allows them to pick the perfect pair: an adorable sandal or a sporty clog.

Crocs has extended beyond its recreational beginnings to become a favorite of the rich, famous, and influential. It’s suited for life on the beach, at work, and even in the hospital—and it’s perfect for dressing up for Hollywood events.

The product is also affordable. More importantly, it provides stunning health benefits, including better foot care, and has an official seal of approval from the APMA.

Many people are pleased with their Crocs. They feel secure knowing the shoes will reduce back pain and comfort their feet. These customers feel like it is not a waste of money because the shoes are made from quality materials that ensure safety and comfort for all users.

Tips for Reducing Back Pain

If you work hard every day, there is a high tendency that you may suffer from back pain. To reduce the chance of you suffering from back pain, follow these simple tips: Take it slow, wear comfortable shoes like Crocs, and apply ice to the affected area.

Exercising is an excellent way to handle the pain you experience in your joints and muscles, which lowers stress and makes you feel better. It’s essential to wear shoes that fit properly to reduce strain on your feet, ankles, and legs and maintain a proper walking posture.

If you’re suffering from chronic back pain, you should speak to a medical professional who can provide relevant advice.

Conclusion: Crocs are Good for Your Back

With all of the back pain that you might be experiencing, it can be hard to find shoes that provide back support. Thankfully, Crocs are made to be comfortable and provide arch support, thus ensuring that you get the best level of comfort possible without breaking the bank.

Are you suffering from diabetes and foot injury? Worry no more because Crocs have come to your rescue. What’s more, Crocs can take you from the office to a social event, from the pool to the golf course, and wherever else you want to go. The possibilities are endless!

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