Are Converse Good For Flat Feet?

When buying shoes, we always consider what will keep our feet comfortable. There are different types of feet; some are slim, some are wide, and some are flat. If you have flat feet, and you may not know if Converse is good for you, you should read this article. Since knowing what shoes are best for your flat feet is vital since shoe comfort should not be taken for granted. 

Converse may not be advisable for your flat feet, but you can guarantee that these shoes are comfortable to wear. Since flat feet need a wide-fit shoe, some Converse shoes have a wide-width fit. Moreover, these shoes will surely give you uncompromised comfort due to their midsoles and quality fabric.

Moreover, it has a comfortable insole that will add support for your flat feet. Though some Converse shoes may run bigger and the insole may come loose, you need not worry since its comfort for your flat feet is not compromised. To know more details about your Converse shoes and how it is best for your flat feet, consider reading more details below. 

Do Converse Have an Arch?

Converse shoes typically have no cushioning and have no arch support. If you are experiencing foot problems or if you have foot problems, Converse may not be suitable for you. However, Converse makes sure that their shoes are comfortable, and they innovated to make shoes that absorb impact and give support all day long.  

Converse shoes may not have arch support, but they are innovated and designed to bring shoe comfort due to their high-quality material and soft insoles. Also, it has a lightweight midsole, and it comes with re-engineered rubber for ultimate flexibility and keeps you moving without pain. 

Since Converse does not have arc support, you may be able to purchase an insole that will surely give you the arc support while wearing your Converse shoes. If you are torn between using a shoe with arch support and COnverse with no arc support, you don’t need to worry since you can have both if you insert a shoe insole on your Converse for arc support. I will list some recommendations for you to choose from. 

List of Shoe Insoles for Your Converse Shoes

Dr. Scholl’s Ultra-Thin Insoles

Insoles are made to add extra comfort to your feet, especially if you experience discomfort while wearing your pair of shoes. If you insert Dr. Scholl’s Ultra-Thin Insoles in your Converse, it will provide additional arc support to your shoes and add extra cushioning for foot comfort. 

Though you insert this insole in your Converse shoes, you will not feel bulky since it is super thin. This insole is 40% lighter than others. The heel portion of these insoles is thick, but it’s thin on the part of the foot. It is a removable insole, so you don’t need to worry about using it for any other Converse shoes that you have. 

Powerstep Original Arch Support Insoles

Another best-recommended insole that will give additional arc support for your feet, especially if you are prone to foot pain, is Powerstep Original Arch Support Insoles. These insoles will indeed remove your foot pain. If you are experiencing foot pains and still want to use your Converse shoes, you can insert these insoles to keep your feet comfortable. 

These insoles are satisfactorily made in the USA. When inserted with your Converse, these insoles are made with a slim tech orthotic that will offer you a very soft and comforting feeling. Also, Slimtech Orthotic will provide you with a flexible support shell. Powerstep insoles will give you adequate arch support and heel cradle for stability. 

Envelop Massaging Gel Insoles 

Envelop Massaging Gel Insoles are made with materials that offer cushion support with silicone gel. These insoles come with a honeycomb element that absorbs the painful impact in each step. These insoles come with a versatile gel that will indeed adjust to the fit, creating a customized fit for your Converse shoes. 

These gel insoles will provide cushioned support from the heels and forefoot due to their honeycomb design. The arch support that these gel insoles offer will add stability as you move. Moreover, these gel insoles have a texture that grips to the inner part of your Converse shoes.

Which Converse is Good for Flat Feet?

Flat feet need an orthotic shoe. If you have flat feet and are not wearing the correct shoes, it will cause you more pain. Sad to say that Converse may not be the best shoes for flat feet, but you can still wear them if you put insoles in them to support and protect your feet.

Treating and correcting your flat feet is very important and wearing the correct shoes is essential to avoid more pains on your feet; but if you insist, you can still wear Converse, but you may need to choose the best insole to give you feet protection and support. The best thing to consider is still to contact your podiatrist about this one. 

Some Converse may be slim and narrow, but some COnverse shoes have a wide-width fit. You can choose within the standard fit of the wide fit, so the wide one is best recommended if you have flat feet. Wide shoes reduce the pressure in the front half of your foot which helps prevent pains and bunions. 

People who have flat feet or those who overpronate are prone to more foot injuries than people with normal pronation. Moreover, people with flat feet should select shoes with reinforced heels. A firm heel offers support for the foot. 

Are Converse Good for Wide Feet?

Converse are suitable for wide feet since they have wide-width shoes that fit your wide feet. If you prefer to use the standard width instead of the wide width, you may go up half a size as standard shoe widths are a bit narrow. Their shoes are comfortable and are roomy in the toe area.

There are so many wide-width Converse shoes that you can choose from. Wide width Converse comes in different sizes, designs, colors, and heights that you will surely like. These shoes come with comfortable soles and quality fabric to add comfort to your feet. You can indeed wander around the city or go anywhere you want by wearing Converse wide-width shoes. 

Which Converse are Good for Wide Feet?

Comfort should not be taken for granted; that is why Converse has innovated to create shoes that come with different widths. That is why aside from the standard width, they provide options for customers with a wide foot. You can now select Converse shoes that fit well to your wide feet. I want to share what I have searched regarding the best Converse shoes for wide feet.

Shop by Style

The Best High Top Converse for Wide Feet

Chuck Taylor All-Star is one of the classic shoes that are timeless and iconic. If you have wide feet, Converse has made specific Chucks for you. These Converse shoes have a lightweight and durable canvas, which is best for casual wear. You can also choose a variety of colors depending on your choice.

Chuck Taylor All-Star has a timeless style that never fades in that you will surely love. Moreover, these shoes have medial eyelets to provide an additional airflow inside your feet to keep them cool and comfortable. It also comes with a classic ankle patch giving it an iconic style.

The Best Low top Converse for Wide Feet

The best low-top Converse for wide feet is Chuck Taylor All-Star. These shoes are best to wear for everyday use. These shoes are classic and versatile and will surely give you a casual look that you like as you wear them. Converse has innovated to provide you with wide-width Chucks, so you can still slay your outfit with the classic Chucks without compromising your feet’ comfort. 

These Chucks are made with durable and lightweight shoe canvas, designed with a stylish silhouette that you will surely like. These shoes come with a medial eyelet to offer additional airflow on your feet. Finally, you can wear wide Chucks that never fail to give you comfort and classic styles.

The Best Platforms Converse for Wide Feet

Though there is no wide-width platform Converse, you can still have a platform that offers excellent comfort for your wide feet like the Chuck Taylor All-Star Move since it has good cushions. Since this shoe runs a half size large, you don’t need to size up if you have wide feet. What makes these platforms comfortable is all because of their OrthoLite cushioning. 

These platforms are made with recycled mesh lining that makes them breathable. These shoes are lightweight, and the projectile platform adds height giving it a great look that does not compromise comfort.

The Best Custom Converse for Wide Feet

If you want to have a customized Converse, you can surely do so. You can customize your wide-width Converse shoes like Custom Chuck Taylor 70 By You. The best thing about these shoes, aside from their quality, is that it allows you to express your design since you can choose your color and good shoe graphic. 

Trending Styles

Trending Chuck70 for your Wide Feet

If you prefer using Converse shoes with trending styles, you can try Holiday Sweater Chuck 70. These shoes are best for your wide feet and also for holiday seasons. Though these shoes may not have a wide-width version, you can still wear them as they have an OthoLite insole that helps keep your feet comfortable.

Trending Boots for your Wide Feet

You can still wear converse boots though you may have a wide foot without compromising your feet’ comfort. You can try Winter GORE-TEX Chuck Taylor All-Star. You may need to size up if you have wide feet; however, these shoes run half a size large, so you don’t need to size up. 

You don’t need to worry about having painful feet since these shoes come with an OrthoLite insole for excellent cushioning. Moreover, these boots are made of quality leather and are waterproof. You can typically style these shoes no matter the weather, and you don’t need to worry about foot comfort. 

Exclusive Converse Shoes for your Wide Feet

There are many trending exclusive Converse shoes, and one of them is Crafted Boot, Chuck Taylor. If you worry that you have wide feet, you shouldn’t since these boots had an Ortholite insole for your feet’ comfort. If you have wide feet, you don’t have to worry much if your feet may become painful; you can size up to have enough space in your foot area. 

Shop Gifts

Best Converse Gift for Men with Wide Feet

If you know someone who likes Converse shoes but is considering what to choose since you know he has a wide foot, you can select Chuck 70 Sherpa. Though there is no wide-width version of these shoes, you can still give this as a gift since it runs half-size large. 

When choosing shoes for a wide feet person, you should consider sizing up so they won’t have a painful foot when wearing the shoes. Though these shoes are not wide, they will keep your feet comfortable due to their premium cushioning that will give you all-day comfort. 

Best Converse Gift for Women with Wide Feet

The best gift for women who have a wide foot is Chuck Taylor All-Stars, it comes with a low top and high top, and you can choose what you think is the preference of the person who will receive it as a gift. The person you will give this gift will surely love this since it has an iconic and classic style making it versatile, and also, it assures them that it is comfortable to wear since it comes with a wide-width fit. 

Also, these pairs of Chucks are made with lightweight and durable canvas material and come with medial eyelets to offer an enhanced airflow. The one that will receive these shoes as a gift will surely love this versatile, stylish, and iconic pair of Converse shoes.

Best Converse Gift for Kids with Wide Feet

Kids who have wide feet may need to look for comfortable shoes that best suit them, like Hearts Chuck Taylor All-Star Move. Though these shoes do not come with a wide-width fit, you can still give this as a gift to a kid. Just make sure that you choose the size that runs large since kids with wide feet need extra space or room for their feet to avoid pains. 

The good thing about these shoes that makes them ideal as a gift is that they are made with a SmartFOAM sock liner to provide all-day comfort and support. Also, it has a recycled mesh lining that makes it breathable.


Converse shoes may not be ideal for Flat feet since Converse has flat soles; you can still wear Converse shoes as long as you insert insoles in them. Since Converse does not have arch support due to its design, you can still wear them. However, if you have delicate feet, you may insert insoles.

Also, for those who have wide feet, Converse has a variety of wide shoes. Though the standard width Converse shoes may be painful to wear to those with wide feet because it’s slim and narrow, you can prefer sizing up if you still want to use Converse. Sizing up will give more room to the feet.

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