Are Birkenstocks high-quality?

If you are looking for high-quality footwear, Birkenstock should be included in your top choices. It’s a favorite of many celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Heidi Klum, Kristen Bell, and Emma Roberts for a good reason.

Being an institution in the footwear industry, Birkenstock only produces high-quality shoes, sandals, and clogs. Each pair is delicately made using only the best materials, like natural leather, suede, nubuck, and wool felt. It is sustainable, too, as the brand uses environmentally friendly materials as well.

In this article, we will break down the reasons why Birkenstocks are high-quality. We’ll look into the primary materials the brand uses, how to maintain them, and how they are sustainable in the long run. Keep on reading to know them all!

What makes Birkenstocks high-quality?

There are three major reasons behind the high quality of Birkenstocks: the materials used, the craftsmanship put into the production process, and the element of sustainability. 

Birkenstock has perfected choosing the right materials to utilize. It only uses both natural and synthetic materials that ensure durability, flexibility, and comfort. Whatever texture you desire, may it be velvety felt, comfortable soft leather, or well-carved footbed, you can surely find the one that fits you well.

In terms of craftsmanship, Birkenstock follows a delicate production process and quality control before putting every pair out on the market. As a result, the positive quality of the materials is optimally maximized for the utmost satisfaction of its customers. 

If you think that is all, you are wrong. Birkenstock also cares for the environment as it practices environmentally safe habits. For example, the adhesive it uses is non-toxic, water-soluble, and solvent-free.

High-Quality Materials Used by Birkenstock

The pride of the brand lies in the quality of footwear it creates. This is why Birkenstock has been one of the go-to footwear for most people. This magnificence should be greatly attributed to the high-quality materials it utilizes. To know more about them, below is the list of these materials:

1. Natural Leather

If you are looking for probably the most classic leather look, Birkenstock has many offerings made up of natural leather. They are durable enough with a thickness ranging from 2.8 to 3.2 millimeters, giving you a raw look because of the retained texture of the leather. The combination of grainy and smooth surfaces is its key feature.

For an aged leather style, Birkenstock’s natural leather is capable of developing a good patina that naturally occurs after regular use.

Some great examples of natural leather Birkenstocks are Buckley Vintage Wood Roast, Madrid Big Buckle High Shine Black, and Gizeh Big Buckle High Shine Dusty Blue.

2. Suede

If you want a leather Birkenstock with a napped finish, suede is an excellent choice. Its inner part is sanded down, creating a grainy texture. The outside part, on the other hand, gives you a velvety, soft finish that makes it look breathable. If you are after comfort, suede is known to be very lightweight and pliable which is good for brisk walking.

Suede is fantastic for producing delicate clothing and footwear as it is incredible to the touch. These include gloves, shoes, and jackets. 

Boston Soft Footbed Pink Clay, Zermatt Premium Clay, Arizona Vintage Rose Copper, and Lugano Soft Footbed Mink are some of the suede Birkenstocks that you can purchase.

3. Nubuck Leather

Nubuck is closely similar to suede as they are treated the same. The difference is the side being sanded down. When the outer part of the animal skin is brushed creating a grainy texture, it becomes a nubuck leather. Take note, though, that Birkenstock made it appear softly brushed without too much graining. 

Nubuck leather is popular for being durable. It is long-lasting because, after frequent use and with proper care, it still maintains its good quality. 

Arizona Big Buckle Almond, Gizeh Big Buckle Dove Gray, Mayari Soft Footbed Sandcastle, and Arizona Soft Footbed Dark Fuschia are great nubuck Birkenstock picks that you should consider buying.

4. Birko-Flor

A product of the innovation of Birkenstock is Birko-Flor. It is a synthetic material that the brand explicitly designed. It is known for being dirt- and waterproof as it is made up of PVC plastic. In terms of comfort, the surface of the inside of the straps has soft fleece which brings comfort to your feet during long walks. 

This invention of Birkenstock is made very versatile. Many treatments can be done to this, like gluing, coating, and finishing with a metallic style. Imagine the impacts that Birko-Flor can bring to the world of the footwear industry!

To give you some great examples of Birko-Flor, you can consider getting Arizona Desert Soil Gray, Franca Graceful Lavender Aura, Sydney Graceful Riviera Blue, and Atacama Men Futura Black Half Camo, to name a few.

5. Wool Felt

If you desire footwear that can give cooling and breathable effects, wool-felt Birkenstock is a great option. Known to be one of the oldest textiles used years ago, the superb quality of this material has been continuously utilized today, especially for footwear uppers. It is soft and supple to the touch as it absorbs moisture from your feet.

Wool felt is breathable for the feet. It allows the circulation of the air to pass through your skin and can withstand high temperatures. In effect, it creates a dependable heat cushion.

Some models of wool-felt Birkenstocks are Zermatt Shearling Anthracite, Andermatt Shearling Anthracite, and Boston Cacao.

6. Linen/Canvas

Linen and canvas are exceptional if you are finding a heavy-duty textile to support your feet. They are popular in making clothing because of their durability. Today, they are gaining traction in producing quality footwear. They are breathable, wearable, and have cooling properties to give your feet extra comfort.

These fabrics are made environmentally safe in Europe, ensuring the sustainable and high-quality standard of Birkenstock. Soon enough, these are going to make names in the footwear industry around the world.

Arizona Vegan Women Stone Coin, Bend Low Whale Gray, Siena Vegan Eggshell, and Glenda Faded Khaki are great textile Birkenstock options.

7. Birko-Flor Patent

Slightly tweaking Birko-Flor, Birko-Flor Patent is great for people who prefer a bolder style. It has a clean film coating that provides you with a high-gloss finish. It can capture the metallic and gemstone polish that can give a luxurious look, especially when hit by light. This can work both in the morning and evening if you want to catch attention.

In addition, Birko-Flor Patent is capable of being styled in any color and shade. This is proof that Birkenstock has been continuing to push the boundaries of the typical style of footwear today.

Madrid Black Patent, Sofia Tango Red Patent, and Gizeh Black Patent, to name a few, are some of the great Birko-Flor Patent options that you can choose from.

8. Birkibuc

If you love the nubuck leather so much but want a synthetic version of it, Birkenstock got you covered because it offers you Birkibuc. Birkibuc resembles real nubuck leather because it can also give you a similar experience of putting on the latter. Just like the original, its outer part is also brushed which supplies a slightly grainy but soft texture.

Birkibuc is a good option if you want an animal-free material but can still provide you with the same high-quality standard of Birkenstock.

Florida Soft Footbed Mocha, Arizona Stone, Ramses Stone, Yara Mocha, and Granada Mocha are fantastic Birkibuc choices.

9. Oiled Leather

If you like an extra kick to your usual suede or natural leather, oiled-leather Birkenstocks can offer you a waxy and expensive appearance. It is coated with a special wax or oil that leads to having a natural bright shine when hit by light. The gloss also helps develop a more unique patina than what natural leather produces.

Oiled leather is usually produced by tanning the animal skin first in tanneries before applying an ample amount of oil or wax to bring about the desired gloss.

To name some oiled-leather Birkenstocks, you can look for Boston Tobacco Brown, Honnef High Roast, Arizona Rigged Men Habana, Florida Fresh Shearling Black, and Arizona Soft Footbed Faded Khaki.

10. Microfiber

If you are finding a footwear fabric that can be cleaned easily, microfiber might be the one that fits your preference. Microfiber Birkenstocks are both soft and durable, providing skin-friendly properties and quality for long-term use, respectively. To clean them, you can just grab a damp cloth and gently rub off the visible dirt or stain.

Arizona Vegan Desert Dust Gray Taupe, Rio Kids Vegan Flashy Hologram Silver, Gizeh Shiny Python Black, and Rotterdam Black are some of the great microfiber Birkenstocks available.

How to Maintain High-Quality Birkenstocks

If you currently have a pair of Birkenstock, you would want to maintain its high quality just like when you first bought it. Fret not because this is achievable! You can always put them on feeling like its the very first time! Below are some tips you can follow:

  • Regularly clean your Birkenstock using the right materials and appropriate techniques. Just like any other footwear, cleaning is an essential part of footwear care. Consider the primary materials used on your shoes as they require different cleaning materials and techniques. Also, always be gentle when holding them.
  • Do not place your Birkenstock under direct sunlight, nor expose them to high temperatures. Damage, like disintegration and discoloration, is expected when these are not followed. Store it at room temperature only, and make sure that air passes through it to preserve the durability and integrity of all the parts.
  • Let your Birkenstock breathe after a long time of use. Treat it as if it is a human. If overworked, a good rest can help to replenish the lost energy. Give it a break once or twice a week. This is helpful to allow its form to go back and to lessen the chances of getting dirty. You may use a different pair once in a while.

Are Birkenstocks sustainable?

Apart from delivering high-quality footwear to consumers, Birkenstock vows to be environmentally friendly. It uses sustainable materials that both satisfy your preference and protects nature. 

The natural materials of Birkenstock come from sustainable sources. These include natural leather, jute, cork, wool felt, and natural latex.

In addition, Birkenstock is one of the first footwear brands that used adhesives that are water-soluble and solvent-free. Solvent-based adhesives are known to cause soil and water pollution. It can also inflict diseases on humans who come in contact with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about Birkenstock?

Since 1774, Birkenstock has been committing to giving people high-quality footwear. This is what makes the brand so special as it never fails to ensure support, comfort, and ease for its customers. Because of this, it has become an institution in the footwear industry.

Why are Birkenstocks so good for your feet?

Birkenstock only makes high-quality footwear just for you. It has perfected the craft of designing every footwear part, resulting in maximum comfort and support. For example, its latex and cork footbeds are shaped to the usual foot curves to avoid possible aching and injuries.

Why do people love Birkenstocks?

People love Birkenstocks because they cater to their needs and preferences. The brand offers a wide range of colors, styles, sizes, and features, to name a few. Each pair also lasts for a long time and is versatile enough to fit any kind of occasion.

Are Birks High-Quality, Final Thoughts…

Birkenstock is a trusted brand that has been serving its customers for centuries already. It stays true to its commitment to only make high-quality shoes, sandals, clogs, and boots. Rest assured that, if you decide to get a pair, you would get a long-lasting pair.

If you want to treat yourself to something that is both functional and stylish, you will never go with choosing Birkenstock.

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