Are Birkenstocks Good For Sciatica?

Do you frequently experience a series of painful electric shocks that travel throughout your lower extremities? This might be sciatica! Although this is alarming, keep in mind that you can do something to ease the painful feeling, like choosing the appropriate footwear. 

Because sciatica is a serious nerve problem, you need soothing footwear to help alleviate the pain in your sciatic nerve. Birkenstocks are good for this condition as they are anatomically right for support, shock-absorbing, flexible, and durable. They also provide your feet with maximum comfort and the right fit and grip.

If you currently have sciatica or are wanting to prevent developing it, this blog contains the information that you need. Read this until the end to know why Birkenstocks are good for this condition.

What is sciatica?

Sciatica is a type of nerve pain that travels through the sciatic nerve. This nerve begins from the lower back to each foot, passing through the hips and butt. If it gets injured or irritated, it can cause massive pain throughout the lower extremities of the body.

Usually, this occurs because of the overgrowth of bone on the spine or herniated disk. It compresses the sciatic nerve which leads to inflammation and pain. 

Having sciatica is a serious health risk, especially if you are already old, obese, and diabetic. People who are any of these are susceptible to experiencing complications caused by sciatica. 

At the same, jobs that require you to frequently twist your back, carry heavy loads, and even sit for long periods can potentially trigger sciatica.

The good news is that one can recover from mild sciatica even without treatment. However, if you are suffering from too much pain, it is advisable to seek a doctor for medication.

What does sciatica feel like when walking?

People with sciatica can experience pain when walking that can range from mild to severe in strength. The pressure and force exerted when walking, let alone moving, can pinch the sciatic nerve which, in effect, aggravates sciatica. Usually, it is described as an electric shock that travels across the lower extremities of the body.

Additionally, numbness and tingling can also be felt. If you have these, these will affect the way you walk, causing you to get slower, limp, or stop. The discomfort that sciatica induces, if left untreated, can lead to much more serious health problems.

To help alleviate the problems caused by sciatica, choosing appropriate footwear that can give both support and comfort to your feet is advisable. Fret not because Birkenstock as an institution in the footwear industry can help you recover from this condition. 

What should you look for in footwear for sciatica?

Sciatica is a serious condition. You would not want this to torture you with the stabbing and potentially unbearable pain. Although footwear is not the exact antidote to this problem, it can surely help you to ease the pain and prevent exacerbation. Here is a list of what you should look for in footwear for this condition:

1. Arch Support

The footbed of your footwear should be anatomically right. This means that it should consider all of the contours and the bones of your feet, including the arches. 

Remember that feet are not laid flat. They carry your weight when you walk, run, or stand, so you need to carefully choose footwear that has arch support. A good arch support stabilizes your stance and enables you to have balance.

Birkenstock got these all for you! It offers you an intricate mold on its footbed, including an incredible arch support, to assure that your sciatica will not be triggered by the force and tension from moving.

2. Stable Midfoot Section

The midfoot is responsible for connecting the forefoot to the hindfoot. It enables you to walk because it holds the muscles and ligaments that transmit force leading to making every step. Thus, always inspect the footbed of the footwear you are planning to purchase if it is molded well.

Birkenstock’s footbed has a transverse arch support that stabilizes the metatarsal bones while allowing your feet to be flexible. If you have sciatica, this is good for you to avoid severe stabbing pain with every step you take.

3. Rigid and Deep Heel Counter

The heels of the feet are normally huge and deep. If you have sciatica, relying on them to carry your weight can worsen the pain. This is why it is advisable to look for footwear that has cushions for your heels. It should be deep enough, too, to prevent too much compression.

Good thing that you should not look any further anymore because Birkenstock has a deep heel counter that allows your heels to be natural and comfortable, not restrained. It is rigid as well which can protect them from too much pressure from walking.

4. Cushioned Footbed and Sole for Support

A cushioned footbed is essential for support and protection, whereas a good sole serves as the first line of defense against the ground. When combined, they can provide you with so much ease from sciatica. 

Birkenstocks are popular for their cushioned footbeds and soles. They are shock-absorbing which lessens the chances of your feet getting injured. If you have sciatica, you should look for this feature because the intensity of pain increases if your feet feel so much tension.

5. Maximum Comfort

We all want to be comfortable when walking. If you are suffering from sciatica, you will desire this even more. 

An indication that your footwear provides your feet with maximum comfort is that your steps become more effortless to take. Although there still might be some pain, the comfort significantly lessens the strength.

Fortunately, Birkenstock offers you exactly this. You can choose from its wide range of styles to give you the maximum comfort that you need. Also, it has specially created a soft footbed that has extra foam padding for a much softer touch compared to the original one.

6. Flexibility

Walking and running require your feet to be flexible. Make sure to get footwear that will not force you to exert so much effort just to bend and slide. It should effortlessly jive with the movement of your feet to prevent sciatica from getting triggered.

If you are looking for both durability and flexibility, Birkenstock is the perfect footwear for you. Its cork and sole are flexible enough to be worn for walking long distances while being durable at the same time because the materials used are high-quality. For sure, your sciatica will go away in no time!

Reasons Why Birkenstocks Are Good For Sciatica

Birkenstock is one of the best options for choosing the proper footwear that can alleviate sciatica. If you are not yet convinced, below are the reasons why they are good for this condition:

  • The anatomically right footbed of Birks serves as a good support and protection of your sciatic nerve from pain. It has an incredible arch support, a stable midfoot section, a deep heel counter, and cushioned footbed and sole. All of these work harmoniously to keep your sciatica from getting triggered.
  • Birkenstock is shock-absorbing, serving as a cushion against too much pressure and tension from moving. Both the Birk footbed and sole are responsible for the absorption of shocks. They prevent possible foot injuries, especially caused by sciatica, to occur.
  • The maximum comfort that your Birks can provide you makes you walk with ease which, in turn, calms your sciatic nerve. The good thing is that, even though the original footbed of Birkenstock is already comfortable enough, it also creates footbeds with extra foam padding for a softer and more delicate touch.
  • The fit of your Birks according to your foot measurements provides your feet with proper fit and grip. This limits your feet to exert so much force when walking which is very helpful if you have sciatica. It prevents your sciatic nerve from getting compressed to the ground which, in effect, limits pain when walking.
  • Birkenstock’s footwear is flexible enough to be bent to go with the natural flexibility of your feet. Remember that the midfoot is responsible for force transmission. It is truly flexible to carry out the process of walking in which you do not need to exert so much effort anymore.
  • For continuous healing from sciatica, Birks are made durable as well which you can use for a long time. Although this condition goes away even without treatment, it is important to give your feet continuous support to accelerate the healing process. Thus, the durability of Birks is truly incomparable!

Possible Effects of Wearing the Wrong Footwear

We already know that good footwear, like Birks, brings about foot health benefits. However, it is also equally important to know the possible effects of wearing the wrong one. Be keen because you might have already been experiencing these:

  • Exacerbation of existing foot ailments: You might not know that the discomfort you are experiencing when walking with the wrong footwear is already a symptom of your worsening foot problem, like sciatica.
  • Higher susceptibility to foot injury: If the footwear you are wearing is either too tight or too loose, you might end up getting bruises, fractures, and bone dislocation when using it. Worse, they could lead to much more severe problems if left untreated.
  • Foot, leg, and posture misalignment: Your footwear is responsible for the stability and firmness of your stance. If your footwear is leveled unevenly, for instance, misalignment on your lower extremities can occur eventually.
  • Getting uncomfortable when walking or standing: A reason behind the discomfort can be because of the pain or tingling you are experiencing. Wearing the wrong footwear, especially during long walks, can make your walk slow and too restraining.
  • Easily getting tired when walking or standing: Following the discomfort is feeling tiredness on your feet which can spread throughout your body. This may be because your feet are exerting too much force and effort to make every single step while wearing the wrong footwear.

Do podiatrists recommend Birkenstocks for your feet?

Many celebrities have expressed their admiration of Birks, and true enough, you should, too. This is because podiatrists or experts who specialize in treating foot problems highly recommend Birks for your feet. They think that Birks provide you with many benefits that do not only improve your style but also your overall foot health.

What podiatrists love about Birkenstock is that the design of its footwear is anatomically right. This means that it considers the several parts and conditions of your feet upon creation, including the foot bones and their functions. 

To demonstrate this, just look at the intricate mold of the footbed. It consists of many parts that support your feet altogether, like a deep heel counter, arch support, toe grip, and midfoot support. 

Podiatrists generally recommend this footwear to everyone who wants maximum comfort and good support for their feet, like nurses who work long shifts. Also, those with mild foot problems are encouraged to get a pair of these to help alleviate their condition.

Related Questions

Can shoes affect sciatica?

Yes, the shoes you wear can affect sciatica. If you are wearing an anatomically correct pair, it can help alleviate and lessen the pain and discomfort felt by the sciatic nerve. But if you are wearing an inappropriate one, it can be too restraining for your feet, leading to the exacerbation of your condition.

Can footbeds help alleviate sciatic nerve pain?

Anatomically correct footbeds are essential in alleviating the pain felt by the sciatic nerve. They can provide your feet with comfort and support, absorb all of the shocks from walking, and assist the natural flexibility of your feet. Altogether, they can prevent the sciatic nerve from getting compressed and constrained.

Can high heels help alleviate sciatic nerve pain?

Wearing high heels too often, if you are experiencing sciatic nerve pain, is not advisable. It does not alleviate sciatica as the high elevation of the heels pushes your weight forward. This adds more pressure to your hips to ensure a straight stance. In effect, the pressure causes pain in your sciatic nerve which can travel down your feet instantly.

Final Thoughts: Birkenstocks and Sciatica

Because health is wealth, you must not neglect even the mildest pain you feel anywhere on your body. In the case of sciatica, choosing the right footwear can best help you. 

Birkenstocks are good for this condition because they are anatomically right, shock-absorbing, flexible, and durable. They also provide your feet with maximum comfort and the right fit and grip to help ease the pain in your sciatic nerve.

Although mild sciatica goes away eventually, you do not have to suffer from it for long!

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