Are Ariat Boots Real Leather?

Ariat is one of the leading cowboy brands that offer quality cowboy boots for men, women, and kids. They create quality equestrian performance wear with the touch of western fashion trends. They are known for engineering quality footwear that offers ultimate comfort and durability.

Most of the boots that Ariat is creating are made with high-quality leather material. One of the premium leather materials used by Ariat is bison leather. Their boots are made with bison, crocodile, ostrich, and cowhide to ensure premium quality.

Knowing the leather quality of the boots you are purchasing is very important; in that way, you will learn how durable, efficient, and high-quality the boots you are purchasing are. You will also equate if the material used in the boots suits the price they are selling.

Since most Ariat boots are made with bison leather, a premium quality leather, rest assured that their product’s price is worth it. However, I have something to share below if you want more details. 

Bison Leather

What is Bison Leather?

Bison leather is considered one of the most durable and premium quality leather stronger than cowhide. Buffalo leather came to form American Bison, which can be found only in North America. However, if you can see products that indicate buffalo, it might come from Asian Water Buffalo or African Cave Buffalo.

One of the essential facts that you have to note when shopping or looking for authentic bison products is that Asian Water Buffalo and African Cape Buffalo are the actual “buffalo.”

How Strong is the Bison Leather?

Bison leather is known to be stronger than cow leather. It is estimated that it is stronger by about 40 percent. In addition, it has a more pebbled texture than other leather, making it have added durability. Also, it is traditionally used when sturdiness and strength are needed when making the boots. Bison leather is best used in making military gear, outwear, and boots. 

Bison leather is stronger than cow leather, but it does not mean that cow leather has a lower capacity than bison. Both have the same strength rate; however, bison leather does not stretch much like cow leather, making bison leather stronger. 

How is Bison leather made?

Bison leather is durable, but it also offers a breathable feature. This is possible due to the special vegetables tanning process, converting rawhide to leather. What is unique in the bison tanning process is that it uses twigs, shells, natural barks to condition the leather and shrink down the grain.

The shrinking process of the leather is necessary to accent the grain on the back, neck, belly, and the bump of the hide. Once the shrinking process is done, beeswax and natural oil are added to the leather to give it a rich and deep look while making it soft. 

Is Buffalo Leather Waterproof?

Buffalo leather is thicker and less stretchy than other types of leather, making it more resistant to water. However, since most leather is porous, water cannot easily penetrate it. Also, the more the leather is treated with oil and wax, the more it is resistant to water. 

How to waterproof your Buffalo leather?

Water cannot easily penetrate buffalo leather since it is thick and the leather is porous, giving the water a hard time penetrating inside. However, many leather wax and sprays can help make your buffalo leather waterproof. 

The most common and traditional way of waterproofing your buffalo leather is beeswax. Also, you may use a bar of saddle soap for boots but not for furniture and or car leather as it blocks the pores of the leather. 

Crocodile Leather

What is crocodile leather?

Crocodile leather is one of the finest leather commonly used in luxury items, including boot creations. These types of leather are of high value due to their scarcity and difficulty in the tanning process. Moreover, this leather comes at a high price since it has limitations due to its skin size.

Why is Crocodile skin so expensive?

Crocodile skin is so expensive due to its scarcity it comes with a limited skin size, making it pricey. Also, the price of crocodile leather may vary increasingly in accordance with the extent of the skin. Also, the prize comes with the time that it takes for the crocodile to grow and the breeder’s cost in keeping the crocodile. 

The width of the crocodile leather depends on the time it is kept and raised. For a year of breeding, you can get 20 – 24 cm, 25 – 29 cm for a year and a half of breeding. When they reach two years, the width of the leather may range from 30 – 34 cm, 35 – 39 cm for two and a half years. If they reach three years, the leather width may range from 40 – 44, and if they are bred for more than three years and a half, the width of the leather may take over 45 cm or more. 

Does crocodile leather last?

One of the most durable and costly types of leather is alligator skin. If you treat the leather right, you may use it for a long time, approximately 50 years, and proper care. This proves that investing in a high-status item like crocodile boots is a significant investment. 

Crocodile leather is supple, durable, and very expensive. The bony layer in the crocodile’s skin provides a protective shield to it, and the dimple to each leather gives it a very exotic look. Alligator leather is very durable since it does not stretch. Their scales are hard, and they have a bony feature on their back. The crocodile leather does not stretch or flex, making it durable. 

Ostrich Leather

Is Ostrich leather good?

One of the most desirable leather used in making boots is ostrich leather. This type of leather is beautiful; it is also supple, durable, and rare. Ostrich leather is listed as one of the leather that is of the finest quality. It is regarded as one of the most challenging, most delicate, and most supple animal skins available. Their skin is good for making boots. 

Is Ostrich leather durable? 

Many boots make use of ostrich leather due to its durability. This leather may come at a price but is of good quality. Moreover, the skin of this leather is soft, making it comfortable. Furthermore, the ostrich leather is breathable, and it contains natural oil that keeps it away from cracking or drying. 

Is Ostrich leather rare?

Ostrich leather is one of the most recognizable and popular exotic skins. Ostrich leather comes to be rare. Thus, it is expensive. More than its quality, it is also highly durable, making it a good material for making cowboy boots. 

Is Ostrich leather waterproof?

Ostrich leather has water-resistant qualities, just like other leather. However, you should note that the leather may appear dark over time. Ostrich leg leather is scaly in texture, and it must be kept away from water and any form of liquid because it may leave a permanent mark. To make it water repellant, you may use a spraying product with a good quality scotch guard.

Common types of Cowboy Boots Leather

Though the most common types of cowboy boots are made from leather, there are different types that you can choose from. Check more details below. 

Full Grain Leather

One of the most sought-after leather for cowboy boots is the full-grain leather. These leather are not altered and haven’t been corrected from their natural states. No buffing and polishing process was giving it a natural look. The imperfections in the leather are still there, which gives it a natural look.

Top Grain Leather

This type of leather is considered one of the high qualities. This leather has been buffed, polished and the top layer was sanded to give it a pristine look.

Synthetic and Hybrid Materials

It is now common that most boots use synthetic materials. Others also innovate by using hybrid materials that provide additional features for the boots. These mixed materials keep the boots durable, comfortable, and breathable.

Types of Leather Used by Ariat in their Boots

Crocodile Leather Boots

One of the materials used by Ariat is Crocodile leather, like the material they used in Relentless Denton Western Boot. This boot is made of a high-quality Caiman Alligator Belly. These boots also offer durable DualPro® soles that provide excellent wear resistance. Though you may frequently wear these boots, they can stand for an extended period. One of the fantastic features of these cowboy boots is that it cones with ATS® lightweight forked shank for additional support. It comes with a Removable Pro Performance insole that offers good cushioning and shock absorption. 

Ostrich Leather Boots

One of the showstoppers in and out the saddle is the Gallup Western Boot by Ariat. These boots offer the beat boot style and performance. It comes with a beautifully crafted exotic leather that offers excellent durability, patented traction zones, great cushions, and is expertly crafted to provide foot stability.

These boots come with a Removable Pro Performance insole that offers comfortable cushioning and shock absorption features. For enhanced support, these boots have an ATS® lightweight forked shank.

Bison Leather Boots

One of the high-quality materials that Ariat is using in their boots is Ariat, the same materials used in Two24 Highlands. These lace-up boots for men are made with high-quality bison leather. These boots come with western-inspired lines, traditional hand finishing, and distinctive materials.

These boots are made with a good insole and cushioning to provide a comfortable fit when wearing them. It is also of high quality and carefully done with premium hand-finished leathers. It comes with a Butyl-treated outsole that offers durability and water resistance. 

How to Care for Your Ariat Leather Cowboy boots?

The longevity of cowboy boots depends on how you care for them. To ensure the longevity of your boots, make sure to read the details below.

Step 1 Break in your Boots

To ensure boots fit and fit better, you should break them in. The breaking process makes the boots conform to your foot shape. 

Step 2 Brush off the dirt regularly.

If you regularly use your cowboy boots, you should also periodically brush them off to remove dust, mud, or dirt. You can also clean it using a cloth. 

Step 3 Do boot deep cleaning and conditioning.

To prolong the life of your boots, you may need to clean your boots using a leather-specific cleaner for about three to six weeks. Aside from using a leather cleaner, it would help if you also had a conditioner to condition your boots. 

Step 4 Do boot repair if needed.

In some cases, if your boots are damaged, you may need simple stitching repairs as early as possible. Please do not wait for the boots to wear out before repairing them completely. You may also do the resoling of soles in case it is damaged.

How do you care for your Exotic cowboy boots?

Caring for your exotic cowboy boots is essential as most of this exotic leather is made with caiman or alligator and ostrich. This type of leather needs regular care. Moreover, it would help if you were diligent in conditioning them. However, the process of caring for them is the same as cow’s leather. 

The exotic boots you have can be cleaned, conditioned, and stored the same way as the traditional leather materials. However, before using cleaning, conditioning, and polishing materials, it is tested to avoid damaging the leather color. 

Are Ariat boots real leather, in a nutshell…

Ariat uses good quality leather in making their boots. Some of these boots are exotic, like caiman leather and ostrich leather. Aside from using full-grain leather, they also use bison leather, which comes with high quality and is durable. Ariat only offers the best quality boots for you.

However, no matter how high the qualities are, proper boot care is still essential to extend the longevity of the boots. Ariat has a lot of cowboy boots that are made with quality leather materials; you have many options to choose from as you check on their online store or in your local stores.

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