Are Ariat Boots Made In The USA?

Many consumers look for a red, white, and blue label, “made in the USA.” But is it because some foreign products may have passed through practices that violate labor laws in the U.S. or exploit workers? Even when the goods in question are Ariat boots, the first thing every potential buyer wants to find out is, “Are Ariat boots made in the USA?” Well, find out we shall.

Most Ariat boots are made outside the United States. Although the company was founded and had its head office and boot design department in the United States, its main production facilities are located in other countries such as China, Mexico, and Italy and certain states in America.

Where Are Ariat Boots Made?   

Ariat boots are made primarily in China, Mexico, and Italy. These countries are known for their high-quality, handcrafted boots. Only a few styles of Ariat boots are manufactured in the United States. The rest are modeled in Indonesia and Vietnam.

When you think of Ariat, think of “horsepower.” The company was founded in Union City, California, by business school classmates Beth Cross and Pam Parker in 1993. The name Ariat was inspired by the founders’ passion for equestrian sport and their admiration for the 1973 Triple Crown-winning horse, Secretariat.

Some of the best-known bootmakers, including Justin and Tony Lama, manufacture some of their boots outside the United States. Ariat is not the only major boot manufacturer with a bulk of foreign boots in its line-up.

But if consumers knew that most Ariat boots were manufactured outside the United States, they might not have bought them. I suspect that this is why Ariat is relatively silent about where its shoes are made.

Are Different Ariat Styles Made in Different Countries? 

Ariat boots are available in a variety of styles, ranging from traditional to fancy. Some of them are: Round Up Wide Square Toe Western Boots, Splitfire Waterproof Boots, Hybrid VentTek Western Boots, Layton Western boots, Sport Cason Western Boots, and Hilo Stretch Boots.

All of the boots cited above and many more are made in Mexico, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Italy. However, I discovered from further research that Ariat boots are designed and developed in the US—but only a few of them are actually made there.

In 2016, Ariat launched its Two24 collection, which was inspired by the incredible time Secretariat ran in the 1973 Belmont Stakes. The company aims to bring fashionable looks to city pavements and workplaces, using its exceptional workmanship to produce boots that are more appropriate for modern men’s wardrobes.

As we all will likely have the opportunity to return to Secretariat at some point in the future, here’s a list of my favorite styles to keep an eye on: The Highlands, The Jefferson, The Fairfax, and The Fairview.

All of them are Goodyear-welted and constructed from top-shelf skins and finished with fun tricolor heel stitches that represent Secretariat’s Triple Crown victory.

How Can I tell Where My Ariat Boots Are Made?

The Ariat boots you see on the shelves of your local tack shop are, except for Two24 boots, made outside the United States—either in China or Mexico. And you may have trouble telling exactly where your boots were made because Ariat doesn’t say anything about it on its website.

Meanwhile, you might keep wondering: “Where are Ariat boots made?”

To identify where your new Ariat boots were manufactured, check the bottom of the boot. The tag on the insole should indicate the country of manufacture.

If you still can’t find an Ariat boot’s country of origin, you can contact their customer service team by calling (877) 702-7428.

Since you now know how to track down the provenance of your Ariat boots, go ahead and check the labels inside the boots. These labels provide all the information you need to verify a pair’s authenticity.

Are Ariat Boots made in the USA, final thoughts…

If you’re curious about where Ariat boots are made, here’s the answer: they’re not typically manufactured in the United States. Ariat’s design department is based in the USA, but most of its production facilities are located abroad.

Ariat is able to manufacture its footwear in nations like China, Indonesia, and Vietnam because of the low cost of labor and other factor inputs there.

These countries also provide a large workforce for Ariat to draw from, which means that it can hire people trained in the latest quality control techniques—a must for ensuring every pair of boots and shoes that leave the factory is up to par.

Your boots will be covered by a warranty for twelve months in case anything goes wrong with them due to manufacturing defects.

What’s your take? Are you going to buy Ariat boots, or do you plan on staying away? Please share your views in the comments section.

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