Are Ariat Boots Good Quality?

The “Buy American” movement has been churning in the hearts of the U.S. public for the past few decades. If anything, it has only gained momentum with the current economic conditions. This is why many people are getting turned off by foreign products, one of which would be boots made in China.

However, there is still hope for society because this is not an issue that cannot be fixed: We need to find an alternative that will give us the same quality or better at a lower price point. And this is where Ariat boots come into play.

If you choose to buy Ariat boots, which are manufactured outside the United States and hence less expensive, you might ask yourself, “Are Ariat boots good quality?”

Ariat boots are good-quality because offer all-day comfort and support, and they’re made to last. With 150 steps involved in their construction, from genuine leather to soft and cushioning insoles, Ariat boots are more than just footwear: They’re a way of life.

After researching Ariat boots, I have found that their products are of excellent quality and provide the same level of durability as American-made boots. The company has incorporated athletic footwear technology into its designs, creating a new breed of boots that has revolutionized equestrian sports.

Furthermore, the quality of their products is exceptional. Their leathers, soles, and overall appearance are a testament to The Ariat’s commitment to excellence.

What Are The Quality Features Of Ariat Boots?

There is a company that you should consider when purchasing a new pair of boots: Ariat. This firm began more than 30 years ago and is among the most trusted names in the industry. Their strong values, attention to detail, and unparalleled craftsmanship have made them leaders in the design and production of cowboy boots.

I started my search looking for a durable boot that would provide both comfort and flexibility, so I started reading reviews on different websites. Most consumers agreed that Ariat’s quality shines through every step in their making process, from the original inspiration for each design to crafting each pair by hand with detailed precision.

Though these are good qualities, what else about Ariat boots makes them stand out as the best?

The leather

From my research, I have come to realize that Ariat boots are made of top-grain leather and full-grain leather. These materials make the boots comfortable, sturdy, and long-lasting.

The production

A first glance at Ariat boots will leave you in awe. Experienced workpersons meticulously craft them in unparalleled designs to meet the highest industry standards. (Source)

The details

Further research has led me to conclude that each boot is designed with careful attention to detail and that the materials used in various boots are appropriate for the intended purpose.

The craftsmanship

Based on my discovery, one of Ariat’s core values is “quality craftsmanship,” which sets them apart in the footwear world. By partnering with world-class biomedical research groups and testing labs, they work to improve their products and promote the manufacture of superior boots.

The comfort

The softness of these boots’ linings allows you to move around easily on your horse, no matter how long you ride. Also, the soles offer great support to keep your legs and back strong and resilient to pressure and tension brought about by trotting, leaping, and stopping abruptly. That’s why Ariat boots are known as one of the most comfortable.

Because it integrates so many technologies, Ariat makes a variety of boots that are appropriate for ranch duty, other outdoor activities, and daily wear. Someone made a whole video about that!

Materials that Makeup Quality Ariat Boots

From Ariat’s official website, I discovered that the company liaises with local tanneries to source raw materials and ensures that the hides meet its high standards for quality. (Source)

After more research, I discovered that full-grain leather is not only insulated and waterproof. Their Duratread outsole, pretty resistant to wear and tear, provides exceptional slip resistance on slick surfaces. This is partly due to their sourcing of most hides from American cattle ranchers — whose hides, they believe, are the best in the world. Here’s what else I discovered:

Full-grain leather

Full-grain leather is more durable than corrected leather, which means it will stand up to tears, scuffs and scrapes without wearing out. It’s the leather equivalent of an uncorrected first draft.

Top-grain leather

Another grade of leather in Ariat’s arsenal is top-grain leather, which is also used to make their boots. This leather is much more accessible than full-grain leather.

You may be thinking, “That’s it?” No, darling there’s more:

  • Some Western Ariat boots are made using synthetic and hybrid materials through modern technology.
  • Ariat also makes use of long-wearing and flexible outsole for its boots. Duratread outsoles are created to give the best combination of wear resistance and comfortability.
  • Some western Ariat boots are made of a hybrid of synthetic and natural fibers.
  • Ariat boots are fortified with Duratread outsoles, which give you the best of both worlds: wear resistance and comfortability.
  • Ariat’s insoles are a soft, supple alternative to foot pain.
  • Finally, Smart Rebound™ provides the shock absorption you need to take pressure off your heels and keep your feet happy.

What Customers Are Saying About the Quality of Ariat Boots

As the saying goes, “There are three sides to every story: your side, my side, and the truth.” And in the case of Ariat Boots, thousands of customer reviews can tell you as much.

From many reviews, it’s clear that many people have a good experience with this brand. Complaints directed towards Ariat are rare, and it’s much more probable that you’ll appreciate their products.

There are plenty of positive comments about the quality of the boots on Autopilot. One customer said, “These are good-looking, solid work boots. A very substantial tread of the sole and chunky heel area are really nice…”

I recently learned, though, that buyers have a poor opinion of Ariat’s customer service. (Source)

Are Ariat Boots Worth the Money?

When it comes to buying Ariat’s goods, there is no many-sided solution. Every shopper has unique needs and wants, and the best way to find satisfaction is to get what you need at the price point you can afford.

In the long run, most Ariat boot owners believe they are well worth the money. This is because they are durable and long-lasting, outperforming and outlasting their less expensive counterparts.

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